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  1. Re: Vidal+De Gea = Goetze Then I should maybe keep Goetze... But he also has Rooney and Alaba, Oscar and Di Maria... Should I ask for Rooney and Alaba, maybe? Or Vidal + Di Maria to replace Rooney? Thanks!!
  2. Hi mates, they offered me Vidal and De Gea for Goetze, what do you think? Vidal would play in my team and I think can still rise, while in the goal I already have Handanovic and Ter Stegen, but De Gea is not bad isn't it? What's Goetze potential? Just saw him play a few times... Thanks!
  3. Re: Erik Lamela Despite the bad season at Tottenham, Juventus Inter and AC Milan would like to bring Lamela back to Italy. I think the guy has a wonderful technique and a good sense for scoring. But he is very shy and needs to feel trusted. I would give him a further chance.
  4. Re: Kroos for Pedro and Budstuber for Walcott Thanks mates, I actually heard mediocre comments about Badstuber too, but I hadn't had chances to see Bayern playing in the last months. Unless he will drop I'm generally more interested in keeping a defender than a wing. Do you think Walcott will rise sometime in the future? Thanks again!
  5. Re: Radja Nainggolan He is a solid midfielder, a starter in Roma, where he plays with Strootman, De Rossi and Pjanic. I would say... 92?
  6. Re: Pogba vs Vidal vs Illara At the moment, I agree on Vidal. Pogba has potential, but at the moment he is too busy in showing useless tricks and magics to get a wonderful contract.
  7. Re: Change Lamela for Schurrle? I would choose Lamela. I think he will move back to Italy where he already showed a huge potential. He could also do great things in Spain.
  8. Hi mates, I've been offered Rodriguez Pedro (93) for Toni Kross (92), and Walcott (91) for Budstuber (91). I'm inclined to keep my two German players, as Kross might rise again and defenders+central midfielders are more difficult to find than attacking midfielders, but what do you think? I would be happy to have Pedro in my team too. Thanks in advance!
  9. Re: Fernando, Paulinho and Gundogan Thank you guys, I'll try to sell Fernando then!
  10. Riferimento: Thomas Muller VS Alexis Sachez
  11. Riferimento: Maupay or Fountas? Maupay seems to be an amazing talent and I would get him, although he had a really bad injury in April and will not play for quite some time. Ac Milan seems to be on him, already. Fountas has been sold by Barcelona and might not be a huge talent, but they say Guardiala would like to have him in Bayern Munchen. He could maybe rise faster but reach a lower level.
  12. Riferimento: Re: Should i sell or keep, thoughts appreciated Do NOT sell M'baye Niang. He did great during his first year at AC Milan. He was supposed to be the 6th forward (after El Shaarawy, Balotelli, Pazzini, Robinho and Bojan) but played a lot, especially towards the end of the championship. AC Milan will change coach, but it still looks like he will have a great future.
  13. Who is stronger? I'd like to sell one as I have too many players. I was going to sell Fernando (18m + Brozovic), but maybe it would be better to make money out of Paulinho who is still playing in Brasil? I don't know well their potential, though... What do you think? Thank you!!
  14. Riferimento: Re: Hazard for Marcelo or Jordi Alba I think I'll take Alba then. As for Balotelli, it's true, he is a risk, but he already scored 4 goals in the first 3 matches at AC Milan, and he is so talented... awwww
  15. Re: Hazard for Marcelo or Jordi Alba Current team is: - Goalkeeper: Handanovic (91) - Defenders: Koscielny (90) Sakho (90) Badstuber (91) (Caceres, Otamendi, Azpilicueta, Lovren) - Midfielders: Goetze (93) Hazard (92) Asamoah (91) Kroos (92) Lamela (90) (Pastore, Isco, Muniain, Fernando, Nocerino) - Forwards: Neymar (91), Kiessling (90) (Remy, Callejon) At the current stage swapping Hazard with Jordi Alba wouldn't change that much on the team avarage. (I also have the chance to swap Isco for Balotelli + money) Thanks everybody for your competent replies!
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