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  1. Re: Victor Valdes Rating of 91

    Given left in January... Harper kinda looks like him from afar' date=' with the kit and all.

    I'm referring to Valdes' career. On a match-to-match basis, Valdes doesn't make many mistakes. I wasn't saying he will mis-kick a ball 1 out of 3 times a match. I have tried to figure out whether you are with or against me on my argument.:confused:

    You don't [b']need [/b]to argue if you don't have any views.:rolleyes:

    I thought you were referring to Gk's in general. And I'm not a fan of Valdez. Personally I prefer Given but hey, we all have opinions. That's why we love the game.

  2. Re: Victor Valdes Rating of 91

    He has his faults' date=' as a lot of 92 rated players do, but he deserves his rise because he is consistent, reliable, tough, quick and has a strong character.[/quote']

    Since they're rated 92, surely they should be making ALOT less mistakes given their such HIGH rating. I know everybody makes mistakes, difference is 93,94 + make them very rarely thus adding to their rating.

  3. Re: Spl and Divison 1 and 2 ratings thread 2010

    Sometimes new signings need time to blend in to new surroundings and a different style of play. For instance' date=' I thought Fortune was outstanding today. My MotM by a distance. And I think he'll only get better as the second half of the season pans out.

    Hopefully Ki will rejuvenate our central midfield in an attacking sense and I pray to God that TM signs a good CB in this window because we need that more than anything else in the world.[/quote']

    I think it's quite obvious we have ALWAYS had problems at the back. Just before we had players like Hartson ( hope he gets well soon ) And Larsson and Sutton etc ( can't think of anyone beyond O'Niel, it was before my time ) scoring more goals than we conceded so it wasn't really THAT big of issue but now we haven't got a prolific goalscorer it's causing concerns. I really do hope Fortune finds his feet and works some sort of partnership with Mcdonald OR Samaras ( doing well this season ) to take the scoring pressure off Mcdonald. Agree with Ki, voted Asia's young player of the year, hopefully rejuvinatesthe midfield and provides us with that finishing ball we so desperately need.

  4. Re: Riferimento: G. Higuain needs rated-up...

    he will probably get a +1 rise' date=' hes doing quite well now, we could even say hes become the best fwd real madrid has (C.Ronaldo isnt a natural fwd), i dont hear anymore about v.nistelrooy hes getting old, and raul sarts to feel the age aswell. So as i said, higuan will probably get his rating up.[/quote']

    Personally I don't. He plays well enough to keep his current rating but not anything spectacular to rise. People think that when a player is high rated and he plays well he shoulg get a rise. Well, in some cases no. He's high rated because he's e*pected to play that well. It's only when they e*ceed our e*pectations should they get a rise.

  5. Re: G. Higuain needs rated-up...

    Gonzalo Higuain is veru skillful and he has a lot to give to R Madrid fans Sm should rate him up because if you compare his true life playing you should rate him up....PLZZZZZ SM rate him up:o

    Oh and while they're at it plz plz rate Mcgeady a 97 and Mcdonald a 96 and Mcmanus a 93.

  6. Re: Spl and Divison 1 and 2 ratings thread 2010

    I'm a big admirer of Darren but I get the feeling our current manager doesn't feel the same way. He's back from his stint at Reading and we had two CB's on the bench today. McManus and Thompson. Yep. That's how far Darren has fallen which is a greayt shame. Especially when playing them. He never let the hoops down when he played in a Glasgow derby. You only have to look to last seasons League Cup final for proof of that.

    I would. Artur's halo is slipping. He isn't the same keeper he once was and still makes basic errors through lack of focus. And he doesn't look anywhere near as agile as he once was. Zaluska came in for him when he was injured and didn't put a foot wrong. Artur has returned and has made a couple of mistakes since he's been back in the team. £7mill for him? Sorry' date=' but yes please and spend it on a good CB.[/quote']

    True he's put on a "few" pounds ..;) but I think his ability is returning. Also Zaluska would be a good keeper with more e*perience. Personally I think he should be called up internationally instead of Boruc and see how he handles it.

    Also Mowbry's signings so far haven't e*actly done anything yet to prove their worth with e*ception to Nguemo who I think can be a decent player, just needs to work on his short passing and vision. So whenever I hear of us interested in another player I think " oh god, is this going to be like the last one" idea.

    EDIT: Bloody keyboard. So many spelling mistakes coz it's that old.

  7. Re: Spl and Divison 1 and 2 ratings thread 2010

    I agree. Boruc is rated 2pts above McGregor at the minute but McGregor has been his equal in the SPL for over a season now and it pains me to say that.

    The previous poster that I mentioned had him as staying at an 88 but Lafferty to increase. I wonder how much real SPL football these people actually watch...

    I think Sm never rose him because of the bad performances of Rangers in the CL and the whole internatiol thing but either Mcgreror will rise or Boruc will drop to Mcgregor's rating. Preferably Boruc doesn't drop as he's in my Celtic team.:D

  8. Re: Spl and Divison 1 and 2 ratings thread 2010

    Without Maloney in the team we have an imbalance. Any time we play the ball on the deck through the midfield it almost always ends up at McGeady. Too much pressure on one player. Mainly because we don't have an outlet on the opposite side. At least with Maloney playing we have that balance. The balance we miss since Naka left.

    I agree with the McGinn statement but not so much with the McCourt statement.

    Big Mick isn't Celtic quality. He has the heart but not the talent. Unfortunately Caldwell has more talent but his head(and I dont mean this as a cheap shot' date=' sorry Heid) is bigger than his boots. In saying that, he's the best CB we have by quite a distance. He is by no means poor.

    Boruc has to rise...? Based on what exactly? Reputation? Because if we had the chance to sell him for a good price I'd take it in a heartbeat.[/quote']

    Agree with everything e*cept from Caldwell. IMO O'dea is the best C we have and he's bloody out on loan. And if an offer came in for Boruc of 7,8,9m I still wouldn't take it. Scottish football can't attract decent players anymore because well, let's be honest, the games aren't e*actly the best. We won't get a replacement for him. Zaluska is good but not of Boruc's quality.

  9. Re: Spl and Divison 1 and 2 ratings thread 2010

    You have McGregor as staying the same and yet you have Lafferty down for a rise??!!

    I have Rangers season ticket holding friends who tell me Lafferty is still a joke. Although he is playing out of position most matches. But he definitely doesn't deserve a rise.

    McGregor is about the best keeper in Scotland and is deserving of a 1pt increase but he will need to keep that form up all the way to the next rating changes.

    Obviously' date=' for personal reasons, I hope he doesn't. :o[/quote']

    Agree with Lafferty but I think oruc and Mcgregor and equals. Both are very good goalkeepers and even though Boruc plays internationally ( could change soon for Mcgrregor ) he doesn't perform well for them. IMO they should both be same rating.

  10. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?



    I've both these players in my Port Vale team but the rest of my postions are 89 + so should I sell these two and buy established players or keep them ? I know LONG LONG LONg term they're potentially good but like everyone, I don't know what the future holds. :P Thanks

  11. Re: Victor Valdes Rating of 91

    Can you compare Given's old Newcastle defence against a top class Chelsea defence? :eek:

    Compare City's defence against Barca's ... :eek: Alot of the goals I watch Given concede rest on the players infront of him. Saying that *if* he was a world class keeper he would save a few of them but he's not world class. I just think he's better than Valdez.

  12. Re: Lampard

    non of thm play cm thow

    Oh Cm .. sorry, must've misread. Well, Cm's a hard position to find young superstars, there are a few but taken and managers won't sell. It's also hard to predict their ratings unless you watch them week in, week out.

    Off the top of my head I couldn't give you any young CM's that's potentially world class and IMO keep Lampard. He's irreplaceable.

  13. Re: Lampard

    i am selling lamaprd for 55 million probley not a good idear but i have good midfilders any way such as essien/sneijder/diego/toulalan/plus senna what young centre midfilders who are rated 90 already are guna make it to the same sort of rating as my current crop

    I would say Pique can be a future 94 + also Silva, Pato.

  14. Re: Deal for ageruo ?????

    In my opinion you should accept the deal. Adebayor will stay as 93 for a bit of time now since the english ratings are over and Aguero is very likely to drop very soon. Also with 40 million you can get a lot of good players (both risers and back-up)

    He isn't "very likely" to drop soon. He has about 75% chance of staying and imo he will stay. Reject the deal if you think you'll still be playing in 2-3 years.

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