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  1. Conditions, you will know which players are 100% fit and which are not, so you can decide to make subs based on that. Match ratings, I get where you are coming from, ie 1st choice keeper letting in every shot and you would rather have a keeper 10 ratings lower to come on and have the match of his life. The problems is, you will not know which of your 11 players will have a poor day, that means having 7 players on the bench that are able to cover those positions.
  2. footie

    Fixtures missing

    Domini 3 and new English Championship ID: 346522 are either on the midst of a new season or starting a brand new GW and no fixtures, chairman expectations or friendlies have been drawn, announced or played. What's going on?
  3. I am gonna bump this up. One of my accounts had this issue and I reported it as a bug after getting responses from other managers and reading the forum. However, it has happened again, has anyone experienced it again?
  4. It is really hard to say because no one here is a manager of any real life club or can be certain that a young player is going to play regularly to get a rise. O Dembele. Eggestein. Andre Gomes.
  5. Same here and the cup/shield match is tonight, let alone a final for one of my teams. I don't always log in and post in the forums but I think SM need to wake the F up. As if the last log in counter wasn't bad enough!
  6. Kovacic def can reach 92+ if he plays more often the faster and surer he is to that rating, Saul as well but not as fast as Kov. McCarthy will not get 92 at Everton.
  7. I would take the Everton duo, especially if you needa RB in Coleman In game, I would say Sterling. Hard to say why but English players do get a hype? At the moment, the French. He is playing for Lyon regularly but should Samper get a break through to the Barca XI, he will rise real quick. Morata and cash, but it depends on what you can and/or want to do with the 20M. Rank: David Silva, Aubameyang, Schurrle Have all 3 reached their max rating?
  8. I gave the new UI a go (again) after settling the lineups for the team, played around with it and explored, just feel a little "complicated" and needs more time to get used to. Users will need more than just 30 days to get used to the new UI and also give the backend admin ample time to sort out the bugs properly If the system is able to pick up the numer of users still using the old UI, it is a clear sign that they prefer that. It is like the new OS of windows, not many are upgrading to the new 10 because it is unstable and you cannot force people to move over just because it is not feasible to have to 2 OS going forward. Fix the new version and the users will move over in due time.
  9. Is there an option to revert back to the old tactics layout? I am not sure if I am the only one, but I like to remove (most of) my players from the starting 11 first before deciding who plays for the next match, so I use the "remove player from line up" button often. Even the clear all button was useful when setting up a default squad team. Sorry SM, do you even hear what the (paid) managers want or what they dislike? Destroying the forum is bad enough, now the game? See ya laters alligators
  10. I am just going to quote you on that and hopefully it is done before the league game on the 28th. I do not want a mad rush at the 11th hour to make the changes.
  11. All the standard GW cup matches that I was scheduled to play are not in. I hope my player's fitness are not affected. I've been long gone from the forum, do not make me leave the league as well.
  12. I am not sure who is JM going to favour, Costa or Falcao. I think it will be pure rotation.
  13. Happy for Oblak's rise. Imo, they dropped Casillas because of age rather than the league cap, I mean players like Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva went to France when there was a league rating cap and yet they held on to their rating. In some sense, maybe moving from Real to Porto is a bigger drop than say Milan to PSG
  14. footie


    Tranmere, I will chip in my part when and where possible, this period has been a little busy for me plus I might not active on forums.
  15. It's back and kicks off in less than a month. Take note of a 3 new changes: All out Attack, Bench Boost and Triple Captain
  16. Yes coupled with the fact that some new random members posting nonsensical posts is pushing me to my limits. Should I ever leave, hopefully SM keeps my account and in due time, I'll be back.
  17. De Rossi's and Pirlo's drop is kinda harsh imo. Good to see rises for Manolas, Florenzi, Iturbe, Romagnoli and Rugani
  18. LOL Iniesta old and bad season, you mad? MOTM in the CL final and old? I guess Pirlo would drop as well. I reckon he has a higher chance of rising than dropping, but in all honesty he and Pirlo will stay.
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