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  1. i have Adler and i can get reina as he's in an external club!! should i buy reina and sell adler or buy reina and keep adler ??
  2. Re: Unheard of promising youths? Ahmed SHOUKRI !!
  3. Re: Alessandro Nesta ! thxxx guys!! what about Nani + 35= Nesta... hehehe i'm a bit greedy!!
  4. I have been offered 35 million + Rafael(86) for Nesta.. is this a good deal for me.. my other CB are Kjaer, Bruno Alves, Thiago Silva, Otamendi, Bonucci, Badstuber.. should i reject or accepte the deal ? or should i ask for a better player ? plz help me!!
  5. i made an offer to Jesus Navas (Arda Turan + Rafael Carioca).. the has been accepted..is this a good deal? or should i cancel it? plz reply me quickly!!
  6. Re: Italian Serie B what about Marco Verratti and Nicola Rigoni ?
  7. i want to get Bonucci as i heard he will rise to 87... but i have NO money..only 3k..hehe. so i will trade him with two of my players. i can make this offer: Machuca(83)/Manoel(83) + Fyvie(80)/Forbes(82)/Khrin(80) who should i trade for him ?? thx
  8. Re: Mascherano or Toulalan sry guys, i have another question.. Should i keep Gignac? i have nilamr and i'm trying to get Torres(external).. i notice that every time i play Gignac i lose 4-0, 5-0.... and when i don't play him i win!!
  9. Re: Mascherano or Toulalan So guys,,, U are really confusing me ,,,, TOULALAN or MASCHERANO ?
  10. I have Toulalan in my team...i 'm thinking of trading with Mascherano who is in an external club!! should a do this deal ? my other DM/CM/AM are: DeRossi, Sneijder, Mariga, Gentner, Carioca, Mangala..i will sell Gentner and buy Thiago Motta (Free Agent).. Has Toulalan a chance to rise? will he drop? will Mascherano keep his 94??
  11. Re: Help with my new team please!! i would also keep Mangala!
  12. Re: Aguero or sneijder?? Sneijder I think.. he has a chance to get a 95... But it also depends on ur midfielders and strikers..
  13. Re: HELP ME: who should i sell ? BTW... i'm top of Div1.. i love to play 4-2-3-1 as i has never lost using this formation: Adler Zanetti - Bruno Alves - Nesta - Evra Toulalan - De Rossi Arda/Pedro - Sneijder - Vargas Kanoute/Nilmar/Gignac so plz suggest me players that can fit in 4-2-3-1
  14. this my fiorentina team... it's large...so i decided to sell some of my players to have 30M-40M to buy one of Mascherano and Fernando Torres who are in external clubs!! ADLER, René Gk 25 91 £7.9M DELAC, Matej Gk 17 83 £3.9M KIREV, Mario Gk 20 74 £351k BOUZANIS, Dean Gk 19 70 £10k TAYLOR, Rhys Gk 20 70 £10k EVRA, Patrice LB 28 94 £9.2M KOLAROV, Aleksandar LB/LM 24 88 £6.1M DIEGO RENAN, Ferreira LB/RB 20 85 £4.8M SANTON, Davide RB/LB 19 87 £6.3M MARIO FERNANDES, Figueira RB/CB 19 85 £4.9M DOUGLAS, Pereira RB/RM 19 80 £2.2M NESTA, Alessandro CB 34 94 £7.2M BRUNO ALVES, Eduardo CB 28 92 £7.8M THIAGO SILVA, Emiliano CB 25 90 £7.2M KJAER, Simon CB 21 89 £7.4M OTAMENDI, Nicolás CB/RB 22 88 £6.4M MANOEL, Messias CB 20 83 £3.6M MACHUCA, Alexis CB 20 83 £3.6M GOMEZ, Emmanuel CB 19 75 £563k BRUMA, Jeffrey CB 18 75 £578k CACERES, Martín Ln Def 23 89 £6.9M VARGAS, Juan LM/LB 26 91 £7.7M DE ROSSI, Daniele CM/DM 26 94 £9.9M CARIOCA, Rafael CM/DM 20 87 £6.1M MARIGA, McDonald CM/AM 23 85 £4.4M FORBES, Ross CM/LM 21 82 £3.0M KRHIN, Rene CM 19 80 £2.2M FYVIE, Fraser CM/LM 17 77 £1.1M SANYANG, Amadou CM/DM 18 75 £578k MARRONE, Luca CM/DM 20 75 £547k VERRATTI, Marco CM/AM 17 74 £380k PRINGLE, Ben CM/AM 20 72 £88k FRANCO, Pedro CM 19 70 £10k GENTNER, Christian Mid 24 89 £6.7M ZANETTI, Javier DM/Def 36 94 £6.6M TOULALAN, Jérémy DM/CB 26 93 £9.1M MANGALA, Eliaquim DM/Def 19 86 £5.6M RIGONI, Nicola DM/CM 19 77 £1.1M MATIP, Joel DM/CB 18 75 £578k SNEIJDER, Wesley AM/CM 25 94 £10.2M NINIS, Sotiris AM/RM 20 87 £6.1M PASTORE, Javier AM/Fwd 20 87 £6.1M CANDREVA, Antonio AM/Wing 23 87 £5.6M BERTOGLIO, Facundo AM/Wing 19 82 £3.1M ERIKSEN, Christian AM/Wing 18 82 £3.2M SHOUKRI, Ahmed AM/Wing 20 78 £1.3M COUTINHO, Philippe AM/Fwd 17 78 £1.5M KAKUTA, Gaël AM/Fwd 18 77 £1.1M LAMELA, Erik AM/Fwd 18 73 £209k KEITA, Sega AM/Fwd 18 73 £209k CARDONA, Edwin AM 17 72 £96k TURAN, Arda Wing/AM 23 90 £7.7M PEDRO, Rodríguez Wing/Fwd 22 88 £6.4M GIULIANO, Victor Wing/AM 19 87 £6.3M CRUZ, Daniel Wing/Fwd 20 74 £351k GIGNAC, André-Pierre Fwd/AM 24 90 £7.4M NILMAR, Honorato Fwd/AM 25 90 £7.2M PALOSCHI, Alberto Fwd 20 86 £5.4M KARDEC, Alan Fwd 21 83 £3.5M PASQUATO, Christian Fwd/Wing 20 81 £2.6M VILLALBA, Daniel Fwd/AM 17 80 £2.3M PACHECO, Dani Fwd 19 75 £563k IMMOBILE, Ciro Fwd 20 75 £547k GALVAN, Martín Fwd 17 73 £214k KIROV, Aleksandar Fwd 19 70 £10k RAKELS, Deniss Fwd 17 68 £10k KANOUTE, Frédéric CF 32 93 £7.3M LUKAKU, Romelu CF 17 87 £6.6M RIVIERE, Emmanuel CF 20 77 £1.0M BABACAR, Khouma CF 17 74 £380k Loaned out: RANOCCHIA, Andrea BADSTUBER, Holger KEIRRISON, Carneiro NEYMAR, Silva DENTINHO, Bruno Bonfim this are available good players: Mascherano, Fernando Torres, Criscito, Thiago Motta, Tremoulinas, Falcao, Gebhart.. I don't have money..(-1.5M)..Who should i sell ??...who should i buy...?? thxx...
  15. Re: Young Talented RB Do u think Mario Fernandes isn't that good... or that cuz he's a CB??
  16. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings what will Astori get next ?
  17. Re: Who to choose? Get Criscito.. will be italy LB in the world cup and will return to Juve (end of loan) Get Lavezzi... will be in europa league... zarate wil drop+lazio was horrible this season!!
  18. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything is there a chance for Arda to great in 2-3 years ?
  19. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything will Arda Turan rise ??
  20. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (09/10) will Pedro hit 90 next rating changing ?? will nilmar rise ?????
  21. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Kolarov, Nesta, ThiagoSilva, DeRossi, J.Zanetti, Kjaer, Vargas, Mariga, Sneijder, Santon, Ranocchia, Krhin, Pastore, Keirrison, Paloschi, Candreva and Pasquato.. what will this players get next rating changing ??
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