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  1. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis VdV at Real ... still think he's going to drop ? I can get him in my set-up and i desperately need a midfielder.
  2. Re: Krasic or Valencia? I was comparing the fact that any good winger wants to hold the ball and run at players or run to the line and get the cross in. Valencia doesn't seem to want to want to have the ball. Maybe I am being harsh but I dont rate him at all.
  3. Re: Krasic or Valencia? Valencia's over-rated. You really rate him as 91 ? Crossing is "good". Can't dribble. He doesn't seem to want the ball passed to him unlike Ronaldo who ( even though I despise the man ) wanted the ball at every oppertunity to run at defenders, cut inside, get the cross in. Just because he's playing at MU ( despise this football club aswell ) doesnt mean hes going to be world class. He'll be an average player. Keep Krasic.
  4. Re: Valencia, Lennon Or Young? Nice to see that Young was completely dismissed there. Young has amazing talent and when he does move to a bigger club he'll get his deserved higher rating. And for England, he doesn't have as much competition as Lennon does on the right side so because Young can play left I can see him being a starter in 2-4 years. I still would choose Lennon but then Young as back-up. Not Valencia. Over-rated, can't dribble and his crossing is good. nothing more. nothing less.
  5. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Sorry, i checked the first post a few days ago and remembered it off that. Thanks for the advice. Now just gotta find another cm ..
  6. Re: SA 2010 team ratings. Very interesting. Made a good little read. Will be good to see what happens.
  7. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Hi guys, I was wondering if Sulley Muntari is a good safe buy ( I see you've got him for staying on front page but wanted second answer ). Hes available for 22m and he would fit in with Stankovic. So what do you think ?
  8. Im looking for 2 Centrebacks that are 90 or over ( maybe 88-89 if they're young ) that are not necessarily rising, just playing well enough to keep their position. Recently bought Cordoba ( grr, didnt research him before i bought ) and now i want to use him as a sub and bring in 2 new Cb's. My Budget can stretch to about 25m ( maybe 30-40 if needed ) so its not necessarily big name players im after. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Pazzano, about Cordoba again .. Do you think this is jut a dip in form or is he just getting too old= losing the quality that he had. Is there a possibility of him rising ne*t season ?
  10. Re: 99-Rated Players - A Journey Through Time Although I do agree Henrik Larsson was a very, VERY special player for Celtic, he wasn't world class as some of the other great footballers have been mentioned.
  11. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Just recently bought him. Won't be too gutted if he stays at 92 for awhile. If he drops below then i'm gonna run into a corner and cry. lol
  12. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings What about Cordoba ? I know he's gonna drop but do you think he'll stay above 90/91 till end of the season ?
  13. I recently just bought both of them because they were availeable but now i hear both are gonna drop. Is this true ?
  14. Re: Patrice Evra Celtic, but I've only one original player left ( Boruc ). The rest are sold. Ive not got players to offer really but i have accumulated cash and I was thinking is a 35m big too high ? Or too low ? What would be an reasonable price for the manager to let him go ?
  15. I need a new Lb and I'm willing to splash out so i was having a look through the list and Patrice Evra's name came up. I've been talking with the manager but he won't give me a set price for him. And I have no idea what to offer so I'm wondering if anyone can give me some help here. Thanks.
  16. Rise or stay ? He's available and i need a new winger so was wondering if it was worth his price tag.
  17. Re: post your 70 riser up to 80! Well said.
  18. Re: Who to buy for Lm ? I think im going with Malouda. Thanks for all the advice. Really appreciate it.
  19. Re: Who to buy for Lm ? I play 4-4-2 and 3-5-2 occasionally and tacticts set to play the ball through the middle as my Cm's have always been higher rated than my wide men. Is he worth his price tag ? of just under 19m ...
  20. Re: Who to buy for Lm ? Hes plays Winger. Would it be beneficial to play him in LM ?
  21. Re: Who to buy for Lm ? What do you think about Malouda ? Personally I think he'll stay but someone just told me he's due for a -1 drop ?
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