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  1. Re: sergio BUSQUETS- +2 rating increase? why? he is one o f the best DM in the game and a world cup winner how can u beat that? he deserves a +2 just as pique got a +2 from 92 to 94 is the same situation.
  2. Re: Swiss Super League "Super Risers" Good job. What about Mayuka of young boys a +1 maybe?
  3. Re: Down goes Gerrard & Torres Predictable after liverpool's awfull season and a half thre was no way that these 2 great players though could keepp their actual ratings.
  4. Re: Benzema 93 -> 92/91 Maybe a drop is too harsh at this stage if he still doesn;t get minutes untill next reviews the yes a drop is necesary; the fact that he is a National Team starter might be decisive.
  5. Re: Antonio CASSANO RATING He should stay even if he's not firing on all cylinders still the best at Samp alongside Pazzini and a regular in the national team
  6. Re: Respuesta: Xavi & iniesta to 98 and 97
  7. Re: kroos still 89 ? yeap m8 it's such a shame i mean he is one of the most talented german players i've seen in many years. Has played a lot and quality performances all the way i just don't understand how can he still be 89 ?!!!!!!!!!Unbelievable....:eek::eek:
  8. These 2 guys have been amazing for the lat 2 years. They achieved everything in this time span: L a liga, The Cup and Supercup in Spain, UCL, European Supercup , World Club C'ship + Euro 2008 and World cup 2010. They are wizards and we saw back in the summer how small can Messi be without them to cover his back. I can't put in words how tremendous their overall performance is. For me they are on top of this game and truly deserve to rise to 98 and 97 respectively. What are ur thoughts guys?
  9. Re: INTERNAZIONALE ratings 2010 by Edox Good job i agre with most of ur predictions but i got to say Maicon is 96 stuff has beeen faboulous all season long and his goal in the barca match was la coup de grace. I have no words to describe this guy but his on a class of his own.
  10. Re: La Liga risers Pedro is a 91 at least look at his statistics: 19 goals and 6 assists and he plays for Barca . He is the only guy to score in all competions in the history of football. What can he do more>? If guys like insua got a rise from 83 to 88 like pedro last time around than this time is a 91 for young pedro or SM has definately an issue with this guy.
  11. Re: Romanian ratings predictions Claudiu Niculescu to rise? u must be joking he played only 1 game as a starter and that was in a cup game also he's 32 years old.
  12. Re: Didier DROGBA should be 96!!! if drogba deserves 96 then why should Luis Fabiano get less?
  13. Re: #1 SHaKoMaKO EPL SHORT-List u should short list every EPL player that way is much easier
  14. marius


    Re: insua i think he deserves 88 even though Liverpool isn't at the top of their game right now.
  15. Re: Roma Player Analysis Vucinic should definetely drop
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