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  1. Re: Javier hernandez?! 92/93? Here, here. Sensible words.
  2. Re: offside trap? Not sure, but would make sense to use it against a team who use Long Ball tactics.
  3. Re: Exchange ronaldo Personally I would not do this deal. You are losing the joint best keeper - probably the hardest position to fill with a high rated player. And only an 89 to replace him! De Gea will take along time to get anywhere near Cesar. Try and keep your keeper. Or swap only Cesar and one other player. Probably Khedira - I think he's a bit overrated.
  4. Re: Help with my Top-class Chelsea ! Long ball with a five man midfield? You're by-passing your midfield and that's where your 2nd best player is. Try something to suit your formation, or if you want to play long ball alter your formation to suit.
  5. Re: good tactic, and what about player instructions can i use? I think half the fun of this game is working it out for yourself. Experiment, try things until you find a successful combination - after all, YOU are the manager. How do you want your team to play? How do you think you'll get the best out of the squad you've got? Play.
  6. Re: On The Bubble Keep them all for one more rating, then decide. If you desperate to sell maybe Coleman could go. Defo keep Sturridge he's gotta be in line for 88/89 next change.
  7. Re: Busquets info? I reckon Biscuits has a good chance of a +1 after a regular spot in a successful season, and arguably one of the best club sides ever seen (despite copa del rey loss). If you're not sure wait and see what happens in the Champions League. Essien is a class act but older - but what is important in SM rating is also how their team performs and I see Barca winning more silverware than Chelski at the moment. So for the time being I say keep the boy Biscuits.
  8. Re: Muller Yeah! Do that deal for sure. Muller may not rise considering Bayern's bad league position. Ramsey will defo rise at some point in the future, especially after Cesc goes to Barca. RVP has a very minute chance of a rise after a second half of the season where he's scored nearly a goal a game. Do it!
  9. Re: Charity Shield. Fitness Yes it will. I always field a weakened side, get beat, but at least start the season with my full strength team.
  10. Re: somebody explain this? the stats are largely a load of balls and dont mean anything. Ive stopped looking at them now cos they're so random and wrong.
  11. Normal 4 Norfolk


    Re: Brainteasers True, but the brothers still only spent £27, and the boy only spent £2,, which still leaves the missing pound.
  12. Normal 4 Norfolk


    Re: Brainteasers Not really. That's like saying 'a man has a steak but no mouth' date=' how does he eat it? He can't. Or any other such nonsense. I don't get the point of challenging people to a question that's bull poo? Respect for the other Q's and the thread tho. It's just that, that question has no point. [b']How about a SoccerManager related one. Rep for the first person to tell me why 1050.61 is the magic number?[/b]
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    Re: Brainteasers Then it's not a brain teaser is it. It's just a pointless question. A good one is the three brothers who buy a radio for their mum. They each chip in £10. They buy a radio for £30 off the shop boy. The shop owner comes back and says the radio was on sale for £25' date=' go and find the brothers and give them the £5 back. The boy runs after them but gets tired so buys a can of coke and bag of crisps for £2 and gets £3 change. He finds the brothers and gives them a quid each back. So, each brother has now only spent £9. 3 x £9 = £27. The boy spent £2 on coke and crisps. £27 + £2 = £29, where did the other £1 go????? [/b']
  14. Re: Recreating Arsenal Tatics Depends who you're playing? If it's Barce at the Nou Camp then you need to play 2 DM's and instruct them not to close anyone down and just wander about in front of the back four all night. Play very defensively with no desire to close down the Barce midfield and therefore let them play their game and pick your team apart. Oh and don't forget to completely ignore marking Dani Alves, just let him have the freedom of the right handside of the pitch. Then, when you inevitably lose playing such negative tactics - blame the ref. Sorry, I'm just still fuming over what happened on Tue.
  15. Re: Player position change! why? Is Thomas Muller really not playing as a striker anymore? In the pre-match formation on skysports.com score centre today they have him playing as a striker??? I keep buying strikers only for them to change to am/wingers. Arghhh!
  16. Re: All time Top Scorers/Assists/Man of the Match tables Yeah, I'm a big fan of this idea. Also, to include Cup stats in players' careers not just for one season. You might mean this as well, but also top all time scorer for clubs as well as league. All time appearance records. Could they also introduce testimonials for players you've had for 10 seasons? More stats is never a bad idea. If you like great, if you don't then ignore them. How do you go about putting forward suggestions? Send a ticket or something?
  17. Re: Someone care to explain this? The commentary and match reports have always been horse poo since I've been playing the game. you can win 7-0 and other team have 2 shots and your keeper gets man of the match, or someone score a hat-trick and get a 5. I think they are purely aesthetic, give them no credence. But you're right - it's an easy thing to rectify.
  18. Re: Alexsandre Pato Good chance of 93 if AC win the league and he keeps banging them in.
  19. Re: CB Vertonghen 89 Def/DM Bonnucci 89 CB J.Boateng 89 Def/DM Can't go wrong with any of these. The latter two are probably going to hit 90 sooner rather than later. Hope this helps. Just realised you said minimum 89 Also... Badstubber Ronnochia (spelling?) Kjaer Luiz
  20. Re: His armband proved he was a red, Torres, Torres Ref: Giggs, Scholes, Maldini, Messi - It's a hell a lot of easier to be loyal when your club is winning things regularly and paying you top wages, simples. Torres is an ambitious young player who wants the best out of the relatively short career of a pro footballer, sadly Liverpool have proven unable to help him in that quest. In your jobs do you stay loyal despite being granted the chance to better yourself with a promotion and better pay? I don't. That's life.
  21. Re: Buying players very cheap.... This is a very common way of generating money for your club - maybe the only way. This player would have bought Gotze when his was rated only 75 knowing that his rating was due to rise, either by scouting or searching this forum. Gotze plays well in real life, so in SM his rating goes up to 85 and so does his value. kerrching! Then you can either sell or start using him in your squad. So you need to get in there fast and buy the up and comers before this other player does.
  22. Re: Need A Fresh Team IDEA! Could you do something with ages? I.e only players exactly 20 and 30 can play. This way you have to keep an eye on their ages and will have to keep busy in the transfer market. Could be quite painful if one of your 90+ stars hits 21 or 31 and you HAVE to sell him! Or a team only of players who don't play in their respective top division. Could be a good challenge and very satisfying if you have any success. Youngsters to consider: Lukaku - Chelsea bound? Ander Herrera Iker Munian Mario Gotze Chris Smalling Philippe Coutinho Diego Contento Dedryck Boyata Bruno and Franco Zuculini Eden and Thorgan Hazard Jeff Bruma Ciaran Clark Daniel Sturridge Phil Jones Wilshere Cleverly
  23. Re: What am I doing wrong? Yes, why can't we all just win every game? It would make it so much more fun (for at least 2 seasons). Or even better make it so us players get to decide what our results and scores are for each match. I heard Ancelotti in a recent interview saying almost the same thing: "Chelsea have the better team, we have been using sensible tactics, moral is okay, fitness is good but other teams keep beating us, it's just not fair or even how it should be! The FA should launch a full scale inquiry to get to the bottom of this, otherwise I may throw in the towel if we can't just turn up and win every game, that on paper we should do, automatically." I feel your pain brothers (and sisters), the game can be frustrating at times but so is real football and real life. On the whole I think it's fairly realistic and shock results are reasonably balanced. If you persistently keep getting unexpected results start tweaking things, use different combinations of formation and tactics until you find something that works - this is also an enormously fun and satisfying aspect of the game.
  24. Re: Goodbye roy Could be one of four Prem managers getting the boot in the morning. Could be a busy day regards press conferences! Martin O'Neil foro the Pool?
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