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  1. Re: Gold Setup 13 & 14 Club Swap just a bump! hi Ste... thanks for WillemII in the last set up im enjoying the challenge please could you add Avellino in the Italian 2nd division please, also can you try to add player to the Italian side Pro Vercelli. I would like to manage them in he future.
  2. Re: Gold Setup 13 & 14 Club Swap hi Ste... thanks for WillemII in the last set up im enjoying the challenge please could you add Avellino in the Italian 2nd division please, also can you try to add player to the Italian side Pro Vercelli. I would like to manage them in he future.
  3. Re: Battle of the tribes setup STOP THE PRESS.................................. Rumours are all over the club that manager Geordie Best is on his way out the door after a bust up with the chairman, showdown talks are set for tonight and after a recent 2-0 lose to North Belfast rivals Cliftonville and what only can be described as a season to forget it may not be as straight forward for the Gaffer Geordie. Geordie has been quoted that being a local lad he is not happy with the proposed ground relocation from the Shore Road in North Belfast and would sooner manage amature side Brantwood who
  4. Re: GC10 - Club Swap hi......... in the gc 10 set up I know Ive asked for Dresden and you are ok with that and I thank you but as I already manage them in another Gold set up I was wondering if you could give me Willem II in the dutch league if not no problems......... by the way I think this is a great idea, I know private leagues can add what ever teams they like but they are not the same as a Gold club....... PS can you look into getting Polonia Warsaw ( poland ) and Pro Vercelli ( Italy ) on to the club register as I would love to manage these in the near future on Gold set ups..........
  5. Re: GC10 - Club Swap Any chance of you adding Polonia Warsaw to the Polish teams? Can I get them if you do as they are my team in Poland.... If not then please add Dynamo Dresden as you have have replaced them with **** Pauli:mad: FOREVER DRESDEN !!!!
  6. Re: Gold Championship 7 Hertha Berlin have announced the much awaited arrival of new manager Forza, a boyhood Dresden fan who hopes the switch to the bundesliga outfit wont hurt the Dresden faithul to much. Rumours are that Forza was very close to signing for FC Hansa but the chairmans transfer budget did not allow Forza to sign players on his shopping list and Forza was not happy as FCH was his first port of call on the news that a GC7 was being created. Perhaps a move to FCH in the near future:rolleyes: Lemington steve ........... How much for Davis and Hughes????
  7. forza

    richest clubs

    Re: richest clubs thanks but what Im realy after is the richest clubs outside europe on SM. The club with the biggest budget when you take over, my plan is to buy young and progress onwards.
  8. Which clubs have the biggest kitty, Im interested in what South American club has the biggest kitty. I know the obvious like Chelsea , Madrid and so on its more the not so obvious if that makes any sense. Thanks in advance.
  9. Re: Sir David Healy
  10. Re: World Championship set ups I guess we cant have it all, I think I will create another set up. I also think there is to many free set ups, I know its advertised as a free soccer manager game but perhaps the way forward would be to pay if you want to play, to many people take control of a club then ditch them after messing about with transfers and jump to another and this happens less in private set ups but its just a thought out loud
  11. World Championships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why are they not made up of random clubs?????????? why use the same old template????????????? I want to manage a dutch side (not a top side) but they never come up in the set ups, I think we should have more of a choice. I would like to create another set up of my own but I think us gold members should get a second for half the price instead of forking out another tenner, any one else agree???????
  12. Re: New World setup any dutch sides not on above list ?????????
  13. Re: Battle of the tribes setup stroke city 1 - Crusaders 1 34: GOAL!! - Gary BECKETT rises majestically and heads the inswinging corner into the net! then the North Belfast club got back level............ 82: GOAL!! - Jeff SPEIRS hits it early leaving the keeper stranded! and debut boy Andrew Shinnie could of made a dream start at the Shore Road club but........... 88: A cross from out wide falls to Andrew SHINNIE who miss hits the volley. AS it stands in div 2 1 Drogheda United 2 Linfield 3 Clyde ------------------------------------- 4 Derry City 5 CRUSADERS 6
  14. Re: does any won play for... Ive played with a few in the Irish league and the Oldham keeper. As for me? well as the saying goes........ those who can do and those who cant teach! Im now a qualified coach getting to see the future of Northern Irish football
  15. forza

    who 2 sign?

    Re: who 2 sign? Ok I dont go for big teams, in fact I quit a man utd team in private set up and I would like to know how on earth you have 91 million and why Ive seen bids for 50 mill in set ups??? the biggest team I have now is Lyon and they had only 24 million to spend.
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