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  1. Re: help my young Fiorentina!! i got Candreva, Pedro, Matip,,,,,,, are they future talents?? i know pedro is a gr8 player but what about Matip and Candreva?? i also can get mariga OR LJAJIC, Adem,,,,, who is the best??
  2. Re: help my young Fiorentina!! thxxxx bruno,,, i made an offer to pedro (7.6M + Jacob BUTTERFIELD + Jay SPEARING),,,the offer is accepted!!! is this a good deal ??
  3. this is my fiorentina team: http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1067653&clubid=4765865&sid=16822 i just wanna some help,,, 1. should i keep delec??? is he a +90 GK?? how much will he rise?? 2. who should i sell from my U21 players??? 3. i know i should sell Kanoute,,, who should i buy as a FW?? 4. is Gignac a good player??? will he rise?? if yes, for how much??? 5. i can buy Maicon(Very Concerned), but should i buy zanetti(my RB) or should i keep him and play him in other position ?? 6. who do u recommend me to buy?? 7. who should i sell?? SRY i know that i have to much question on my team.. THXXX FOR HELP
  4. Re: fabio vs diego renan i exchanged fabio for diego renan,,, what about Henrique Silva GABRIEL ??? how is dentinho doing?? will he rise ??
  5. Re: fabio vs diego renan is macheda better than fabio ?? (one is CF and the other is LB,, i'm asking about the future) i have a lot of young strikers (neymar, dentinho, lukaku, keirrison, kardec, paloschi) as wing back i have only santon!! i don't watch EPL,,, do u think fabio is better than diego renan??
  6. i wanna buy diego renan as i heard he will rise to 85/86,,,,but i have no money!! but i can exchange him with one of my players,,,who should i exchange for him?? manchester's fabio or macheda ???
  7. this is my Viola team,,, i won with it division2 and division1 but this season i'm not as strong as before,, i'm the 6th in division1!!! i just wanna u help me,,, i wanna know who will rise/drop and how much,,,who should i buy and who should i sell??? http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1067653&clubid=4765865&sid=16822 i'm playing 4-2-2-2: GK: adler CB: nesta-bruno alves RB: j. zanetti LB: evra DM: toulalan-s. keita AM: jovetic/turan-sneijder CF:berbatov-kanoute i'm thinking of selling HOWARD or trading him for andres BECK or simone PERROTTA or ryan GIGGS or RIQUELMI.... what should i do??? sell him? trade him? for who??? i also think of selling gambrini as i have kjaer, nesta, bruno alves, otamendi, ranocchia.... i will not accept less than 30M... is this too much ??? should i keep him ?? i have toooooo much young players (more than 58)!!!.. who should i keep/sell ??? i finally wanna ask about the rating prediction of my team!!
  8. i just need a cheap, young an rising AM!! who should i buy ???????
  9. Re: who is better?? plzz help me!!! thxx guyz!!!
  10. i just wanna know who is better from those CM... AIRTON, Ribeiro Santos--KACAR, Gojko--SANDRO, Ranieri--GARGANO, Walter--CABAYE, Yohan--COUTADEUR, Mathieu--SALIHOVIC, Sejad will anyone have a rating changing???????
  11. thiz is my fiorentina team http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1067653&clubid=4765865&sid=16822 1. should i sell gambrini?? 2. should i sell yaya toure?? if yes, so for how much?? 3. who should i buy to replace howard?? 4. which RB should i buy?? 5. will kanoute drop?? 6. who from my team will drop, who will rise?? 7. what do u know about rene adler, nicolas GAITAN, sebastian BLANCO, diego BUONANOTTE, cicero JONATHAN, Cédric MONGONGU Sebastien CORCHIA manuel NEUER?? will they rise, how much?? 8. in wich formation should i play??
  12. Re: plzzzzz, HELP ME!!!! zarate have a 30% chance to rise, luis suarez will rise but after many months. so keep zarate untill the italian ratings changes, if he didn't rise trade him for luis suarez.
  13. Re: plzzzzz, HELP ME!!!! does anybody know any thing about those players ?? how much will they rise/drop: rene ADLER nicolas GAITAN sebastian BLANCO BUONANOTTE JONATHAN, cicero MONGONGU, Cédric Sebastien CORCHIA manuel NEUER
  14. Re: plzzzzz, HELP ME!!!! what about javier ZANETTI and frederic KANOUTE ?? will the drop ??
  15. Re: plzzzzz, HELP ME!!!! thxxxx guys!!! i also wanna know if hazard, adler, hernanes, misimovic, chamakh, moussa sissoko, fernando(porto), gender and cabaye are good buys. will santon, giuliano, mangala, paloschi, alan kardec, neymar and mario fernandes rise ??
  16. i'm fiorentina. this is my squad: tim HOWARD simon KJAER nicolas OTAMENDI alessandro GAMBERINI eduardo BRUNO ALVES christian MAGGIO (on loan) javier ZANETTI patrice EVRA juan VARGAS jeremy TOULALAN YAYA TOURE seydou KEITA rafael CARIOCA wesley SNEIJDER krostantin ZYRYANOV (on loan) ryan GIGGS (on loan) javier PATORE arda TURAN sotiris NINIS bruno bonfim DENTINHO frederic KANOUTE dimitar BERBATOV carneiro KEIRRINSON andre-pierre GIGNAC i wanna replace GAMBERINI with a better & rising CB, who should i buy ?? should i sell YAYA TOURE or keep him ?? what are ratings predictions of my team ?? will BRUNO ALVES get a 93 ?? i wanna also replace HOWARD with a better & rising GK, who should i buy?? thx!
  17. Re: 88/89 cb? kjaer (87->89) subotic (88) otamendi (86->88) adil (89)
  18. Re: Looking for a Young and Upcoming Striker? here are some: neyma(82), lukaku(83), kardec(83), paloschi(84), dentinho(86), keirrison(87) those are very cheap but hot prospects: marenich(67), macheda(80), riviere(77), rakels(68), napoli(69), kirov(70), villaba(72), lamela(73), galvan(73), walter(78), keita(73)
  19. what do u think about this young players ??? will they rise, drop ??? who should i sell, who should i keep ??? LUKAKU, Romelo (83) SANTON, Davide (86) KJAER, Simon (87) CARIOCA, Rafael (87) KEIRRISON, Carneiro (87) RANOCCHIA, Andrea (80) TURAN, Arda (90) MANGALA, Eliaquim (85) LIVERMORE, Jake (66) ROSE, Danny (66) TOWNSEND, Andros (67) MARENICH, Aleksandr (67) RAKELS, Deniss (68) NAPOLI, Aiman (69) GOMEZ, Emmanuel (70) MACHUCA, Alexis (70) TAIWO, Tom (70) VERRATTI, Marco (70) PRINGLE, Ben (70) BUTTERFIELD, Jacob (70) OLISEH, Sekou (70) GODSMARK, Jonny (70) KIROV, Aleksandar (70) RIGONI, Nicola (72) CARDONA, Edwin (72) VILLALBA, Daniel (72) KEITA, Sega (73) LAMELA, Erik (73) GALVAN, Martín (73) KELLY, Martin (74) DAUD, Ayub (74) GULASCI, Peter (75) FABIO, Pereira da Silva (75) CRESCENZI, Alessandro (75) KRHIN, Rene (75) SPEARING, Jay (75) DOUGLAS, Pereira (77) FYVIE, Fraser (77) RIVIERE, Emmanuel (77) COUTINHO, Philippe (78) WALTER, Henrique da silva (78) MARIO FERNANDES, Figueira (80) PASQUATO, Christian (80) FORBES, Ross (80) MACHEDA, Federico (80) NEYMAR, Silva (82) KARDEC, Alan (83) LENNY, Fernandes (83) GIULIANO, Victor (84) NSEREKO, Savio (84) PALOSCHI, Alberto (84) DENTINHO, Bruno Bonfim (83) sry the list is a bit too long.
  20. Re: JUVENTUS rating prediction ! caceres played TOOOOO good this year in RB position, he deserve a rise!!
  21. gianluigi BUFFON 96-->96/97 (very unlikely) alexander MANNINGER 88-->88/89 (deserve 90 for last season performances) antonio CHIMENTI 82--> Drop fabio GROSSO 91-->92/91 giorgio CHIELLINI 94-->94/95 fabio CANNAVARO 94-->94 martin CACERES 89-->91/90 christian MOLINARO 89-->88/87 paolo DE CEGLIE 88-->89 zdenek GRYGERA 91-->91 jonathan ZEBINA 86-->86 (always injuried, but when playing he deserve more than 86) nicola LEGROTTAGLIE 90-->90/91 lorenzo ARIAUDO 78-->78 mauro CAMORANESI 92-->93 carvalho FELIPE MELO 91-->92 mohammed SISSOKO 90-->91 claudio MARCHISIO 89-->91 sebaastian GIOVINCO 88-->91 hassan SALIHAMIDZIC 89-->89 cardoso TIAGO 90--> 89 luca MARRONE 75-->78 cristian POULSEN 91-->91 ribas DIEGO 94-->94 simone ESPOSITO 75-->75 alex DEL PIERO 94-->94 vicenzo IAQUINTA 91-->92 david TREZEGUET 93-->92 carvalha AMAURI 92-->93 (will rise but doesn't deserve it )
  22. I'm searching for a GR8 winger (90-91) to rise or a (92-94) which will not drop
  23. here 's my team, i just wanna know who should i sell and who should i buy, and who will rise and who will drop tim HOWARD (90) peter GULASCI (75) EVRA (93) SANTON (86) FABIO (75) MARIO FERNANDES, Figueira (80) BRUNO ALVES (92) GAMBIRINI (91) KJAER, simon (87) RANOCHIA, andrea (80) GIGGS, ryan (92) loan VARGAS, juan (90) ZANETTI, javier (94) TOULALAN, jeremy (93) YAYA TOURE (92) SEYDOU KEITA (92) SNEIJDER(94) ZYRYANOV (91) CARIOCA (87) ARDA TURAN (90) GIGNAC (90) KANOUTE (94) BERBATOV (93) DENTINHO (86) KEIRRISON (87) PALOSCHI (84) MACHEDA (80) LUKAKU (83) NEYAMR (82) i have 46 other players U21
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