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  1. Re: Iniesta to 98? Wouldn't dare go to church, anyway religion is worse. Chrisitans start wars and muslims explode themselves in big buildings. I don't care how racist that is, it's the truth.
  2. Re: Iniesta to 98? Actually I was been insulted. Em yeah I do, but this isn't debating, it's arguing with cun ts. @Phil Uh let me tell you here, this is one forum so technically you are a moderator of this forum, you just only have your permissions set to moderate a certain part.
  3. Re: Iniesta to 98? Actually I'm good at debating but I'm more used to debating with people who aren't complete morons. Also a forumer is someone who owns a forum, it's just not a real world, but among forum members a forumer is a forum owner, believe me I've been making forums for 4 years.
  4. Re: Iniesta to 98? Okay so about half the world is stubborn then, think about it, everyday people debate and they might be wrong, doesn't mean they can't debate it. For example religion, what they think might not be real but they can still debate it.
  5. Re: Iniesta to 98? Actually I was been perfectly fine until a few people kicked off because I said Ronaldo is overrated, no doubt you probably shag a cardboard cut out of him.
  6. Re: Iniesta to 98? English please. @Mudito Torres will do well at Chelsea, he's not past tense yet, as long as he does well this season, he can get back.
  7. Re: Iniesta to 98? Torres's current rating is correct, if he plays well this season maybe back up to 94. All I can say is *** u. You seem to be incapable of coping with other peoples opinions, right or wrong, I'm entitled to an opinion.
  8. Re: Iniesta to 98? Jeez this forum is pathetic, I have a different opinion to you guys, deal with it and respect other peoples opinion instead of having a massive fit over everything. I've watched Ronaldo play for a long time and I don't think he's worth a 98 rating.
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