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  1. I'm a huge fan of Premierleague Football but haven't found a page with good coverage of the single matches/playdays. I'm sure that there are quite a few good pages out there and I'd apreciate if you could list some here. (compareable to www.sport1.de in germany). Information about transfers, and leaguegaming. Thanks in advance Theodor Schreiber
  2. Yeah I'm aware of that, but therefore hes transferbanned cant sell him, and am stuck with him till august. Question is, how to carry on with my team. Would it be wise to invest the last 24mil into 2 DMs or should I keep up with my original plan buying Xabi Alonso and putting Schweinsteiger on a DM spot, where he will perform less good.
  3. After the last ratingchanges I'm quite stuck with a problem. My Squad is: GK: Adler, Rene 91 De Gea, David 80 DEF: Evra, Patrice 94 LB Dani Alves, Silva 94 RB/RM Van der Wiel 88 RB/CB Santon, Davide 87 RB/LB Pique 92 CB/DM Vermaelen 91 CB/LB Kjaer 90 CB Mid: Rodwell 87 DM/CB Schweinsteiger 93 CM/RM (Tb till Aug 4th) De La Red, Ruben 88 CM (Transferbanned til July 20th) Silva, David 93 OM/Wing Van der Vaart 92 OM/CM Valencia 91 Wing Pjanic, Miralem 90 OM/CM Elia, Eljero 89 Wing/Fwd Off: Higuain 93 Fwd/Wing Chamakh 90 CF Originally the Team was build around 4-2-3-1 cause I made good experiences with that one. I'm stuck with 24Mil to spend and wanted to go for Xabi Alsono but with Schweinsteiger getting the change to CM instead of DM like I thought he would go, I'm getting some trouble here. I'd try to stick to the original plan buying Xabi Alonso and try playing Schweinsteiger as the second DM. Other options would be to invest the 24Mil into 2 DM players(Busquets and Song taken) or switching the tactics. Therefore I dont know in what way Schweinsteiger will be affected playing in DM (probably loss of 1-2 ratingpoints) it might work out. Thanks for Help greetz TS
  4. Re: Higuain to 95? He'll get +1. If Soccermanager starts to compare, they'll have a lot to do. Just as an example Compare last 2 Seasons of Gomez and Kießling in Germany. Gomez is 93 and Kießling 90. Kießling put out an assload of goals and good moves, while Gomez mostly took a seat on the bench. tbh gomez played similar to kießling while at stuttgart. So most likely Higuain +1 - Aguero stay
  5. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Can anyone understand why SCHWEINSTEIGER got his position changed to CM/RM ? First of all, has he ever played on RM ? He was LM for a long time, but cant remember, that he ever played as an RM. Second would be, that he should be more of an DM or am I wrong? For Bayern and even for Germany he plays as Defensiv Mid. Both Teams playing with (Double 6). If I'm wrong, please correct me, but I cant understand that positional changing in any way.
  6. I was wondering about the positional change of Bastian SCHWEINSTEIGER from Mid -> CM/RM. Haven't seen him playing as a CM. Mostly he uses to play defensive. To keep in mind the tactics of Bayern Munich which is most likely compareable to the 4-2-3-1 in Soccermanager, he should be rated as a DM/RM in my opinion. While Robben/Ribery both are attacking minded, Van Bommel and Schweinsteiger should both act as DMs. If there are other people thinking same way, I'd like to suggest that to Soccermanager. Do you have any reasons why Schweinsteiger should be CM/Rm or do you all agree that Schweinsteiger should be DM/RM
  7. Re: Most valuable OM/W in the upcoming Changes Don't know much about Javi Martinez. Is he in for a move to a bigger club, and is his CM/OM still up to date, or might he lose his OM in the next changes? The problem with Fellaini will be, that I won't be able to afford him, before he might get his rise. Cause I have to wait for Diaby and Fletcher till they rise, before selling them will pay out. By then it should be to late to get Fellaini.
  8. After changing my Tactics from 4-2-4 -> 4-2-3-1 I'm in the need for some OM/W for the 3 behind the striker. Already on my Team are: Miralem PJANIC (till august) Antonio VALENCIA (till july) Eljero ELIA (free to transfer) Rafael VAN DER VAART (till july) After the Changes of English League I'll get some funds from selling Abou DIABY and Darren FLECHTER which are no longer usefull due to tacticchanges. Therefore that it is a small Setup with friends and nearly none of them plays an OM I've pretty much everyone you could suggest available. I'm planning to get 2 Players in exchange for VAN DER VAART and the other two CM's mentioned above. Predicted value of those three should be 42 Mil. One player can be bought before the Spanish/Italian changes, which could be used to improve the value of the team. Strenghtening other parts of the team is no option (they are stronger). To list some players I've in mind: David SILVA (Spa) Marek HAMSIK (Ita) Yoann GOURCUFF (Fra) Miloš KRASIC (Rus) Alan DZAGOEV (Rus) Samir NASRI (Eng) (Would be an option if he drops, cause he has the potential to regain his strenght easily) Those are th 6 which came to my mind in first place. Mesut Ozil is the only one taken as far as I can see. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. Re: Big Players Missing Out on the World Cup 2010 Phil made a point there And as sad as it is, no Frings for Germany. That decision was clearly made long time ago, but Germany will miss those kind of players on the green, who are able to wake up the own team. Kahn was such a player in the Past, and Frings is it now a days :/ Not sure if Ballack or Mertesacker are capable of doing so.
  10. Re: Striker Needed If there is a possibility to get Muller, do so. He's a regular for Bayern, while Klose has to stay on bench. He will rise to 87 at least, most likley 88. He's on the edge of Germans national team, and he's performing very well in Bundesliga and Championsleague. For 3.5 a must buy, therefore that he will most likely rise by 3.
  11. Re: Setup Mode - Creating own Team Hm searched quite a while for a similar topic, but couldn't find any. If it was already discussed, than this one can be closed aswell. If it doesn't cause to much problems and someone can remeber, I'd like the main pros/cons and if there was a main reason why the "mode" wasn't included. Kind regards TheodorSchreiber
  12. Re: Gerrard For Fabregas? Had the same deal made to me 4-5 month ago. I would do that deal again. Today even more than in the past. If you like him to much, like I did, try to be greedy. I made another offer to the Arsenalcoach saying fabregas + vermaelen for gerrard, and it went through. If you arent to greedy you might be lucky getting 2 good players for one. If the deal dont get through you are left with gerrard not that bad at all
  13. At the moment there are Setups for all ongoing leagues there are. People who like to manage an already existing team are mostly happy with the way things are. I'd like to suggest the idea of a Setup where you don't have an existing team. The creator of the league names the League and every attendent gets an amount of money that can be choosen by the creator (stepwise like from 15mil to 300mil). To work this out properly, you need on the one hand a good AI that would fill up the rest of the teams by itself with the same amount of money, or such an Setup can just be started when the selected number of players is reached. For example: Leaguename SoccermanagerLeague #1 2 Leagues of 10 Teams. As soon as 20 players have gathered the gameworld will open at the next day at 20.00 o'clock, and everyone can start spending their money on the transfermarket. To manage that everyone can get their Team up, there should be a startingtime without leaguegames of 2 Weeks at least. After that creation process the league will continue as every other league in a standartsetup. Advantages: People who like to build/create their own Team, dont need a name of a club to be happy, and they dont have to sell half of the team, before they can start to build up the team they like to see developing. Disadvantages: Might be problematic to create an AI that buys a complete own team (cause there could occur problems, if a player joins such an Setup and leaving it, right after the creation process, before buying Players). Things that should be taken care of: Stadiumsize/name Colors of the club Other features that are included for existing clubs. If all that would be to complex to create, quite the same effect could be achieved by a function which would sell all the existing players in a squad when its taken over by a player (get the value of the team). On the one hand you have less money than you'd have by selling each player by hand, on the other hand, you'd have the money immediatly to spend. Could come to errors cause of the min. 21 players per team rule. So much to the idead. For those people who dislike it, cause of the fact, that a manager has to work with the team he trains, I can accept that point of view, but I'm sure that there are lots of people outside, who would like to just play "create my own team". Soccermanager has a well balanced and good working interface for a browser based manager game, so I'd apreaciate if there is a possibility to use this, for the idea mentioned above. Thanks for your patience and I'd like to apologize for any mistakes concerning my language.
  14. Re: Left Back Cb/Lb Jonny Evans Mamadou Sakho Sebastien Bassong Lb Dennis Aogo Emiliano Insua All 5 should hit the 90 in the next 2 years. I'd rate them as followed (at the moment) Bassong > Sakho > Evans/Aogo > Insua
  15. Re: Looking for a CB FAST! After my research on the forum I'd say Ron Vlaar of Feyenoord. He's rated 86 and some say he'll rise to 87 others say he'll rise to 88. He is aged 25 and third strongest cb on feyenoord. So he's kinda cheap with 5.8mil But afaik Dutch changes are far away. On the other hand, many ppl say that Rafael Toloi has a great future. Therefore he raised some weeks ago, I don't think 6-7 mil will be enough. He's aged 19 and is at 86 too.
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