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  1. I can get both players for 8.6M and 7.5M resp. as they are demanding a transfer.. should i get them??

    my other LB: Evra, Schmelzer, Tawio, Santon

    my other FW: Pedro, Messi, Higuain, Hulk, Barrios, DiNatale, Neymar, Lukaku, Balotelli

  2. I have Torres,,, and i was offered 70M + Khedira for him... should i accept the deal..

    my forwards: Messi, Torres, Higuain, Hulk, Barrios, Pedro, DiNatali, Neymar, Balotelli, Lukaku, Riviere, Felipe Andre...

    my midfielders: Sneijder, Bender, Gustavo, Sandro, Alcantara Thiago, Gonalons...

    i already have 18M..

  3. I have Jesus Navas he's a starting player !! but i need some money so i think of selling him as he's the only one that i could sell... i have Torres but he's my top scorer!!

    i play 4-1-3-2 and sometimes 4-2-3-1


    Alves - Kompany - Silva - Evra


    Navas - Messi - Pedro

    Higuain - Torres

    i have muller, pastore, hulk, ganso, gotze, neymar, balotelli, kagawa, di natale, guiliano who can all play in Navas position !!

    should i sell him ? is he going to rise ??

  4. hey,

    here is my fiorentina !! i just want to know who should i buy/sell. Also how can i improve my squad !!

    ADLER, René Gk 26 91 £7.7M

    SZCZESNY, Wojciech Gk 21 85 £4.6M

    KRAFT, Thomas Gk 22 83 £3.4M

    EVRA, Patrice LB 29 94 £8.9M

    KOLAROV, Aleksandar LB/LM 25 89 £6.5M

    RENAN, Diego LB/RB 21 87 £5.9M

    ALVES, Dani RB/RM 27 94 £9.5M

    VAN DER WIEL, Gregory RB 23 90 £7.7M

    SANTON, Davide RB/LB 20 87 £6.1M

    FERNANDES, Mário RB/CB 20 85 £4.8M

    MONTOYA, Martín RB 20 84 £4.2M

    DOUGLAS, Pereira RB/RM 20 82 £3.1M

    SILVA, Thiago CB/DM 26 92 £8.4M

    JUAN, Silveira CB 32 92 £6.7M

    KOMPANY, Vincent CB/DM 25 91 £7.9M

    LUIZ, David CB/LB 23 90 £7.7M

    RANOCCHIA, Andrea CB 23 89 £6.9M

    MANOEL, Messias CB 21 85 £4.6M

    SØRENSEN, Frederik CB/RB 19 83 £3.7M

    CAMPORESE, Michele CB 18 83 £3.8M

    BRUMA, Jeffrey CB/RB 19 80 £2.2M

    COSIC, Uros CB 18 75 £578k

    NAVAS, Jesús RM/Wing 25 92 £8.7M

    ALBRIGHTON, Marc RM/Wing 21 86 £5.3M

    DE ROSSI, Daniele CM/DM 27 94 £9.5M

    BENDER, Sven CM/DM 21 89 £7.4M

    GUSTAVO, Luiz DM/CM 23 88 £6.3M

    SANDRO, Ranieri DM/CM 22 88 £6.4M

    GONALONS, Maxime DM/CB 22 87 £5.8M

    MANGALA, Eliaquim DM/Def 20 86 £5.4M

    MATIP, Joël DM/CB 19 85 £4.9M

    SNEIJDER, Wesley AM/CM 26 95 £10.7M

    MULLER, Thomas AM/Wing 21 91 £8.9M

    PASTORE, Javier AM 21 90 £8.1M

    GOTZE, Mario AM/Wing 18 88 £7.2M

    ILICIC, Josip AM/Wing 23 88 £6.3M

    COSTA, Douglas AM/Wing 20 88 £6.8M

    KAGAWA, Shinji AM/Wing 22 88 £6.4M

    NINIS, Sotiris AM/RM 21 87 £5.9M

    BERTOGLIO, Facundo AM/Wing 20 86 £5.4M

    THIAGO, Alcántara AM/CM 20 85 £4.8M

    LAMELA, Erik AM 19 84 £4.3M

    ERIKSEN, Christian AM/Wing 19 84 £4.3M

    LUCAS, Rodrigues AM/Wing 18 83 £3.8M

    KAKUTA, Gaël AM/LM 19 80 £2.2M

    SHOUKRI, Ahmed AM/Wing 21 80 £2.1M

    ISCO, Alarcón AM/Wing 18 78 £1.4M

    VAN GINKEL, Marco AM/CM 18 75 £578k

    PEDRO, Rodríguez Wing/Fwd 23 93 £10.0M

    HOLTBY, Lewis Wing/AM 20 87 £6.1M

    MIYAICHI, Ryo Wing/Fwd 18 78 £1.4M

    SARABIA, Pablo Wing/Fwd 18 78 £1.4M

    MESSI, Lionel Fwd/AM 23 98 £14.5M

    DI NATALE, Antonio Fwd 33 92 £6.4M

    HULK, Givanildo Fwd/Wing 24 90 £7.4M

    RIVIERE, Emmanuel Fwd/Wing 21 87 £5.9M

    ANDRE, Felipe Fwd 20 85 £4.8M

    MAZOLA, Arruda Fwd 21 83 £3.5M

    VILLALVA, Daniel Fwd/AM 18 82 £3.2M

    JUANMI, López Fwd/AM 17 80 £2.3M

    PACHECO, Dani Fwd/Wing 20 77 £1.0M

    ARAUJO, Sergio Fwd 19 77 £1.1M

    ALCACER, Paco Fwd 17 75 £593k

    TORRES, Fernando CF 27 95 £10.3M

    BARRIOS, Lucas CF 26 90 £7.0M

    BABACAR, Khouma CF 18 80 £2.2M

    Loaned out:




    Rafael da Silva






    thx,, (:

  5. i have 28 M... those are the available players :

    Jorge Martinez 3.4M

    Nagatomo 7.6M

    Adel Taarabt 4.4M

    Ignazio Abate 7.7M

    Marcel Schmelzer 6.7M

    Papiss Cisse 8.5M

    Martin Montoya 2.0M

    Thomas Kraft 1.3M

    Robin Sober 6.0M

    Luiz Gustavo 3.9M

    Andre Schurrle 8.3M

    Daniel Carrico 8.7M

    Mateo Musacchio 7.0M

    Pereira Maicon 4.3M

    Jelle Vossen 4.1M

    which player has the better future ??

    who should i buy ??


  6. Re: Albiol, Toulalan or Kuyt ??

    My initial thoughts straight away without seeing your squad is sell Toulalan and Kuyt who I believe are maxed out at their current ratings' date=' which personally I think are generous. Albiol hasn't played much this season due to injury and competition but he's still young and has a realistic chance of making the Real Madrid and national team on a regular basis in the future.

    However should you sell the two I suggested, you'd be short of cover in CM and especially the FWD position. I would therefore ask why do you want to sell two and who do you plan on targeting to replace them? If you can find/ already found sutiable replacements for Toulalan and Kuyt I would go ahead with those two. CB is definitely the area of your team which has the most cover but I'd be reluctant to sell Albiol.

    Some more context would be useful, i.e. plans with the money and reasons why you want to sell?[/quote']

    I will 2 of these palyers to get Messi !!

    so i will play like this :


    Maicon - Albiol/Toulalan/Zanetti - T.Silva - Evra

    DeRossi - Sneijder

    Navas - Messi - Vargas


  7. I want to sell 2 of these players (Albiol, Toulalan, Kuyt)... who should i sell ??

    i have also have Thiago Silva, Kjaer, Koscinely, Bonucci, Otamendi, Badstuber and Zanetti as CBs..

    De Rossi, Sneijder, Sandro, Motta as CM/DM..

    Torres, Balotelli, Barrios, Lukaku, Neymar, Pedro, Navas as FWD/WNGs..

    thanks !!

  8. i want to know what will happen to these players:

    Banega (Atl. Madrid)

    Lloris (Lyon)

    Forlan (Atl. Madrid)

    Payet (St. Etienne)

    Kagawa (Borussia)

    Pjanic (Lyon)

    Henderson (Sunderland)

    Albrighton (Aston Villa)

    Bojan (Barca)

    Carroll (Newcaslte)

    Munoz (Palermo)

    Wickham (Ipswich Town)

    Bastos (Lyon)

    Kolarov (ManCity)

    Albiol (RealMadrid)

    Kjaer (Wolfsburg)

    Koscienly (Arsenal)

    Toulalan (Lyon)

    Motta (Inter)

    Mariga (Inter)

    Candreva (Parma)

    Ilicic (Palermo)

    Pedro (Barca)

    Kuyt (Liverpool)

    Barrios (Borussia)

    Torres (Liverpool)

    Gonalons (Lyon)

    Gotze (Borussia)

    Lukaku (Anderlacht)

    sorry this is a long list...


  9. i would like to know if i should sell/keep these players...:

    nicolas Otamendi

    jeremy Toulalan

    thiago Motta

    ranieri Sandro

    mcdonald Mariga

    antonio Candreva

    dirk Kuyt

    matej Delac

    pereira Rafael

    pereira Douglas

    eliaquim Mangala

    maxime Gonalons

    erik Lamela

    daniel Villava


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