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  1. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Howie, that post was spot on. No-one will disagree that changes needed to be made. But the changes made are the wrong ones. Soccerwiki could have been helpful, it could have been good, a way to help SM review leagues, ensure players or teams aren't missed. They should have used it as a guide to how well players are doing, then updated their ratings based on their own rules for ratings. All they are doing here, is trusting the Internet. The next thing we know is they'll issue a statement, saying they were wrong to use Soccerwiki, but they never expected people on the internet to lie. As a perfect example, of how SM doesn't have it's updates, improvements and changes right - why bring in the scouting, when goalkeepers never get injured, booked or sent off? ever? Each time there is a break in the ratings, I now expect some more rubbish to come up that SM want me to spend my credits on. Now, SM is a company, it needs and wants to make money, so getting you to spend money on scouting etc is a good idea. The problem here is the scouting is not good. It's rubbish. Why, for example, in a full gameworld, would I want to see a scout report based on what the A.I. would play and their formation, when it CLEARLY doesn't have the strongest team as it's lineup. For this I would expect to see something that showed me the last 5 games formations, line ups and tactics. That would be useful. Oh, and for it to tell me the best counter tactic. THAT would be scouting. THAT I would spend, use and buy SM Credits for. In short, SM, you need to sort it out. You appear to be doing less work (Soccerwiki does your ratings now) and asking for more of our money for stuff that is no good. If this was dragon's den, everyone would be OUT.
  2. Re: Tactics Help Thread I don't really understand - the team pic you have posted is at least 3 years old??
  3. Re: Tactics Help Thread I need some help with finding the right tactics for my side. I play in a very competitive gameworld, and am in danger of relegation!! I've tried playing 3-5-2. 5-3-2 (normal and sweeper), 5-4-1 and nothing has brought any consistency. Generally I play Counter-attack, defensive mentality with direct passing. Any tips or formations suggestion most welcome. Currently playing 3-4-2-1, normal mentality, normal tempo, pressing own half, men behind the ball, counter attack, play maker and target man, Passing through the middle with the 2 players in this formation with back arrows. This has given me 1 win and 1 draw in the 2 games I have used it so far. Most teams in this league use 3-5-2 or 4-5-1. I figured 3-4-2-1 with the arrows *should* give me a 6 man midfield JAASKELAINEN, Jussi Gk 36 89 GUILHERME, Marinato Gk 25 87 INSUA, Emiliano LB 22 88 AGOSTINI, Alessandro LB 32 87 IBANEZ, Luis LB/LM 23 85 GAMEZ, Jesús RB 26 88 CHICA, Francisco RB/LB 26 87 BASTA, Dušan RB/RM 27 85 LUCAS, Rios RB/RM 23 80 BEREZUTSKY, Vasili CB/RB 29 89 SUCHY, Marek CB 23 87 ARZO, César CB/DM 25 86 GUSEV, Oleh RM/RB 28 88 BALITSCH, Hanno DM/RB 30 87 NEUSTADTER, Roman DM/CM 23 86 TIAGO, Cardoso CM/AM 30 89 CALELLO, Adrián CM/DM 24 84 FERNANDEZ, Matías AM/Wing 25 88 MARTÍNEZ, Javi CM 23 90 PASTORE, Javier AM 22 90 ZURUTUZA, David AM/CM 25 87 EDMAR, Aparecido AM/CM 31 87 EBERT, Patrick Wing/AM 24 86 PODOLSKI, Lukas Fwd/Wing 26 91 RONALDINHO, Assis Fwd/AM 31 91 CRISTALDO, Jonathan Fwd 22 87 DEVIC, Marko Fwd/AM 28 87 BOBADILLA, Raúl CF 24 85
  4. Re: Tactics Help Thread I need some help with my side here. I'm now in charge for my 8th season, and had reggular top 6 finishes using 5-4-1 and then 5-3-2 formations. However results began to wane, and an overhaul of my side gave me the players below, and I'd hoped to play 4-44-2 (Diamond) but that is failing. Any suggestions on the best formation I should play with these players? VIVIANO, Emiliano Gk 89 SPYROPOULOS, Nikos LB-LM 88 HOLEBAS, José LB/LM 85 HEMPTE, Jimmy LB/LM 29 84 AZPILICUETA, César RB/RM 21 89 CHICA, Francisco RB-LB 26 87 GARAY, Ezequiel CB 24 89 RODOLFO, Dantas CB 28 88 MOSQUERA, Aquivaldo CB 29 87 VICENTE, Rodríguez LM/Wing 29 88 IPEK, Ozan LM 24 86 LEON, Pedro RM/Wing 24 89 GONZALEZ, Álvaro RM/RB 26 86 HERNANDEZ, Jorge RM/CM 21 83 SOLOMOU, Athos RM/Wing 25 80 MOTTA, Thiago MDM/CM 28 90 ANIN, Kévin CM/DM 24 86 DECO, Anderson MAM/CM 33 89 ELANO, Blumer MAM/RM 29 89 ZURUTUZA, David AM/CM 24 86 DEVIC, Marko Fwd/AM 27 87 NEGREDO, Álvaro CF 90 PELLE, Graziano CF 86
  5. Re: Netherlands - Eredivisie - Only the biggest risers!! thanks, will come in handy for me!
  6. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything How are Sarioglu and Ipek doing? Will they keep or rise from their 88 & 86 ratings respectivley?
  7. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 But devic doesn't?!
  8. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 No rise for Devic. He changes from AM/Fwd to Fwd/AM. This is despite him being Joint 2nd top scorer in the league with Idahor (just rose 1 to 85), having scored more than Adriano, Shevchenko, played for Ukraine national team alot. Attacking players rated above Devic for Metalist: Xavier 10 assists 9 goals, no national team appearances TAISON 3 Assists, 8 goals no national team appearances Blanco played in Feb, twice, before eingg out until September, in the Apertura for Lanus the previous season had 1 goal in 14 games, although had an outstanding Clausura a year ago. Am I the only who think this is harsh on Devic in comparrison to others in his league?
  9. Re: Bundesliga Winter Transfers 2011 How is Mbokani doing since joining Wolfsburg?
  10. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions How is Diego Macedo doing? In for a rise from his current 82 rating?
  11. Re: 4-3-3 Wingers - Help ! What other instructions or arrows do you use? I've used this myself bbut kept losing by a goal, so kept tweaking it, but it didn't seem to help:confused:
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Is it worth giving up Humberto Suazo and Razvan Rat for Wagner Love? Love would be a direct and better replacement for Suazo, Rat would deplete my defence in the short term, I have an 89 to cover, but he usually plays CB, so I'd then need to play an 87 at CB. My other main striker is Mbokani For the longer term, is this a good deal?
  13. Does anyone know what prize money you get in leagues 1,2,3 & 4. I assume it's different for each league, but wondered how much it was per position? thanks!
  14. Re: AM Help needed Thanks - would have been good but costs too much and is not for sale
  15. Re: AM Help needed Boo! He's just been bought by another manager and is on a Transfer Ban until Jan! Thanks for the tip though!
  16. Re: AM Help needed I might eb able to sign him. he's at an unmanaged club in my set-up. ISo I'll have to wait for a new manager to take over before being able to bid - but might be able to get him! Thanks!
  17. Re: AM Help needed Thank you - i've tried for Pjanic for last 2 seasons and the manager still wants to keep him - Ramires is out of my price range though
  18. Re: AM Help needed Thank you guys, both had been snapped up in my league though and both are not up to be transferred either....anyone else you can think of?
  19. Am looking for an AM - someone who is perhaps 86/87 rated (I have £10m to spend) who is likely to rise in the next few months to at least an 88 (pref an 89! ) but with potential to rise further...can anyone recommend me someone? Thanks!
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