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  1. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers jackru@live.co.uk
  2. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers
  3. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers II JacK Ru x old account was Mark Hughes but im using II JacK Ru x
  4. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers me ive made a new account
  5. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers you do it then pal but im being madrid
  6. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers 1 sec then
  7. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers ITS CREATED YET ILL BUY IT TONIGHT THE DRAW IS Barcelona -1 Manchester United-2 Liverpool-3 Arsenal-4 Chelsea-5 AC Milan-6 Inter Milan-7 Bayern Munchen-8 Lyon -9 Valencia-10 Atletico Madrid-11 Roma-12 Bordeaux-13 Tottenham Hotspurs-14 Manchester City-15 Sevilla-16 Juventus-17 VFL Wolfsburg-18 Dynamo Kiev- 19 Ashh-1 <<<::The Kaito::>>>-2 AdamEFC-3 MR.SHAHIR-4 Chelsea-Baz-5 omufleh-6 Spam-7 Romano-8 Federico Macheda-9 inicikirock-10 Grotolo-11 Alastair-12 KopStar-13 legend_707-14 jangwook-15 tadpole-16 boabalmighty-17 we-are-the-people-93-18 HashBash-19 if u want to swap between yourselfs then do so
  8. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers yeah im still up for it im .RubY . btw new account just need to do the draw realy now if everyones still up for it
  9. Any Ideas On What Maynards Rating Will Be After The Rating Changes? I Reckon He Should Get A Rise To At Least 86.
  10. Re: Zampa's GFX Fred cheers mate
  11. Got a shaktar in a GC and here is the squad just want to know if there is anyone who should rise or is worth keeping and who to sell; DE SANCTIS, Morgan Gk 32 89 £5.0M £6.6M - - NESMACHNYI, Andriy LB/RB 30 88 £4.9M £6.2M - - EICHNER, Christian LB 26 87 £5.1M £4.6M - Inj DESCHACHT, Olivier LB/CB 28 87 £4.7M £4.3M - LnL FONDACARO, Carlos LB/RB 22 75 £517k £260k - Int SRNA, Darijo RB/RM 27 91 £7.4M £13.4M - - DEGEN, Philipp RB 26 87 £5.1M £4.6M - LnL CSIZMADIA, Csaba RB/CB 24 85 £4.2M £3.4M - LnL SIMPSON, Danny RB 22 84 £3.9M £3.3M - Int UPSON, Matthew CB 30 89 £5.5M £7.1M - Int MIGUEL FLANO, Bezunartea CB 25 88 £5.9M £7.4M - LnL NOUNKEU, Dany CB 23 83 £3.3M £2.6M 28 Dec LnL BOYARINTSEV, Denis LM/RM 31 87 £4.2M £3.4M - - GAVILAN, Jaime LM/Wing 24 87 £5.4M £4.3M - Int CAMORANESI, Mauro RM/CM 33 92 £6.4M £9.0M 1 Feb - TYMOSCHUK, Anatoliy DM/CM 30 92 £7.2M £12.4M - - PARDO, Pável DM/CM 33 90 £5.3M £5.1M - Int HUBSCHMAN, Tomás DM/CB 28 89 £5.9M £5.3M - - EDINHO, Ferreira DM/CM 26 88 £5.7M £4.8M - Int LEWANDOWSKI, Mariusz DM 30 88 £4.9M £4.2M - Int CARLOS MARTINS, Jorge CM/AM 27 88 £5.5M £4.7M - Int MATUZALEM, Francelino CM 29 88 £5.1M £4.3M - Int DAVIS, Sean CM/DM 30 87 £4.4M £3.5M - LnL OLUWAFEMI, Ajilore CM/DM 24 86 £4.8M £3.6M - LnL RUPER, López Esquiroz CM 22 75 £517k £260k 28 Dec Int ELANO, Blumer AM/RM 28 90 £6.5M £10.1M - Int FERNANDINHO, Luis AM/Wing 24 90 £7.4M £11.6M - - PEREZ, Kenneth AM/Wing 35 89 £4.4M £4.0M - Int DE SOUZA, Diego AM/LM 25 87 £5.3M £4.2M - Int CRISTEA, Adrian Wing/AM 25 87 £5.3M £4.2M - LnL WALCH, Clemens Wing/Fwd 22 78 £1.3M £660k - TBd ROSSI, Giuseppe Fwd/AM 22 91 £8.7M £18.7M - Int LUIS GARCIA, Fernández Fwd/AM 28 90 £6.5M £10.3M - TBd SAVIOLA, Javier Fwd 27 88 £5.5M £4.8M - - BOJINOV, Valeri Fwd 23 88 £6.3M £6.1M - Int EDER LUIS, Oliveira Fwd 24 87 £5.4M £4.5M - LnL IAGO, Aspas Fwd 22 76 £743k £370k 28 Dec Int GEKAS, Theofanis CF 29 87 £4.6M £3.8M 1 Feb LnL BOBADILLA, Raúl
  12. Re: How on earth do you get a team when a setup has just been created? ive noticed that they get made at 1min 6sec past the hour , what i do is find the game world number of the set-up on the reserve club thing and type it into the search part and get clock up in bottom of screen and just before it hits the 6 second mark click on it and hey presto
  13. Re: []World Championship 7604 [] II JacK Ru x [] Werder Bremen - Bound For Glory [] Aims Season 1 ; Build A Squad And Secure Promotion. Season 2 ; Top 6 Finish In Division 1. Season 3 ; Top 4 Finish. Season 5 ; Dominate The Game World _________________________________________ Starting Senior Squad WIESE, Tim VANDER, Christian BOENISCH, Sebastian TOSIC, Dusko FRITZ, Clemens MERTESACKER, Per NALDO, Aparecido PRÖDL, Sebastian PASANEN, Petri ARTMANN, Kevin FRINGS, Torsten NIEMEYER, Peter FELDHAHN, Nicolas BOROWSKI, Tim JENSEN, Daniel VRANJES, Jurica OZIL, Mesut MARIN, Marko HUNT, Aaron ROSENBERG, Markus MARCELO MORENO, Martins MENGA, Addy-Waku HUGO ALMEIDA, Miguel PIZARRO, Claudio OEHRL, Torsten Starting Youth Squad MIELITZ, Sebastian ANDERSEN, Niklas MAEK, Kevin BARGFREDE, Philipp HUSEJINOVIC, Said KEMPE, Tobias AYIK, Onur TESTROET, Pascal _____________________________________________ Werder Bremen News Players Out Clemens Fritz - £9.5 Million Per Mertesacker - £25 Million + Holger Badstuber Aparecido Naldo - £15 Million Torsten Frings - Steven Irelend Players In __________________________________________ Thoughts Have Bids In For Juan Mata, Renato Augusto, Claudio Marchisio, Salvatore Sirigu, Stefan Jovetic, Urby Emanuelson. Really Happy About The Metesacker Bid As Badstuber Is A Great Player And £25 Million Will Come In Extremely Useful In Getting Some Good Youth In, Also Happy About The Frings Deal As Hes Getting On A Bit Now And Ireland Is A Great Player And Should Rise.
  14. Re: [Manage A Club - Like The Pros.] need more forumers first before anything happens
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