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  1. Re: My Top 10 Most Overrated Players/Underrated Players a LOL .
  2. Re: My Top 10 Most Overrated Players/Underrated Players Lucas is not underated.
  3. Re: My Top 10 Most Overrated Players/Underrated Players Busquets is overated.. Stick Tiote in hes postion and i will GUARENTEE you he will do a better job, same with Song, De Jong any half decent Holding midfield player. Busquets isnt terrible no, but their is no-way he would even be considered for a rise above 92 at ANY other club. Walcott is not overated, Lennon is. I wouldnt say Lukaku is overated, hes 17.. Rooney is overated, so is Arshavin for those who still rate him. Djourou & Kompany(best cb in prem this year imo) are 2 Underated Cbs.
  4. adam_x

    Football betting!

    Re: Football betting! Had 60 on Chelsea with a decent £50 winnings. Biggest dissappointment is that i had a Trebble with Blackpool, Real & Chelsea all to win @ £30 stake. What a letdown Real Madrid.. Forgot the returns figure but it was very tasty...
  5. adam_x

    Football betting!

    Re: Football betting! After nailing the Arsenal - Barca result (Correct score 2-1) saw myself with a bit of cash to blow, looked around at some rather longshot investment bets and went with these Arsenal to win Quadrouple at 400/1 - £4 Arsenal to win FA, Carling & League - 22/1 - £10 Porto to win Europa - 9/1 - £10 & will put more. The Arsenal ones are those of an optimistic fan:) But I reckon the Porto one is definatly a decent shout for those with a spare tenner lying about.
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Takes an idiot to say we didn't outplay Barca, second half the better team by quite a distance Messi was unheard of bar 2 attempts in the space of a minute, xavi and iniesta playing in Wilsheres shadow and Alvez stopped by clichy at every attempt. The 2 second half goals were well deserved and well overdue with rvp wasting a few good chances in the first. But yes Barcelona were the better in the first (bar first 15mins) by quite a margin, and shouldve had that goal stand. And itwill most prob be like that at Nou, but without Messis english curse that sees him with 9 games 0 goals on english soil. If we play second half same as first we will progress. Best players; Kos, Szc, Wilshere Cheeky few hundred quid in my picket aswel had a tenner on 2-1 at 12/1 and 40 on Arsenal at 11/4. You know when you just have a feeling.. ,
  7. Re: Centre Midfielders Jack Wilshere will rise to 90j
  8. Re: A Brand New Forum English Championship With Updated Squads ? put me down
  9. Re: Raul meireles to 92?? I think people have forgot how awfal miereles was when he first joined Liverpool. Hes only had 6-7 games playing calm down hes just about justified hes 91. I dont care what he did at Porto, their is no way anybody in their right mind can claim thats hes WHOLE season this year is enough to gain a +1.
  10. Re: Clint Dempsey to 90 100% deserves it, wont get though.
  11. Re: Raul meireles to 92?? oh dear LOOOOOOL
  12. Re: Raul meireles to 92?? not a chance
  13. Re: SMEL - An actual game world? Another flop?
  14. Re: MCFC James' Premiership Rating Prediction Thread 2010-11 (Updated Version)
  15. Re: MCFC James' Premiership Rating Prediction Thread 2010-11 (Updated Version) Chamakh & Squiallaci should drop. Walcott 90, Wilshire 89/90 Song 91/92. LOOOOL
  16. Re: EPL Rating Predictions Walcott definate 100% 90, possible 91 if he keeps playing well. Wilshire 89/90, should of been 88 last time around. Song definate 92 Sagna 92/93 Sczezny 85/86 Squillaci definate drop to 90 shouls be 89 really, a back up to an 87 and 88 players.. been awfal when played. their is NO way Chamakh will rise, unless van persie gets injured he wont be getting any minutes any time soon. 4 goals in 20 premiership appearances if anything he should drop.
  17. Re: Serbia,Croatia and Bosnia league best talents 2010/2011 Can you tell me more about Edin Visca and Arijan Ademi. Two of my favorite players, general notes on their performances, potential, possible summer moves. Also Mario Maloca and Ndjenko Malic any good?
  18. Re: SMEL - An actual game world? Round 18 (#568) Scott Parker my pick of the lot
  19. Re: SMEL - An actual game world? Stick to all squads. maybe initiate a pre-season draft where people pick 5 players, depending on when this gets set up. If not, end of each season 5 player draft? maybe 7-8. But i for one will not carry on if original drafts are scrapped, and i just think with all the time put in it would be stupid to do otherwise.
  20. Re: SMEL - An actual game world? Hearts would definatly be interested. Gotta be this starting with 0 players thing though, and unlimited budgets, as technecally money has absolutely no impact on our game i believe? though it would be good to work out costs of everyones squad and drawing up a fair number for budget, then get the added challange of staying in profit/not going in debt
  21. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Nasri and modric both being 92 is a joke
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