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  1. So I log into SM either via my laptop or phone. I get that SM are looking to reduce the number of leagues where there is only a handful of mangers. I also get that SM have been communicating this for a while but I was shocked to see the difference in the messages in the SAME league (screenshots below.) So which number is it SM? Is it 5 managers or less? Or is it 2 managers or less? Also why such a fundamental difference? Doesn't anybody check what's happening to your site these days?
  2. The SM response being: No eta for a resolution and I'm none the wiser, I won't hold my breath that this gets sorted promptly given the way things are run round these parts.
  3. The SM response being: No eta for a resolution and I'm none the wiser, I won't hold my breath that this gets sorted promptly given the way things are run round these parts.
  4. Any chance SM could fix the long standing and frequently reported issue of prize money not being added to a clubs finances?
  5. This happened to me in one of my leagues a few weeks ago but raising a bug ticket completely slipped my mind with it being Xmas etc but it happened again last night in another league. Logging out and back in against hasn't made no difference and I'm still missing £20m, I've raised a bug ticket so let's see what SM say, that's assuming they don't stick to the usual "there is no problem this ticket is now closed" response.
  6. Same here no matter what web browser I'm using, there's no difference if I'm using the new or the old UI, and it's the same if I'm using my phone or laptop, and it's been like this for over a day now.
  7. Try being one of the fools who've helped to line the SM pockets buying up to 67 different teams and now due to this 'enhancement' has no chuffing idea what are new news stories and what are old news stories! Talk about a waste of time.
  8. Here's another broken promise! During the build up to the re-launch of the 'new and improved' SM it was mentioned by Steve that cheating would be clamped down on and the reporting of and investigating of linked accounts, suspicious activity, cheating would be improved. Well quelle surprise that's not happened! I've reported 2 linked accounts in GM ID: 224990 only to get the utterly pointless automated 'we've taken action blah blah blah' which is clear BS as the linked accounts at still at it! Seriously what's the point of 1) promising something that's not going to be delivered? Has anyone at SM ever heard of the business motto about "overpromising and undelivering"? and 2) why make these UI changes to 'enhance the game' if the fundamental basis are still seriously lacking?
  9. I'm quoting myself again because since originally posting my concerns and views 10 days ago this whole transfer availability issue has got a whole lot worse and IMO is out of hand and as I mentioned previously it has given the lunatics and idiots free rein to make wholly unrealistic offers I reject the offers with "I do not want to sell this player" only for them to come back time and time again, so I drop them a PM (in English and also their own language) explaining why it's been rejected = that's ignored, I try to drop them another PM = I'm blocked by them, so I try the leagues News section = no response and thus the transfer offers keep coming in. Yes I could in theory ignore the offer and it will drop off, but in certain leagues if one manager makes a bid on a player then it generates a whole raft of offers from others managers, and also if I let the offer drop off just as soon as that's been auto rejected due to time the manager is back making another offer! It's a form of WUM / spamming / trolling which 1) which wasn't part of the SM game previously when minimum fees / player availability options were there, and 2) it doesn't paint this game in a very good light.
  10. You do realise don't you that Steve has asked countless times in this very thread (try page 25 for example) for people to post about the players positions in a separate thread? He's even provided the link to the thread in question.
  11. IIRC someone else in this thread mentioned the downside of removing the Not Available transfer designation and over the last few weeks I have to say I tend to agree with them. Whilst the theoretical reason for the removal (stimulating transfers) is commendable the actual reality is that the removal of the Not Available option has given the idiots carte blanche to make totally unrealistic offers for players who aren't even transfer listed. Even when you explain via PM that the player in question is not for sale they still come back with offers along the lines of a couple of 34 year old low to mid 80's rated players and a pile of cash for young 93+ rated players and this action tends to happen over and over again. It's not a good 'improvement' to the game IMHO.
  12. Just expanding on this idea of a check box slightly albeit for a different reason, I'm currently back using the old UI however I think this would still be worthwhile in the new UI as well: Can you consider adding an additional column to the Transfer Shortlist tab that shows the players last ratings movement? For my sins over time (I've been in some leagues for 5+ years) I've built up quite a list of possible targets which on days like today when the Red Arrows have blazed their way through some of the Premier League ratings, I'm now of an opinion that there's a whole host of players I'm no longer interested in and thus want to remove them from my Shortlist. Yes I can bulk remove players from the Shortlist but I have to rely on memorising which players have dropped ratings so implementing something like what's already shown on the Player Changes screen would be most welcome by me.
  13. Can I make a suggestion that isn't directly related to the new UI as it was a bug bear for me in the old UI: If you have a group of players out on loan at the end of each season they come back into the first team squad. I'm quite OCD in keeping my first team squad separate from my youth squad so when they come back into the first team squad I have to select each players profile to 1) put them back into the youth squad and 2) make them available for loan again. Is there any scope for 1) adding a check box or something similar to allow bulk moving of players between first team and youth squads 2) also the same for bulk listing of players for loaning? Normally I guess if you've only got a couple of teams to do this in it's not that much of an issue but for my sins I've paid to have 66 teams and the movement of players between squads can be quite time consuming and as I say a personal bug bear for me. Also as recently mentioned the new update still has the minimum fee on a players profile which of course is invariably set to the old players values thus it makes no sense and there's no ability to remove it. Edit: just seen the reply regarding the bug with the minimum values.
  14. If you go back and read through the thread Steve has asked that this thread be used for reporting of bugs on the usability of the site not on valuations and / or players positions. Edit: from page 10:
  15. Another one for the Devs: Both screen shots are from the same league, in the old layout you can see when Stones transfer ban ends, but under the new layout you can't see this. Is it intentional? If so why? If it's not intentional can it be added to the To Do list? Plus there's the previously flagged up issue of not seeing the club info in the new layout underneath the players photo.
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