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  1. 1) Keita + Pritchard + Sanches 2) Ayoze + Denayer + Bazoer + Wellenreuther 3) Allan 4) N'Koudou + Bahlouli + Green + Caju
  2. I think I have seen this query before, obviously Bernat is better due to club and country. But I personally like the Swiss.
  3. TBH, I think Morocco just wanted to debut him so that he wouldn't play for Italy. It could also be a case like Harry Wilson, debuting for the national team before getting a senior appearance for club, but no doubt Mastour is more talented than the Welsh.
  4. Ah finally found the forum thread. I want to thank Mark for inviting me into this custom GW. I wanted to use my footie (Forum) account for this GW, but it shall take my very first account that predates 2008. I am sorry if I am not able to agree on some of the other managers' transfer requests. At this time of posting, the 3rd and final internal transfer for Marseille has been completed.
  5. The full list: http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/news/news/2015-16/jun/170615-fixture-list-for-2015-2016-season-released.html Chelsea have quite a tough opening series of matches.
  6. Anyone reckon Drogba getting a drop? if yes by how much?
  7. The Portuguese The quartet is really a good deal, but they might never reach the peak rating of Muller.
  8. Caio is out for sure, the rating/value drop from Navas to Caio is too much, even though the Brazilian might be a regular for Valencia next season. Between Navas and Perin, it will depends if you already have a strong starting keeper or looking for a backup rising one.
  9. I believe the (average) attendances are closely tied to real life, and going higher and doing well will only raise it a little, but never close to a full capacity. So unless the club in real life gets their stadium full 75% of the time, forget about getting high attendances and profits.
  10. The Swiss. but if Jon Silva starts regularly next season then he will be worth getting.
  11. I think moving forward' date=' he could be a solution for the left wing, taking over from Ribery. depends on who you have to replace Bernat, if it is somebody like Rodriguez then I will trade Sterling for him. Radja and Bellerin will be the choice if you need strength in midfield but Bellerin will take some time. I will take the 2nd deal, Lacazette has a good chance of rising and if that 28M can get you something it is worth it.
  12. I would defo keep Manu, the others will depend on how good is your current squad and the level of gw
  13. The Welsh Sterling, but it could change if the Brazilian moves to a bigger club and perform.
  14. The Dutch Manu + Young Get Jese As of now the duo. The Italian Berahino
  15. Kinda like Jurassic World, even though they are heading towards creating fictional dinosaurs direction. Nice touch that they showed part of the old JP site. Never mess with mother nature. Insidious would be next, I was torn between watching which film first, but I am not too big a fan of senseless horror and Jurassic was like my younger days horror, so that had to be it.
  16. footie


    Wholly agreed, I have not been to many customs but I must say this is one of the best, if not the best, that I have been. It might not the usual big signings or extremely fierce rivalry (bar Rilo and 87+ hehe), but with former managers (eg Noisy) coming back for more shows that they should never have left and that this is a great GW. I must say this GW actually expanded my knowledge of lesser known (young) players, even if I do not get the player I would usually look up on him, keep an eye on him and perhaps buy him in my other GW.
  17. Resident Serie A members, how good is Obiang? A season or 2 ago, I read an article on him, and it convinced me to buy the Spaniard in a competitive set up, got a +1 if I recall and now he is moving to the PL. Do you think he will strive there? Thanks in advance
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