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  1. Re: Big risers from the big leagues-SUMMARY Thanks alot saved me alot of time.
  2. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Just to make before i start following the list of risers on the first page, is the list updated? thanks
  3. Re: My Best Ever Result!or Faulty Match Engine? Sooo..er hwat are your tactics?
  4. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Hi just like to if Marek Hamsik is a in for a rise or a keeper as i have been offered a decent amount of money for him thanks
  5. Re: Fulham FC Ratings Disagree with the ones in red- Schwarzer IMO has 60% chance rising Duff is no way near 90, hes good but not that good 89 is about right for him i think Zamora is a definite 89 however its looking like 30-40% he will get 90 IMO And finally Gera is an 88, hes played well and has gotten some important goals however IMO thats just enough to get a +1 rise.
  6. Re: Summer transfers + ratings Hey im a Liverpool fan and thought id share my views on Liverpool transfers, im not a pro predictor but (yes i know LFC have little funds) here it goes. Milan Jovanovic Standard Liege --> Liverpool Signed pre contract with Liverpool and will join up after world cup (apparently). In my opinion good buy from Benitez who got him on a free transfer. LFC needed someone else to provide back up for Torres due to the 4-2-3-1 formation we usually play. Better than relying on N'Gog . He could maybe work with Torres up front. I think he can do well at the club and has a decent scoring record, lets hope he can reproduce that in the EPL. . Next rating prediction - 89--> 90 (if Benitez gives him the chance )
  7. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings hi im not sure if the ratings are updated? and i need help with a deal someone has offered 17.25 mil + eto for david villa, is it worth it? I heard eto isnt doing good and may get a drop just to clarify thanks.
  8. Re: Coaches needed for private league Im interested what teams are left?
  9. hi i dont no how to report someone cheating could someone plz help. i am quite sure he is cheating and have evidence: 1-stupidly dumb transfers 2-the dumb transfers are from managers with a similar name as him 3-the manager and the other clubs managers doing stupid transfer are all from trukey does this seem like cheating to you?
  10. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings off topic but has pandev left lazio yet?
  11. Re: Any Forumers want to join a World Championship or English Championship? do you mean if anyone would like to join a NEW world championship or english championship (sry im confused if its a new one or old) if a new one then i would like to join.
  12. Re: Player Rating Changes in English Leagues not really, hes a class winger who can cross and shoot and like you said he has immense speed.
  13. Re: Lucas Leiva rise? OMG... i am really annoyed now, how come he didnt rise. ( dead chuffed with benayoun though )
  14. Re: Player Rating Changes in English Leagues why is lennon a LOL?
  15. Re: Player Rating Changes in English Leagues Please don't tell me Touré isn't dropping, I just sold him for £20m as I couldn't get anything else for him :/ haha i sold toure for 30 mil + johnny evans
  16. Re: Upcoming Talents (85-90) anyone mention balotelli? i think hes a world class player and scored a fantastic free kick in the champions league against Rubin Kazan
  17. hi, im new here so im not sure who to get as there are a few posts around, i just want to know if people can help me list 90+ risers in EPL thanks
  18. i myself is a liverpool fan and to be honest i thought lucas was terrible and now this season i think he is fantastic. With the upcoming review i was wondering if der was a possibility that he could rise?
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