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  1. Ok I have the following suggestions if you can fix: 1. The inbox with the messages from the team should be on the left sidebar because no one is interested to read first the messages from other teams. 2. When you Add Club you should bring back the sort by option within the GW and team view because is not working right now. 3. Player changes option is a mess, in the old version you had the option to view which was their team, and also to sort out players based on their changes, saying this from all the players we put on shortlist, and I think that you can add this small piece into the mix
  2. The dropdown menu from where you select your team at the navbar should have a scroll so you can change your teams because you cannot go from one to another team without getting back to homepage Also what I did notice is that you guys have removed the In-Game Instructions What caused that change?
  3. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ Think that I've composed a great WBA side already and more will come when the TB is lifted for those already in Looking for midd of the table but if promotion walks our way it is welcomed hahah
  4. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. Im on vacation and couldnt log on neither to tell you that ill be away until now and this isnt correct i know but can i have juve back because i chose that team in the first place
  5. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. Fluffy, I asked for division 2 and you put me in division 3 was that a mistake? Try and change me with someone who asked for a team after me
  6. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. Fluffy, if I can join then I would like to take on Juventus in Division 2. thanks
  7. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ Thanks mate I wish all the best to all the managers in this very first season Let the game decide that the best (Me) will get promoted
  8. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ Add WBA too
  9. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ My pc froze and I couldn't apply on time for a better team But I got WBA again, if I knew that this would have happened I would've reserved them in the beginning knowing that I had the WBA side on the original AD setup So I have a question We are allowed to make only cash deals? No P/E deals of any kind with external teams or is this just with the managed teams in the setup
  10. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ smut we shall apply from 6pm UK time is that right? if that so then is it 10:22 BST currently in britain? and can you post the ID of gw at 5pm
  11. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ I call dibs on Roma now then Because you didn't mentioned in what you were calling dibs
  12. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ I was thinking for an invading team too after I saw Roma in list if I could get them, that would be perfect
  13. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ I saw my forum username and my in game manager name Jose Mourinho, on the list If there is not another person with that manager name but me then cut one off, because then it makes me appear twice on the list. Thanks
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