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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Insinuating that you took any of yours when in reality you didn't. You didn't 'take' any of your chances and your player got rewarded for dithering and getting tackled. It was just an unintentional fluke deflection. Unless you are willing to call all tackles on attacking players 'chances', which they clearly aren't your point doesn't make any sense. I'd love to see your reaction if it was Man United who got the win in that exact fashion against us. The tune would soon be different.
  2. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Under which football law was it a penalty? Enlighten me.
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Mike Dean just extremely poor. The penalty he gave was completely wrong. The one he didn't give on Ivanovic was another poor decision. If he doesn't give the penalty then he has to book Ivanovic for diving. It's inexcusable officiating. Matic should have went but that decision came far later in the game. I don't like referees influencing games in this manner. Performance has nothing to do with the referee being incapable of applying the laws of the game. How 'well' are Southampton really doing if they are 2-0 down in half an hour? We'll never know will we.
  4. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread As well as Southampton played, Mike Dean was the only reason Chelsea didn't take all 3 points.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Personally think a better keeper than Szczesny might have saved Rooney's header.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Liverpool 100% win ratio in the league this season when Gerrard hasn't played.
  7. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Fantastic all season. Big game player. Only 2 poor performances. If you say so.. :o
  8. Re: Official Manchester City Thread He's been more disappointing than Ozil. Why he doesn't get labelled a flop is beyond me because that's exactly what he's been. All he does is hide behind the bigger stars in the team. What does he actually do to keep Milner out of the team? 3 goals all season? He starts giving it loud to Chelsea because he got his usual score glossing goal against Stoke but then soon reverts back to his usual anonymous self. He rarely changes a game. When he does score it's usually when City are already winning. I think he's only in the team to whip corners in. He is a coward and I still can't get over the complaints about him being dropped at the World Cup because France clearly didn't miss his sideways passes and ineffectiveness. All I remember from him today is Coutinho skipping past him to power that shot into the top corner. Vintage Nasri performance.
  9. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread 40 points reached. On course to overtake 47 which was our highest Premier League tally. Enjoying snatching points in tricky games. 2 games in a row we've done it now.
  10. Re: Official Manchester City Thread 0-2 isn't even flattering either. 2 up top is suicide against this Barca midfield.
  11. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread The FA lost the plot when they decided not to ban Barnes on the basis that 'the referee seen the incident'. If he did see it, then he should be demoted to the Championship for being unable to correctly apply the laws of the game. If he didn't see it then retrospective action comes into play and Barnes gets a ban. It's one or the other.
  12. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread What amazes me the most is the fine margins and the tightrope walk; how close the club came to going under. Compared to where it is now, truly an unheard of turnaround. A bag of money in a Tesco bag. Couldn't make it up.
  13. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread I actually seen a comment on the Sky Sports Facebook page claiming Barnes' tackle wasn't even a foul. Some people don't deserve football. They really don't. Must football fans be blinded by their pure hatred of Chelsea and Mourinho to even defend disgusting acts of thuggery on the pitch? The FA is also woefully incompetent. It is a disgrace how childish acts on the pitch such as: name calling, light pushes in the face & other small innocuous incidents are penalised to the highest degree whereas blatant acts of injury threatening violence are ignored.
  14. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread More-so than the 2nd Southampton penalty incident. Are you on drugs?
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