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  1. Re: Who to buy for Lm ? Thanks mate, I think ill sell a few youngsters to raise the e*tra cash I need. Also what would you recommend bidding ? 25m is the least I can bid but there is a few teams interested in my game world so I was thinking maybe 29 ? 30 ?
  2. Re: Who to buy for Lm ? Also Bastien Schweinsteiger ( probably wrong spelling ) at Bayern Munich ... I was interested in him. What do you guys think ?
  3. Re: Who to buy for Lm ? You dont think Nasri will drop -1 due to long term injury ?
  4. Im stuck on who to buy for Lm. I have about 20m to spend after splashing on Navas and Stankovic so I need a few ideas. Malouda ? Zhirkov ? Nasri ? Kallstorm ? Preferably rated OVER 91. For first team. Thanks.
  5. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread This is my Celtic team and I've lost a few games this season which i really should have won so im wondering if i can get some advice here. GK: Arthur Boruc - 90 RB: Andreas Hinkel - 89 CB:Meira Fernando - 91 CB: Kew Jaliens - 89 LB: Anthony Reveillere - 89 RM : Andrey Arshavin - 93 CM: Aldo Duscher - 89 CM: Dejan Stankovic - 93 LM: Hoffman, Mark-Gonzolez - 88 Fwd : Edin Dzeko - 91 Fwd: Lopez Lisandro - 92 I think my team is better than average but a few poor, poor results this season have left me wondering. What do you think ? Strengh in midfield ? Defence ? I have abit of money I can spend if it's needed. Thanks for all input.
  6. Hi, Ive got a few players who are 34/35 and if/when they retire do I just lose them completely ? How does it work ? Thanks to anyone who replies.
  7. Re: Ross Forbes I bought him 2 days ago, his rating changed to 80 ( + 16 ! ) and position change to CM/LM. bought for 15k, now valued at 2m. Hes gonna continue to rise. I think highest he can get to is 86/87. Hes gonna be a very good player, just not world class.
  8. Re: "Lennon"s tottenham predictions Keane - should definitely stay or even merit a small rise. You would be lost without him. Provides the e*perience Tottenham need with within their yound squad.
  9. Re: Ronaldinho to dropp or stay? Hmm im torn between whether he should stay or drop 1. I think either would be fair, it depends whether they're judging him on last few good games or his overall seaon performance.
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