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  1. 3 hours ago, Mudang John said:

    Substitutions based on condition and in match ratings might do some real magic for the managers, creation of a feature which substitute the players concerned automatically according to the in game situation (ratings and conditions)

    Conditions, you will know which players are 100% fit and which are not, so you can decide to make subs based on that.

    Match ratings, I get where you are coming from, ie 1st choice keeper letting in every shot and you would rather have a keeper 10 ratings lower to come on and have the match of his life. The problems is, you will not know which of your 11 players will have a poor day, that means having 7 players on the bench that are able to cover those positions.

  2. Domini 3 and new English Championship ID: 346522 are either on the midst of a new season or starting a brand new GW and no fixtures, chairman expectations or friendlies have been drawn, announced or played. What's going on?

  3. Please name me young talented players please that will play enough games in real life (hence chance of increase rating). For example emre mor. Euro 2016 failed to unearth young players.

    It is really hard to say because no one here is a manager of any real life club or can be certain that a young player is going to play regularly to get a rise. O Dembele. Eggestein. Andre Gomes.

  4. Seamus Coleman + James Mccarthy for Alex Witsel is good? Thanks


    I would take the Everton duo, especially if you needa RB in Coleman


    Hi friends, what do you think about Memphis Depay vs Raheem Sterling? If you had to go with 1 of them, who would you choose and why? Thanks for your opinion in advance!  :wub:



    In game, I would say Sterling. Hard to say why but English players do get a hype? 


    Sergi Samper or Corentin Tolisso?


    At the moment, the French. He is playing for Lyon regularly but should Samper get a break through to the Barca XI, he will rise real quick.


    20M+Morata or Harry Kane ??


    Morata and cash, but it depends on what you can and/or want to do with the 20M. 




    Rank: David Silva, Aubameyang, Schurrle

    Have all 3 reached their max rating? 

  5. I gave the new UI a go (again) after settling the lineups for the team, played around with it and explored, just feel a little "complicated" and needs more time to get used to. Users will need more than just 30 days to get used to the new UI and also give the backend admin ample time to sort out the bugs properly

    If the system is able to pick up the numer of users still using the old UI, it is a clear sign that they prefer that. It is like the new OS of windows, not many are upgrading to the new 10 because it is unstable and you cannot force people to move over just because it is not feasible to have to 2 OS going forward. Fix the new version and the users will move over in due time.

  6. Is there an option to revert back to the old tactics layout? I am not sure if I am the only one, but I like to remove (most of) my players from the starting 11 first before deciding who plays for the next match, so I use the "remove player from line up" button often. Even the clear all button was useful when setting up a default squad team. 


    Sorry SM, do you even hear what the (paid) managers want or what they dislike? Destroying the forum is bad enough, now the game? See ya laters alligators

  7. Fixture done' date=' but all is wrong.

    I played a cup match yesterday, and now I have lost one day of rest for my players!

    One example: goalkeeper as usual drop under 100 after match, but after two days recover all physical condition.

    Yesterday Neuer was 100% , Today is 89%, tomorrow wil be 97%.

    Iniesta drop from 100% to 71% (really? how this is possible?), and next match rise only to... 79...

    Fix the bug. We pay a lot of money for this.


    Yeah, I had a hunch that the fitness will/was never able to be fixed, based on past experience(s).

    Goalkeepers rarely* go below 100%, unless they are just bought.

    * used to be never, until bugs came along, soon it might be changed to frequently.

  8. We're currently working on a bug fix that has effected the fixtures for 26 October. Once this has been fixed the fixtures will be played and fitness will be updated accordingly so that no one loses out.

    I am just going to quote you on that and hopefully it is done before the league game on the 28th. I do not want a mad rush at the 11th hour to make the changes.

  9. That is exactly why this gw will continue to be successful despite the forum downfall' date=' it keeps people constantly looking for fresh talent but it doesn't stop there. If you have a big squad (like me) you must look at stats and decide what players stay after they get the rise they deserved. Are they playing in a competitive league? Is their team performing ? Has the player got a chance of a potential transfer to a better club ? Then if you find a gem that meets your criteria, you always have the fear of losing that player when he reaches 87, so the whole process starts again. All this combined with fierce competition for results in both divisions makes 87+ what it is! :)[/quote']

    New players will constantly be added, so there will always be a chance for others to find a gem. Ideally, it is buy a player who will rise to 87+ as quickly as possible and repeat the cycle. Then again, I will be happy to find a slow and steady riser from a lesser known league, perhaps he will be stuck at 86 for a good amount of time.

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