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  1. Hi guys ! I'm here because i need to show you one thing that is happened in the world championship 12393 and i would like to know what all you think about it. I don't know why Soccermanager doesn't ban people like this one that i'll show you in the image : Now look what this manager is doing in this gameworld : You all will think that his deals are all very good , but they are good just for one team , Barcelona. And I can prove it. This manager is croatian , and now look how many croatian people are in this setup : It's incredible !! They are all croatian people !!! Now I have
  2. Hello to everyone. We wanted to report a coach in the game world 12414. I can not really understand why some people have not yet been banned from this game. In any world in which I go to play, I always find people who cheat. In this world, for example, the teams Lazio, Juventus and Santos were taken by Spanish coaches, with less than 40 reputation points. In addition, all of them have names like sjaisjiasjiasjais nonsense. Strangely, even the coach of Real Madrid is Spanish, and believe it or not, Napoli is buying for 21 Granero M, and Neymar is going to Real Madrid for Lass Diarra + 4 M.
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