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  1. Hi all! I have a big match against a strong team. Howewer my team is strong enough at least to draw! COURTOIS KOULIBALY - VARANE - UMTITI POGBA ERIKSEN - PJANIC - RODRIGUEZ SALAH - KANE - GRIEZMANN Which team instruction and game style do I need to use? THX in advance! ;-)
  2. Hi mates! Nicolò Zaniolo, offensive midfielder belonging to A.S. Roma, is a very young talent in Serie A. He decided home match against Porto with 2 goals and he is scoring continuosly so that he is compared to earlier Totti. How is it possible that today he was raised to 83 from 80?!? At least he should be 88 now! Please, correct this mistake! THX.
  3. Take a look, 2 bugs!!! The same happens in Android app!!! 1) Filtering players by financial 2) Different wages of the same player in different worlds!
  4. Si... cmq troppi bugs, scritte non allineate e la app per android è pessima... :-(
  5. I can't more put unavailable all my players! another bug...
  6. If I want to see Financial tab, I see the same bar (Position, Name, Age, Rating, ecc). Another bug is that the salary per turn of Messi is about 130 K in a world, but over 300 K in another world... The same is for other players! Please upgrade this enormous bug!!!
  7. I can't select my youth team and my players out on loan, but I can view only full team. There are also too many bugs! I can't sort gradually my players by morale, I can't join to other teams I have already managed before, I can't join to the forum by clicking the botton upleft in the homescreen, I can't see my transferts, I can't change clear or dark skin, ecc ecc... Very very bad :-/ I use Ubuntu 14 and Firefox 42.
  8. Riferimento: Help me 3-4-1-2 tactic!
  9. Riferimento: Help me 3-4-1-2 tactic! Thx mate, but I can't change men now (transfer ban) and I need to play as told before... Howewer do u suggest to defend just a bit, for example don't use the arrows? THX in advance.
  10. Hi guys, I manage Bayern Monaco (Deutsch. Champ. 472) and I have avarage rating 95 with this start up: ------------------------------------------------NEUER----------------------------------------- --------------KOMPANY-------------BUSQUETS------------MARTINEZ---------- ------------HAZARD----------VIDAL----------INIESTA----------OZIL--------------- ---------------------------------------------SUAREZ------------------------------------------ ---------------------RONALDO---------------------------------MESSI-------------------- I put Hazard and Ozil as offensive midfielder with arrows. Ca
  11. Riferimento: Goal Ratio: Let's Make it Reasonable Please, see the last 2 seasons. This is surely a bug! Dzeko is too prolific, unrealistic! Italian Champ. 290, Cagliari. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/829/cattura1p.jpg/
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