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  1. Re: Football betting!

    Just worked out I've won a total of £3,138 raw profit betting against Liverpool this season

    Oh and i put £1 on Juventus going the whole Serie A season unbeaten at 1000/1 before it started LOL, 29 games in still unbeaten could see Napoli changing that tomorrow though tbh

  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    The best football we play is when Charlie Adam isn't involved.

    He's got some awful stats for possession apart from one game I mentioned earlier. His pass rate is pathetic' date=' I'm pretty sure against QPR his pass completion rate was somewhere near 55 Percent which is terrible for a playmaker. Jay Spearing has constantly had a better pass rate than him and can actually tackle. We've really missed Bellamy recently nobody seems to want to play anymore.


    Yeah Bellamys a big miss.

    Too be completely honest, bar Gerrard your best offensive player in my opinion.

  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    Yeah what are you watching ...?

    Man Utd don't ever look terrific bar 10 minute spells lol, just get the job done somehow (usually) (Bilbao, Basel).

    Honestly full credit to Man Utd for being so resilliant and disciplined, but its fascinating I don't think I've ever seen a Premier league winning side domminated on so many occasions.

  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    When Liverpool stop bumming Suarez you might get better, the best football and results you've had all year was when he was our for 9 games.

    All he does is break up play and miss oppertunities, and yes score the occasional good goal, but the negatives outweigh the positives

  5. Re: Football betting!

    Incredible game of football for me on the weekend..

    Had £75 on Arsenal @ 11/4

    Can imagine the emotions going through that game, brilliant win!

    Also had 40 on Madrid -2

    20 on Stoke + Arsenal.

    Very profitable weekend to say the least :)

    Going to have a crack at Anzhi beating Dinamo at 3.30. Anzhi are 12/5 I reckon it could easily go either way tbh first league game back from the break.

  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Lampard is better at scoring then gerrard.

    Could say we can still get third as long as we beat liverpool' date=' chelsea and spurs and don't muck up more then twice.[/quote']

    Heres to hoping Newcastle hold Spurs to a draw next week, with us beating Sunderland. Then if we beat Spurs in the North London Derby the game after, the table will make a more pleasent viewing.

    Its more than possible

  7. Re: Football betting!

    Thing im on to a pretty decent bet for today.. Came pretty close yesterday got blackburn and sunderlands draws correct just was hoping bolton would win..

    Arsenal, -1

    Swansea v QPR, over 2.5 goals

    Tottenham OR Draw.

    @3/1 for those who fancy it

  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I don't post on here too often' date=' but sorry i had to comment on this; what utter rubbish you’re talking. I don’t even think it’s worth having a sensible debate with you when you post stuff like this. [/font']

    The post i have just quoted is meerly evidence of your dellusion...

    Im pleased to see a few people agree with me, if not to the same extent.

  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Liverpool fans overrate Suarez way too much, his really done nothing for you.. 9 goals in 32 games(premier league) or something stupid just take a look at his stats from todays game for example, i saw after 80 mins he had 9 shots 1 was on target.

    His just easy on the eye cause he does all the nice fancy stuff, but his an awfal finisher who looses possesion way too much, his part of the reason you're doing so poorly. Liverpool have not much going on for them atm tbh, these recent results aren't a tempory dip of form its the buzz around your camp dying down and slowly but surely revealing your extremely average squad who will seriously struggle to get a Europa place at best.

  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Haha I guess like Henry? But I think Cesc will still be in Barcelona he is in the best team in the world his favourite team in the world' date=' I think he'd only leave if Barcelona get more better player then him and to be fair I don't think he will drop he quality in the next few years, so lets wait and see.[/quote']

    True true,

    I just reckon he feels he has unfinished business @ Arsenal, and hopefully 4-5 seasons downt he line when his won everything on numerous occasions with Barca he feels like its time to come back before the age of 30 when he starts dipping in ability.

  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Well I've been checking back and I guess it was. But still I hope that RvP doesn't leave about his contract like Nasri did' date=' no wonder Man City have got him on there Wishlist. We need to make some transfer as if RvP get's injured oh well[/quote']

    I don't think he will leave tbh, hopefully we sign someone in January and with Wilshere coming back he really sees he could lead this new Arsenal generation to greatness the way Fabregas failed.

    But yeh I'd love Cesc back, reckon he will come as well if Wengers still in charge in 4-5 years.

  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    I have to agree with you. He told RvP to leave Arsenal now or he never will' date=' which I find completely outragous. I think that Wilshere and Ramsey will be good enough to cover Fabregas and Nasri positions in the future[/color']

    No he didn't.

    He said to Van Persie to decide, Leave now or Stay till retirement. As he wont have a better chance to move ever and theres no point dwelling on it.

    Which in my opinion is true advice.

  13. Re: Football betting!

    My boxing day trebble..

    Sunderland v Everton - Draw

    Bolton v Newcastle - Bolton

    Liverpool v Blackburn - Blackburn Or Draw

    @ 30/1 for all you risk lovers, tbh im least confident on sunderland everton

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