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  1. Sorry in my previous post it should read that Subotic could drop if Dortmund *doesn't* finish top 2-3 Tough call but I am inclined to say keep Bale, even though he is rated lower. You could wait for other's responses.
  2. I will take Mata even though a 92 rated defender is good value' date=' he could drop if Dortmund does finish top 2-3 next season. The duo and cash personally.
  3. Head says Bernat as he is in the better team and better national team, but personally I like the Swiss. Tough but I'll try: Sterling - hyped, be it overrated or not Depay - if he proves his worth in Prem then he tops it Calhanoglu - inferior national team, compared to the other 2, lets him down
  4. Yeah I actually jumped to a similar conclusion earlier with the Portuguese league players, when they returned from loan. I think SM should remove that notification of some sort.
  5. Right lads, just wait till the PL reviews are out and we will know who is right and who is wrong. No need to become a keyboard warrior, bullying people and get so hard up over these things, just be gracious and say the magical word of sorry or if egos are still big then settle it in private. Have a good weekend!
  6. The German' date=' but if you need a 94 CB then take Alonso. I don't think Schurrle will ever go past 92/93
  7. If it adds Demichelis I would take the City quartet, but looking in the long term the PSG trio.
  8. Tomorrow is Sunday, it is off day and the day after, Queen's Birthday... soz.
  9. San Andreas was pretty good for a disaster film.
  10. Adding a football in the background is a small improvement but not important. Oh I noticed that the jerseys of the teams have been updated, eg Spurs having a sash-like stripe over their kit.
  11. I was expecting the Serie A to be reviewed first, I recalled SM doing Italy first before Spain or England. Or maybe they should have done England first, leaving Italy and Spain the last 2 as SM will have to wait for the CL results.
  12. You can keep the relegated player, but if and when he moves to a PL is another question. If you keep the relegated player, he would not be able to play until he has officially signed for a PL club, I've calculated the risks and I can't afford a possible dead wood in my ranks, so off he goes. We shall see if any of the current PL clubs sell their players, Aguero, De Gea, Filipe Luis etc.
  13. Lol, now people can post as guest? I am not sure about being a "guest" works but it is kinda lame, perhaps no email, no security identification.
  14. Cavaleiro +2 H Costa +2 Seems like they are touching on Portugal again.
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