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  1. ​Stambouli + Mechele Sinkgraven + Campbell
  2. First choice: de Bruyne & Godin Second: Suarez Third: Thiago Silva and Marquinhos
  3. Is this the same team as the Ramos deal? If not, it will again depend which area is more pressing, striker or gk? Of the trio, Schurrle is probably the best, followed by Auba(purely because he is rated 1 higher than Leno)
  4. 1) Chambers + Herrera 2) Chambers + Oxlade 3) Luiz 4) Chambers + Kramer
  5. The Roma guy The Brazilian' date=' but he is kinda older. Herrera
  6. Tough decision, but I'm going to take Godin and de Bruyne. It might also depend who do you have in defence, midfield and who will step up if Suarez is sold.
  7. Keep Sergio Ramos, I fear Asamoah might get a drop due to little play time + injury.
  8. Tough call, but I will take the duo, just.
  9. Karim Benzema - I don't think Oscar would reach 94. Real Madrid guy, Danilo had a great u20 world tho.
  10. English and Spanish duo The Italian Uruguayan and French
  11. Joe Gomez signed for Liverpool. I've prolly have asked in the PL thread before, but got no substantial answer, how good is Joe Gomez of Charlton?
  12. Take Vitolo, SM failed to raise Gignac, don't think he will ever.
  13. Willian isn't nailed for a 92. That would put him on par with Rakitic, James and Pogba (assuming they do not rise) Why would Toure and Kompany drop when Hart rises? Toure and Kompany was a key player for City, and if you look at performances, then Hart surely had his fair share.
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