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  1. Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Does anyone know any Competitive Euro Champs Yeah' date=' me too... i have seen this happen in more than a game world i've been in, are they supposed to be the same manager with more than 1 account? Ok, still i think it would be better just saying "not for me but someone give it a try", "seems competitive but not active enough for me -emphasis on FOR ME", or something along those lines, it would be more polite and respectful with the people actually playing on that game world. Everybody else: Give it a try! Euro Champ 2085!
  2. Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Does anyone know any Competitive Euro Champs? "Lots of managers haven't logged"? you think? let me copy/paste the club list for you: Arsenal arian millaku (87) Div 2 24 days ago Atlético Madrid Ben Colesell (161) Div 2 9 days ago Barcelona mohd fazren (79) Div 1 2 days ago Bayern München CJ <3 (58) División 1 Today Benfica Job offered: Surik Beckman (45) Div 3 Bordeaux Francis Gillot (computer) Div 3 Chelsea eduardo jose cascian... (71) Div 2 1 day ago CSKA Moskva Job offered: Kamil Wróbel (78) Div 3 FC Porto Job offered: Ben Colesell (161) Div 1 Hamburger SV Kamil Wróbel (78) Div 3 Today Internazionale Fernando Martinez (144) Div 2 Today Juventus Job offered: Surik Beckman (45) Div 3 Liverpool joe brown (124) Div 1 2 days ago Lyon Job offered: Surik Beckman (45) Div 2 Manchester City Lasisi Ibrahim (172) Div 2 1 day ago Manchester United Abdulaziz Hassan (63) Div 1 5 days ago Marseille Job offered: Surik Beckman (45) Div 3 Milan Juan Arriagada (73) Div 1 1 day ago Real Madrid Zinedin Zidane (73) Div 1 Today Roma Aritz Bilbao (80) Div 1 3 days ago Sevilla Job offered: Kamil Wróbel (78) Div 3 Shakhtar Mircea Lucescu (Computer) Div 2 Valencia alberto severino (44) Div 2 27 days ago Zenit Job offered: fatlum aliu (45) Div 3 10 managers less than 3 days ago, 2 managers 5-7 days ago... just 2 "haven't logged in a while"... that's not "a lot of managers" don't you think? That makes 12 very active (3 days max) managers to my understanding... in a game world of 24... do the math. Also, check game world news... 6 managers just left in a span of 5 days... it's pretty recent (Lyon, Marseille, Benfica, Porto, Sevilla and Juventus) and that lead us to another point... Job offers... check the list, 4 teams are offered to the same manager who isn't anymore on the game world! (Surik Beckman), so, can't be taken by any other manager or offered to a friend (i am waiting to offer Juve) for a while... lets add "Barry Batshood" that made us the favor of taking and releasing a team... so, more waiting... (¬¬ thanks! by the way) So, just looking at that table could be a little tricky, i STRONGLY recommend staying for a few days, playing some friendlies and league matches, seeing previous matches results and league tables BEFORE deciding if a game world is "competitive" or not... Or even (OMG the unthinkable) actually talking to managers in that game world (i know! shocker! ) to see how things are... You didn't just made another team unavailable for 10 days, you are also giving bad reputation to the game world i'm in and discouraging people to get in, just because you entered, saw the club list and went away... all in a few minutes! I keep my words, this is a COMPETITIVE game world, most managers know what they are doing, even if they don't post around here. Just come and TRY it (instead of just looking at it). PS Sorry if i seem a little rude, it's not my intention, english is not my native language.
  3. Respuesta: Does anyone know any Competitive Euro Champs? You ask for a "competitive" Euro Champ... you know that "active in forums" doesn't nessesarily equals "competitive" right? Just asking... Anyway, you could try Euro Champ 2085.. but beware... they don't post around here much! (or at all)
  4. Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: World Championship 10658 (Gonna be out in an hour) i'm managing Milan (looking for a job at Inter)
  5. Respuesta: World Championship 10658 (Gonna be out in an hour) so... is this game world dead now or what?
  6. Respuesta: World Championship 10658 (Gonna be out in an hour) Won my 1st game today, no new signings yet, but new tactics kicked in. Club America 2 - 0 Auxerre yay!
  7. Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: World Championship 10658 (Gonna be out in an hour) Thanks! It's official now, i'm the new manager of Club America. Made my transfer requests already, looking to get loans on young american players (alexis sanchez, cavani, neymar, coutinho, giovani dos santos, farfan, etc.) 2 more players i want are on permanent loan so i'll have to wait until next season to have them back so i can have full team haz i want it to be. Division 3 here i come!
  8. Respuesta: World Championship 10688 discussion thread. Well i'm in Celtic's new manager (but still want Club America, Chivas de Guadalajara or Internazionale FC). Any good loans?
  9. Respuesta: World Championship 10688 discussion thread. Please oh please let me know if chivas de guadalajara, club america or internazionale fc (yeah I know i'm dreaming about that last one) ever become available, i'm new to the forums but not to the game and i've never been on a world championship that is more than 50%... Also I won't take any other team but one of those 3
  10. Respuesta: World Championship 10658 (Gonna be out in an hour) I think i'm gonna be in with Club America or Chivas de Guadalajara (both mexican clubs) most likely America because Chivas has always had the tradition of being an only mexican team and i've always loved the idea of international teams so, I thin America will be my choice. Also by that same reason i'll be waiting a callup to be Internazionale FC's manager when the current one is not up to the job. So, count me in
  11. Respuesta: an ACTIVE WC...??? world 7434 needs players, there are good teams available (like Man. City with almost full teeam), also player's prices are not that high and people usually answer to offers relatively fast. or, if you want an alternative to the overpopulated game world 10000, give a try to 9999 it's more than 50%
  12. Re: Tranfer Reversed!!! I can't even express how thankful i am (i'm NOT being sarcastic). Now i can at least understand a little of what's going on... Is there anyone i can refer to, to explain i'm not a bot or anything like that??? that i just want to make a new team from scratch??? World is: World Champ 852... it has 6 seasons played so i think it's old. Thanks again Smartdoc, any further info would be appreciated BTW... can i ask why the topic's tittle was changed??
  13. ??? Después de una investigación del SMFA, el acuerdo entre el Manchester United y el Internazionale con respecto a Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC ha sido cancelado. Después de una investigación del SMFA, el acuerdo entre el Udinese y el Internazionale con respecto a Esteban CAMBIASSO ha sido cancelado. Translation: After an investigation from SFMA, the agreement between (insert clubs here) respect to (insert player here) has been cancelled. ?? What kind of investigation??? I'm just trying to get an all-new squad with my sight set on future development where all the players are young... so i'm selling almost everybody on the team for being old... What investigation??? Just let me sell... =S IF any investigation should be made is against all that OLD PLAYERS that have OVER 200 PLAYERS ON THEIR SQUAD!!!! (and coincidentally they are ALL the YOUNG AND OLD PLAYERS already famous on real world...) Again, discouraging new players and giving unfair preferences to the old ones??? That's not wise!!! Just ask STAR WARS GALAXIES!!!
  14. Re: Squad Sizes As a new player joining this game i think Squad size cap is a must. I've seen teams of over 30 players on first team.... and over 100 in Youth. I mean, 100 in youth?? for scouting there's the "I'm interested" button, owning them is not scouting, is monopolizing. Fair you say? Just because you have played this game before i do it means you deserve to have all the best players? And yes, i said the best... usually this teams that have 100+ in Youth doesn't own players with less than 70 skill... they only have the best young players (Coutinho, Biabiany, Santon, Nani, Balotelli, Dos Santos, and the list goes on). Also they own in the first team the best players of any age (Cristiano, Robinho, Raul, Fabregas, Kaka, Diego, Maicon, Guardado, Rooney, Sneijder, Messi, Puyol, i think you get it). So... Where is the fairness?? You can tell me that there are more than millions of other players to choose, yeah but they're not the most famous, and in a game that values their players for their real life actions, you can not compete in this way. Just go check Barcelona or Lyon on World League 852 (just to give a quick example) to see what i mean... This is ABSOLUTELY DISCOURAGING for any new player. So, i'm with the Team Size Cap. Or at least make the player's morale or "unhappiness" more active, making them reject new contracts more often, or deny long term contracts... even the youth.
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