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  1. Re: Robben or Diego Sounds like Robben is finally injury free. Do you reckon he'll have done enough by German reviews to warrant a rise?
  2. Re: Player Concerns Another tip to avoid loan concerns. Build your team so you have higher rated 1st team players and lower rated loan players. If you have 20 players rated 90 as your first team, you probably can't loan out any of them, without getting concerns, because they feel they are good enough to play for you. This is also the way to avoid many concerns. Btw by higher rated first team players and lower rated loan players, they don't necessarily have to be a huge gap. E.g 93 and 90/1 rated players.
  3. Re: New Formation Thread.. I doubt they would add this. It is basically the same as 5-4-1, except the wingers are a little further forward in this. To make this just use 5-4-1 and make wingers running forward
  4. Re: Player Concerns Ok i'm gonna take a guess here and say he has a concern about the fact that he is loaned out. If this is the case, then he feels he is rated high enough to stay in your first team, or cover, that is why he is concerned. If it is about lack of games, it could just be because even though he is a regular, it doesn't necessarily mean over the entire season he has played enough percentage of games.
  5. Re: that goldmembers can create custom instead just standard gameworlds Also, if they gave them out free, it would decrease the value of custom game worlds. Supply and demand. Also, i don't really think it would make more people buy GM
  6. Re: Loss Of Cash For No Reason Um don't you lose the money during the game? Like every game you play your balance is increased/ decreased. Did you play a game that night?
  7. Re: Game engine hiccups - does this sound right?
  8. Re: Site Maintenance I honestly don't get why it is taking so long to implement the changes. The changes are seemingly done and put into SOME game worlds, but not others. Now i don't know if this is true or not, but if it is then i wonder why it is taking so long to get it into all game worlds.
  9. Re: Player Concerns Actually, player concerns was more important in my opinion. Without player concerns, whole game worlds became unplayable for anyone except the one or two dominant managers. What you have shown us above is simply a case of SM not being hard enough on unfit players. Honestly i don't know why SM is lenient on cases like this, personally i think they should lose every game. This however, is a pretty rare case. I have seen it before, but it was not as destructive as what player concerns is fixing. Also, did you change the subject because you ran out of points?
  10. Re: Game engine hiccups - does this sound right? I have noticed that too. My chelsea side has played poorly this season with my usual formations 3-5-2, 5-3-2 and 5-4-1. Including an embarrassing first round cup loss, 1-0 to Plymouth Argyle, whose rating average is 13 points lower than mine! These are the kind of results that annoy me, as i lost 2 games all of last season, and ive lost 2 games in my first 5 this season. I am now not using these formations anymore as they seem to lose no matter what tactics you use.
  11. Re: Ramsey/Pjanic deal actually he said try to give him someone else, meaning try and get pjanic, but trade a different player instead of ramsey
  12. Re: Return the setups! hahaha he made a thread on cross dressing? what a legend
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