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  1. Re: Back risers

    Which of these quarterbacks could risers?... accepet suggestion... TKS!!!

    IVANOVIC' date=' Branislav

    SONG, Alexandre

    RICHARDS, Micah

    MEXES, Philippe


    quarterback? isnt that an american football term? erm i dont see any of them rising tbh

  2. Re: Slovakia!!

    Well considering Weiss is at Manchester City? Also being top goal scorer at the world cup with such a under dog side like Slovakia deserves a GREAT rating boost' date=' So players like Rooney, who didn't score 1 goal this world cup deserves to be higher than a player who scored 4 (Higuan) and plays at a larger side such as Real Madrid?[/quote']

    Real Madrid and United are on the same level mate. Yeh Rooney didnt score but his rating is based upon the league he plays in, he plays almost all the games for his club and scores a hell lot more goals. And yes Rooney deserves to be rated higher because overall over the years his is better the higuain. Your basically saying that because a player from (e.g. Darlington) has scored against man u he should all of a sudden be given a rise to what? 93? like Berbatov (who doesnt deserve his rating), this is just an example.

  3. Re: Slovakia!!

    not good to base your predictions on just worldcup performances when they have only played a few games.Also you cannot give a rise to someone for scoring one goal against a bigger team.

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