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  1. Re: Freddie Sears needs to stop diving aswell, the defender didnt even touch his face
  2. Re: English Ratings 04 Sep Player Michael JOHNSON's rating has increased to 85. 04 Sep Player Kasper SCHMEICHEL's rating has increased to 84. 04 Sep Player Gabriel AGBONLAHOR's rating has increased to 88. 04 Sep Player David WHEATER's rating has increased to 84. 04 Sep Player Matt DERBYSHIRE's rating has increased to 85. 04 Sep Player James VAUGHAN's rating has increased to 85. 04 Sep Player Joleon LESCOTT's rating has increased to 89. 04 Sep Player Adel TAARABT's rating has increased to 78. 04 Sep Player Nemanja VIDIC's rating has increased t
  3. Re: Best young Defensive Mids I agree, i bought him when his rating was 86 for 4.2m now his rating is 88 which is a good buy i think
  4. Re: Wayne Hennessey Has been playing well for us and is good in the air. When Matt Murray returns from injury he will have a fighht on hes hands to prove hes better than Hennessey.
  5. Re: Enable Search all positions You should of posted this in Suggestions.
  6. Re: Moussa Sissoko Ty Ahmed, Bought him 2 days ago and he increased by 2 yesterday so good job i bought him.
  7. Re: Belgium, France & Switzerland I bought 19 year old Marouane FELLAINI for 4.2m ages ago. Yesterday he increase from 86 to 88 and he is now worth 7m. I think thats a good risk took by me lol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marouane_Fellaini for more info ^^^^
  8. Re: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales Michael Kightly, Freddy Eastwood, Andy Keogh and Wayne Hennessey need an increase
  9. Re: Promising players still affordable Lol i got rid of mazuch because i couldnt find anything on him lol. i might buy him again lol
  10. Re: Adel TAARABT i mentioned him ages ago.
  11. Re: Serdar TASCI and Sami KHEDIRA only increase by 1 point Royston DRENTHE's rating has increased to 88. Ryan DONK's rating has increased to 86. Sergio ROMERO's rating has increased to 80. These increased for me - good buys
  12. Re: A Few Risers Im very happy i made a risk on these 3 players. Jan ROSENTHAL's rating has increased to 87 Mats HUMMELS's rating has increased to 80. Manuel NEUER's rating has increased to 90.
  13. Re: The Best Youngsters I Found they are gr8, just not much of investments, try going for low ratings that are big names and a likely to increase. e.g alexandre pato etc. Good post tho - keep it up
  14. Re: Aaron Ramsey. Wayne Hennessey will become a gr8 keeper. he starts in goal today.
  15. Re: Info on..... Ill try and get them when i have enough cash. sanchez - marseille - my m8 owns the team Di Santo - just move clubs
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