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  1. Re: Who to buy for Lm ?

    CelticFaithful' date=' who you intend to bid?

    to me by order,





    players rating can drop but if they do well again.. they can rise..

    to me Zhirkov even though may drop..

    Long term then Nasri[/quote']

    I was looking at Nasri but the manager hasn't been on in a few weeks. Since it's a first team player I need, I'm hoping to get somebody before saturday.

    I try to buy players I like watching play IRL and Zhirkov isn't one of them unfortunately. Malouda I think is a very,very good player but sometimes his runs end nowhere.

    I think im edging towards Malouda more than Nasri since Malouda's first position is Lm whereas Nasri is AM/LM.

  2. Re: Who to buy for Lm ?

    Thanks mate, I think ill sell a few youngsters to raise the e*tra cash I need. Also what would you recommend bidding ? 25m is the least I can bid but there is a few teams interested in my game world so I was thinking maybe 29 ? 30 ?

  3. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread

    This is my Celtic team and I've lost a few games this season which i really should have won so im wondering if i can get some advice here.

    GK: Arthur Boruc - 90

    RB: Andreas Hinkel - 89

    CB:Meira Fernando - 91

    CB: Kew Jaliens - 89

    LB: Anthony Reveillere - 89

    RM : Andrey Arshavin - 93

    CM: Aldo Duscher - 89

    CM: Dejan Stankovic - 93

    LM: Hoffman, Mark-Gonzolez - 88

    Fwd : Edin Dzeko - 91

    Fwd: Lopez Lisandro - 92

    I think my team is better than average but a few poor, poor results this season have left me wondering.

    What do you think ? Strengh in midfield ? Defence ? I have abit of money I can spend if it's needed. Thanks for all input.

  4. Re: Antonio Valencia *must* get a 91.

    I have a season ticket at Old Trafford and therefore see Antonio Valencia live nearly every week. In my opinion at the moment' date=' hes on the same par as Milner and Ashley Young, all 3 deserve 90's. If one of those three were to get 91, it would certainly be James Milner before Valencia. Valencia is improving every match, and if he keeps improving at the rate he is then i can see him getting 91 at the end of the season, but not now.[/quote']

    Wow, a Man United fan who isn't biased !!

    I never thought I'd live to see the day.

  5. Re: Ross Forbes

    I bought him 2 days ago, his rating changed to 80 ( + 16 ! ) and position change to CM/LM. bought for 15k, now valued at 2m. Hes gonna continue to rise. I think highest he can get to is 86/87. Hes gonna be a very good player, just not world class.

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