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  1. Re: The New Players Thread Goalkeeper, Fabrice Ondoa should be getting a slot in soccerwiki same goes for Rodrigo Tarin
  2. Re: The New Players Thread how about Arsenal's Jamaal Raage? and they just signed another Swede, Kristopher Da Graca
  3. Re: New view of the website looks like van Persie had a change in position(s) same goes for the other players
  4. Re: New view of the website I've noticed that the player search option is missing Say, I am looking for Begovic with no clue on his age, current club or rating, you just search his name in the transfers->search tab right? Would SM kindly put it back, or someone show me where did they hide that option
  5. Re: i keep losing matches thanks ... but how do u guys scout talent in the "world" or are this guys create by SM? i'll try to tweak my tactics. see if it works
  6. can anyone PM for any tips or things to look out for when playing matches? eg how to counter opposition's tactics or best way to face an opponent?and how to excel in the transfer market to look for players. *need not tell me your entire tactics but just give me a head start to getting things right.*
  7. footie


    i have listed mah player and have been offered $$$ but i do not know how to let him go at the price ... can any1 tell mi how to let him go?
  8. hm part answered ... a club has approached me to buy my player but i do know how to let him go at the price(the price is right)(some clubs have withdrawn maybe due to being slow reponse) and abt buy from so-called unmanaged clubs those not in bold ... or are most, if not all, clubs managed? thanx alot
  9. how do i make my players be sold to a club? and how can i buy players from clubs like say leeds
  10. hi i am footie and need help as my team's season is gg to be over ... how do i buy players? i shortlisted em, approached to buy, and bidded ... and how does the transaction complete? how do i buy players from unmanaged clubs(nt sure if it is a repeated qn)? say sunderland?
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