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  1. Re: Finances never mind.. sm you have killed a lot of game worlds now unless you manage 1 of a few clubs with the largest crowds in the game you will go broke unless you farm constant risers or sell your quality players and why would you wanna do that. your concerns tinkering has not had the desired affect. if you do not want farming on a mass scale introduce a cap on size of the squad and never let the squad drop bellow 21 players with injuries tinker tinker till you kill the game well done you have succeeded. after my teams are bust i will be leaving sm after almost 7 yrs shame on y
  2. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread my suggestion is about Career Statistics found on a players profile that is in your squad. now these do not include cup games stats (or least i don't think they do) just the league games so in reality a lot of info is missing. i wonder why you have the info for the current season but do not add it to the overall figure for an archieved season. this way you can see exactly how many games / goals / etc for any given player and would make it easier to manage concerns. leads me to the other point do these cup games not listed count towards amount of games
  3. Re: Player Concerns the wage concerns is unrealistic many players i have that have gained them have 4 years of a five year contract left and only signed a new contract not so long ago, normally it is near the middle of a contract or nearing the end of a contract that a player would ask for a rise in wages if his contract runs out he may leave the club is this coming next i wonder! player x is not happy does not want to sign a contract and will leave for free!!
  4. Re: Formation Positions
  5. Re: Squad Sizes i feel that to sort out this problem once and for all!! it should not be a squad cap but a wage cap!! i not going to go into ins and out of out bit short of time today! but say u was allowed wages for 11 x 93 rated players and 19 x 89 rated players! then u could have a squad of about 1.2m a week in wages but u would not be able to sign all the best players if say u had two 95 rated players would meen u would need two 91 rated players in ur 1st 11 or lower rated players than 89 in your 2nd string!
  6. Re: New Game World Economies Explained indeed it is!! brought in to stop setups dying after 10 or so seasons is killing them after 1/2 season!! Managers of not the best teams in the setup quit a club when there is no money to spend on players at the start of the next season! unless u wheel and deal players, not all ppl want to have to do this. just to have money in ther pot to get better players! more of the problem than the money is looting of unmanaged clubs (we all do it!) but should be stopped soon as the 7 days is up the teams bid for there best players till they stripped to 2
  7. Re: Player Concerns the last lot of concerns i got (risers) and those that lost a level was right at the start of june. now it's almost october almost 3 months in real time!! speaking from a perspective of someone who has a slight ocd dissorder and needs to have all the things in a cetain place etc etc! this must be real stressfull for them! or maybe sm does not care! this i find shocking! wot goes on! i also here they bringing in a squad cap starting at 50 1st team players and 50 youth! so is concerns being scrapped!
  8. Re: Leveraging star players i would play 4-2-3-1 or 433 wingers with the players u have in the sqaud or maybe 4-1-3-2 against some other formations! the team looks weak in cm dept imo i believe this where games can be won or lost! So maybe get some better players in that area! but sm is more about tactics than just the ratings of players u have to make use of changes during the match too ie if u is losing at 45 mins say! change the tactics then at 60mins the formation! jazz it up a bit! and make sure u try play the best players in there preffered postions helps! maybe set a lone strike
  9. Re: Player Concerns When a player get's injured these games missed do not add to concerns. but if before he got injured he had not played the quota of games expected by that player (no more than 8 out of 10 games for the highest ranked players in the squad) maybe less games required by a player if ratings are lower but thats an unknown figure! then he will get concerns the next time it is processed by sm even when he still injured, but when he out injured it will not count to the next level of concerns till he available to play. then if u did play him say 8/10 games after 20 turns it
  10. Re: Formation Positions
  11. Re: Problem with the fullbacks basically just keep playing them i had same prob will alves and CLICHY always try and play your best rated players and playing that player in his prefered postion may help, ie a lb/lm at lb rather than a lm/lb although i do play ramos at cb a lot and he a rb/cb and over 3 seasons he has not been lower than 6.19 and no higher than 6.28 although in cups games which i played him (rested and fully fit) he got lower than 6 maybe there morale is low also, and always play them fully fit or like above 94/95 fitness. also the stats lead me to suggest that in ther
  12. Re: You are asking too much find another player u can sign for what u is willing to pay! if the other manager wants more than u willing to pay maybe it is becoz he does not really want to sell him or for less than he asking for. should we have another for i don't want to sell him for such a low amount and will only sell for quoted amount. personally i would make maybe another counter offer then if it fails find another player, unless u really want that player then give him what he asking for! that maybe the only way to secure the deal. also u could message the manager saying how much u is
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