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  1. Re: Bid messages As a big soccer fan, I don't need a shortlist. I know exactly which players I wanna hire. However, it is quite frustrating to be beaten by big clubs just because they hog the players in a closed circle. Finding players in external and unmanaged teams is a window of opportunity and I think the knowledgeable and dedicated managers, and not the hoggers, should benefit from this. So, a restricted shortlist would be perfect. I totally buy your idea.
  2. Re: Squad Sizes I have an impression that player motivation and demands will naturally control this problem. Player hogging should be banned. I would say a 40 and 80 cap for the senior and youth squad would be ok.
  3. Re: Bid messages I agree with the point that the notification is a more realistic feature. However, people must bear in mind that the game must have some unrealistic features to keep the game playable by the maximum number of players. If you get a mid level team, one of the few points you may take advantage is scouting. But, if someone else from a big team shortlists everyone, the odds is that they will receive the notification of your offer (in my case I was following the transfer ban of the particular player). Then, as these guys are professional hoggers, they will just go there and killyour negotiations to have the player. The point is, they ARE NOT scouting the player. They get an AUTOMATIC notification, which in other words say "someone else wants to have good players too". And the famous strategy here is buy every good player even if you are not planning to use him. As an off topic, famous players (>90) should have higher demands. In the leagues I play, some managers have >90 players that played less than 10 matches in the last three seasons together.
  4. Re: Bid messages I got your point, but in several instances the club that makes the first move gets the player. It is not always about Madrid, Chelsea or United.
  5. Re: Bid messages Click Home, on your left side there is "My Notepad". You can make notes there. But my point was the opposite, meaning that if others shortlisted the player you want, they will receive a message saying that you have made a bid.
  6. Re: Bid messages Hey pal, please do not hijack my thread.
  7. Re: Bid messages The point is that the other manager added the player to the short list. So, when I bid the player, he gets the message. For mid-level teams like mine, this is a window of opportunity to buy a good player. If the offer is undisclosed, I think the opponents should not know nothing about the offer existence, not only the values involved.
  8. I would like the system not to send messages to all the club managers interested in a player if this player receives a bid. The reason for that is because sometimes you are following a player during the transfer ban. When it is over, you are ready to bid, but them all the other interested clubs receive notifications of your bid. Many times they have much more cash (e.g. manage big clubs) and easily kill all your invested attention in scouting. I am about to lose a 93 player because of this. Thanks !!
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