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  1. Hey guys, For being the worst team in 7046, SM have rewarded me with 2 job offers lol. Burton Albion + Dagenham & Redbridge. Both are in division 4 and have fairly average squads so i want to give these to someone who is acctive and will stick by them. PM me if interested. btw, im located in Australia and will release them in 2 days if no interest.
  2. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Stockport County (Div4) Update: Due to personal reasons I have not been fairly active over the past 2 months. I have now returned and it is good to see that my team are not far off the pace, just 5 points and GD behind after 17 games. I have re-assured our fans that we will not come last this season. I will do everything it takes to achieve this goal. It starts with a big home game coming up against 16th placed Oldham and despite my team being on a 14 game losing streak, very confident of getting the win. I have been at this club for 60 games and despite having the worst avg points (1.15) out of all 10 Stockport County managers, we are at least in a much stronger position financially. I have hired a Financial Analyst and we will sit down over the next few weeks and work out whether we have the funds available to challenge for a promotion next season.
  3. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Stockport County suffered another humiliating defeat, going down 3-0 to Leyton Orient. That drops us to 17th position in Division 4, thankfully no relegation to worry about. With the debt crawling over 10M, I've decided to pull the pin on my first season. Plenty of transfer activity expected over the next 2 weeks. My decision to bring in all the oldies at the start can be considered a massive fail 2 months to plan for Season 11.
  4. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Stockport County September Review is up. Almost got kicked out of the setup by the SMFA too http://ec7046blog.wordpress.com/
  5. Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread Stockport County September Review P:10 W:3 D:0 L:7 A Stefano MAURI led revival saw Stockport County finally break their 22 game winless drought with a hard fought 1-0 win over Bristol Rovers. It was also the first win for Stockport County manager WillC in the setup and remarkably, just 4 days later the team made it back to back wins with an impressive 2-1 away win at Brentford. On the tactical front, a change of formation back to the 3-5-2 resulted in positive results which lifted the club out of last place. However, the month also featured 7 losses by just one goal which is disappointing but shows that we are thereabouts and is an encouraging sign for the month ahead.. --------------------------- 29 SEPT:Stockport County Club Champion update Club Champion ... Matchday 6. Southend United 2-1 Stockport County 3: Lenny NANGIS, 2: Karim FREI, 1: Bouna SARR Matchday 7. Stockport County 2-3 Cardiff City 3: Stefano MAURI, 2: Nemanja GUDELJ, 1: Cameron JEROME Matchday 8. Leicester City 1-0 Stockport County 3: Stefano MAURI, 2: Juan CARRIZO, 1: Aron JOHANNSSON Matchday 9. Stockport County 1-0 Bristol Rovers 3: Stefano MAURI, 2: Jano ANANIDZE, 1: Cameron JEROME Matchday 10. Brentford 1-2 Stockport County 3: Nemanja GUDELJ, 2: Maxime POUNDJE, 1: Stefano MAURI Matchday 11. Wolverhampton 2-1 Stockport County 3: Cameron JEROME, 2: Aron JOHANNSSON, 1: Juan CARRIZO English Shield R2. Stockport County 1-2 AFC Bournemouth 3: Alessio ROMAGNOLI, 2: Maxime POUNDJE, 1: Steven BERGHUIS Matchday 12. Stockport County 4-2 Southampton 3: Massimo AMBROSINI, 2: Stefano MAURI, 1: Garcia JUANFRAN Leaderboard 12/38 Stefano MAURI – 12 votes Cameron JEROME – 10 votes Aron JOHANNSSON – 9 votes Karim FREI – 7 votes Jano ANANIDZE – 6 votes Juan CARRIZO – 6 votes Maxime POUNDJE – 6 votes Lenny NANGIS – 6 votes --------------------------- Accrington Stanley 3 - 2 Stockport County William Chen was unable to prevent a Stockport County defeat to Accrington Stanley. Stockport County slumped to a 3 - 2 defeat to Accrington Stanley in their Division 4 fixture. Gudelj and Jóhannsson were amongst the goalscorers. --------------------------- BETTING SCANDAL STRIKES NEWPORT! CLUB STATEMENT: Stockport County Football club can confirm that Stockport manager WillC is assisting the SMFA's investigation into allegations relating to betting on football. WillC met with SMFA officials this morning and is fully cooperating with their investigation. The club will continue to support William throughout the period of the investigation. The club will make no further comment at this time. EARLIER: Stockport County manager, WillC is part of the investigation into a football betting scandal, Breaking-Newsaper understands. The focus of the investigators will be an alleged 'exotic bet' placed on the match between Stockport County and Accrington Stanley on Saturday. An online betting agency has revealed that a $1000 bet was placed on the 3-2 correct scoreline under the managers name. Prosecutors argue that after taking a 2-1 lead, the managers decision to sub out 3 of their first XI players for three U21 youth players in the second half was suspicious and only heightens the allegation. SMFA Chief Joe Bloggs, told reporters that Wednesday's fixture featuring Stockport County could be postponed because of the criminal probe. --------------------------- UPDATE: Stockport Manager, WillC has strongly denied the allegations claiming that he has never used the internet before. The investigators have concluded that it was not possible to place this bet without knowing how to use the internet. Therefore, the case has been thrown out. This comes as a relief for Stockport County as they look to get back in the winners circle when they play Sheffield Wednesday this week. TEAM SELECTION IN: J.ANANIDZE' date=' K.FREI OUT: M.POUNDJE (dropped), N.GUDELJ (rested)
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    Re: 35+ The Strongest Club 0-1 Defence Force A lack of pre season training resulted in a disappointing 1-0 loss to the Defence Force in the opening match of the season. The Strongest manager, WillC was very critical of the setup owner who had banned all clubs from arranging any pre season friendlies prior to the game.
  7. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread D4: Brentford 1-2 Stockport County William Chen steered Stockport County to victory against Brentford. Stockport County beat Brentford 2 - 1 in their Division 4 fixture. Gudelj scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. Poundjé was also on the scoresheet for his side. Thank god for cup games. 2 wins in a row against NMF teams and we're off the bottom of the table . We've got a tough stretch of games coming up starting with an away match against Wolverhampton. Just don't have the quality on the park to compete with other Div4 clubs at this stage. A squad shakeup will be on the cards once all the TB's are up.
  8. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread D4: Leicester City 1-0 Stockport County Expected loss. Haven't won a game in this setup (18 games) but I'm not mad. Just looking forward to the weekend where I play a NMF Bristol Rovers who haven't logged in for 10 days. Even with my bad tactics, this is it surely .. gotta be my first win coming.
  9. Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread 4 SEPT:Matchday 6. Southend United - Stockport County Southend United 2 - 1 Stockport County Stockport County have lost their 4th straight game, going down to division 4 leaders Southend United last night. Despite a spirited effort from Stockport County's 'B team', the difference in class was too great as Southend United strikers Joel CAMPBELL and Piere LASOGGA proved to be too much for the hatters inexperienced backline. Prior to the game, Stockport County manager WillC made a stunning statement to the players, dropping all 10 starters citing poor performance and a lack of professionalism. As a result, the expected loss brings WillC's managerial record with the club to 0 wins 6 draws and 10 losses. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 SEPT:Stockport County Club Champion update Club Champion ... Matchday 4. Oldham Athletic 4-2 Stockport County 3: Karim FREI, 2: Aron JOHANNSSON, 1: Yuri GAZINSKY Matchday 5. Stockport County 2-4 Shrewsbury Town 3: Cameron JEROME, 2: Aron JOHANNSSON, 1: Ognjen VUKOJEVIC English Shield R1. Swansea City 1-0 Stockport County 3: Don COWIE, 2: Abel TAMATA, 1: Christopher MABOULOU Leaderboard 6/38 Karim FREI - 6 votes Aron JOHANNSSON - 6 votes Cameron JEROME - 5 votes Ognjen VUKOJEVIC - 4 votes Jano ANANIDZE - 4 votes Juan CARRIZO - 3 votes Don COWIE - 3 votes Lenny NANGIS - 3 votes
  10. WillC


    Re: 35+ The Strongest Club is Recruiting! What we want: Strong, bulky old men who will fight with their heart for the club. The objective is to bully and injure as many players using very aggressive tackling. Football skill is not important. Performance enhancing drugs will be used to give us a big edge. (It's not against the rules).
  11. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread New post on the blog. Division 4 Preview - Part 1 of 3 http://www.ec7046blog.wordpress.com
  12. Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread Division 4 Preview Part 1/3 August 14th - December 24th 2014 Season 11 *Rankings correct after 4 games. Predictions based on form, rating and the opinion of the Stockport County manager* Has Craig lost the players? A starting XI average of 87 should be up there fighting for a playoff spot but yet again we see them occupying the bottom of the table. On talent alone we’ll see them climb up slowly but don’t expect too much from them. Craig cannot pick a winning formation to save his life. Prediction: 13th-16th One of the biggest shocks so far was the sudden resignation of Wycombe Manager, Fallen Angel prior to the start of the season. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons the former manager has had to leave the game so I’d just like to wish Fallen Angel all the best and hope that you’d be able to return to SM sometime in the future. Fortunately enough, Wycombe have found an excellent replacement manager in Jim Garvock. Despite the poor start to the season, you’d think that a starting XI average of 86 should be good enough for a mid table finish. With everyone off the transfer ban, we’ll have to wait and see what Jim decides to do with his inherited squad before making any accurate predictions. Prediction: 13th-16th Season 07: 20th (D4) Season 06: 19th (D3) Season 05: 20th (D2) If there was any realism in this game then Cardiff’s home attendance figures should be no more than 100 people, not 13000. In saying that though, if the season ended today then Cardiff City’s 18th place finish would be their best result over the past 7 seasons. With an 87 rated starting XI featuring the likes of LAVEZZI and MEDEL, surely they can’t be this bad again… Prediction: 17th-20th Season 10 proved to be a disruptive one for Leyton Orient, undergoing 3 manager resignations within a short period of time. With the likes of Mateo KOVACIC, Kingsley COMAN, Carlos CASEMIRO and so on, new manager Paolo Montero would no doubt be pleased with the squad he’s taken over. Despite being winless in their opening 4 matches, they have been in contention in every game but just haven’t got any luck at this stage. The manager has sold a few of the higher rated older players for youth so we probably won’t see them near the top this season, nevertheless they still possess a starting XI average of 87. There’s definitely plenty of potential here, a team to keep your eye on in the future. Prediction: 13th-16th After taking over early in Season 10, Daniel Ratcliffe has done a fantastic job, taking the team to the playoff semi finals as well as the semi finals of the English Shield. A couple of nice off season acquisitions in Bonfim MARLOS and Penial MLAPA adds a whole lot of depth. A starting XI average of 88 makes Doncaster one of the better teams in Division 4 so we can expect them to be in the mix for promotion towards the end of the season. Prediction: 5th-8th A starting XI average of just 83 will see Oldham feature around the bottom half of the table this season. Serdar Dragutinovic has gone with the youngsters and risers strategy which should no doubt boost his squad value. Whether he continues to invest in youth or look to get more competitive next season will be interesting to see. Prediction: 17th-20th Hull City narrowly missed out on automatic promotion by 1 point and subsequently got eliminated in the playoffs by surprise packets Hartlepool United. Alos Rothnie will no doubt feel hard done by, with a cruel run of injuries late in the season sidelining several big name players. Hull City will go in with a relatively unchanged squad with a starting XI average of 88. A very good team with high expectations, A playoff spot at the minimum. Prediction: 3rd-6th Plymouth Argyle pulled off a stunning escape, winning their last 2 games which ultimately resulted in the shock relegation of Burton Albion. Tony (Forum) was a long serving manager of Stockport County before deciding to ditch them for the Brewers during the midway point of the season. As a result, I predict them to come last in the division. Prediction: 17th-20th
  13. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Working on a division 4 preview for the blog. Stay tuned. Meanwhile at Stockport County, We lost the cup game 1-0 against Swansea City. Up next is an away fixture against 1st place Southend United. Would be nice to get an upset and my first ever win in this setup. Lets goo Stockport!
  14. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread D4: Stockport County 2:4 Shrewsbury Town Disappointing result again. 2nd game in a row we went down 3-0 at half time. Wanted to make it a low scoring game by going with a 451 def but it didn't work. Up next is a round 1 cup game against champions Swansea City. I'm going to need a miracle .. Never won a game in this setup
  15. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread D4: Oldham Athletic 4:2 Stockport County Fantastic opportunity to pick up my first win in this setup and I blew it. We dominated the game but unfortunately Oldham scored on all 4 shots on target. Stockport County's last win in all formats was 17 games ago. Bad luck to Shrewsbury Town, our next opponent because I am due for a win! I'm feeling lucky this weekend
  16. WillC


    Re: 35+ So who's going to be the first to buy Pirlo and Buffon? Win season 1 and rebuild for the next 3 seasons
  17. WillC


    Re: 35+ I'm interested.Think this is a great idea and it'll reward managers who plan and strategize well instead of the typical youth hoarding we get in most other setups.
  18. Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread 17 AUG:Matchday 1. Millwall - Stockport County Millwall 1 - 1 Stockport County Stockport County started the season off in shaky fashion, holding on for a draw despite being dominated in every facet of the game. What is even more concerning was the fact that Millwall's Yura MOVISISYAN was sent off in the 5th minute giving the Hatters a massive advantage throughout the rest of the match. However, it was Millwall who dictated the match, having 58% possession as well as winning the corner count 10 to 2. Stockport County did manage to get on the score sheet first thanks to a counter attacking play by Jano ANANIDZE but the lead was short lived, with Millwall's Christian RODRIGUEZ netting an equalizer on the 71st minute. With 11 debutants for the away side, there were chemistry issues clearly evident across the park which Manager WillC will need to rectify. In saying that, they came into the game as heavy underdogs, so a point is still a good result to start the season. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 AUG:Stockport County Club Champion votes Club Champion ... After each league match, the manager and directors of Stockport County will select who were the best three players on the day for Stockport via a 3-2-1 voting style. At seasons end, the player with the greatest accumulation of votes will be declared as the Club Champion --------------------------------------------------------------------- 19 AUG:Stockport County sign ageing veterans Italian Veterans to retire at Stockport STOCKPORT County have made a stunning yet bizarre move, signing Italian veterans Stefano MAURI and Massimo AMBROSINI on 1 year deals. This comes after Stockport Boss WillC, declared that the season was over and that they would be "playing the kids" just 1 week ago. Experts have criticised the move, stating that both players will be on big money deals making it financially not viable given the current state of the team. [L-R]Heading to Stockport: 34 year old Stefano MAURI [88] and 37 year old Massimo AMBROSINI [88] "They have put all their eggs in one basket in the quest to gain promotion. They could be over 10M in debt by the end of the season so if they don't get out of this division, they could be stuck here for the next 2-3 seasons without much transfer flexibilty. What a brain explosion from the Stockport Manager!" - Journalist, Joe Bloggs. On a postive note, the former Italian nationals will add a huge amount of experience to the squad and are expected to be walk up starters for Stockport County's next match against Burton Albion. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 Aug:Matchday 2. Stockport County - Burton Albion Stockport County 0 - 0 Burton Albion William Chen earned a draw with Stockport County against Burton Albion. The match ended 0 - 0 between Stockport County and Burton Albion in their Division 4 fixture. Juan CARRIZO had an impressive game and was voted Man of the Match. Club Champion votes, 3:Juan CARRIZO 2:Aron JOHANNSSON 1:Jano ANANIDZE --------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 Aug:Stockport County unveil 5 new players Spending Spree Continues.. STOCKPORT County boss WillC believes his team can mount a serious promotion challenge this season after doing some major strengthening to the squad. 5 new players are expected to arrive at the club, which will make the total squad size rise to 74 players and the total wage bill over 800K per turn. [L-R] 24 year olds Craig DAWSON [85] and Nick BLACKMAN [82] The most expensive buy is Englishman Craig DAWSON [85] for $3.7M who is expected to replace Alessio ROMAGNOLI [82] in the starting lineup. Fellow countryman, Nick BLACKMAN [82] was signed for 1.7M and is expected to be the teams backup striker for the early part of the season. Scottish pair Kevin McDONALD, Don COWIE and Moroccan project player Fahd AKTAOU will also join the club. With so many players on the books, competition for spots will be at an all time high with many players expected to be culled once transfer bans are up. [L-R] Kevin McDONALD [80], Don COWIE [84] and Fahd AKTAOU [75] --------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 Aug:Matchday 3. Lineup MATCHDAY 3 TEAM SELECTION IN: Craig DAWSON, Nemanja GUDELJ OUT: Maxime POUNDJE (dropped), Stefano MAURI (rested), CARRIZO 86 IRTEGUN 87 -- DAWSON 85 -- TORRES 87 --JUANFRAN 87 VUKOJEVIC 88 -- AMBROSINI 88 -- GUDELJ 86 ANANIDZE 86 -- JEROME 86 -- JOHANNSSON 86 Bench: Poundje 84, Romagnoli 82, Berghuis 83, Gazinskiy 83, Moriya 82, Frei 84, Blackman 82 --------------------------------------------------------------------- 23 Aug:Matchday 3. Stockport County - Hull City Stockport County 2 - 2 Hull City 2nd Half goals from Ognjen VUKOJEVIC and Cameron JEROME were cancelled out by a brace from Hull City's Abel HERNANDEZ as both sides settled for an entertaining 2-2 draw last Saturday. Stockport County were looking good for their first win under Manager William Chen but were denied by an 80th minute equalizer from Abel Hernandez. LEFT: Ognjen VUKOJEVIC opens the scoring for Stockport ;RIGHT: Hull City's Abel Hernandez celebrates a brace late in the game The result sees Stockport County slump to 13th position with 3 draws on the trot, already 6 points adrift off Division 4 pacesetters, Leicester City. "we rested a couple of players today and playing against a good Hull City team, it was always going to be difficult getting the three points today," said the Stockport manager. "Yes, it is disappointing that we let another game slip near the end but when you look at the goals, it took some brilliance from Hernandez to deny us. We are starting to play better football so it'll only be a matter of time before I get my first win in this setup." --------------------------------------------------------------------- 27 Aug:Matchday 4. Key Fixtures (Division 4) Southend United (6th) - Leicester City (1st) Shewsbury Town (5th) - Bristol Rovers (3rd) Burton Albion (9th) - Accrington Stanley (8th) Match of the Round Millwall (20th) - Southampton (11th) Poor old Millwall are sitting on the bottom after a shocking start to the season. Only point they have was thanks to a late equalizer against Stockport County back on Matchday 1. Playing at home, Craig really needs to get a win here to get their season 11 campaign back on track. Based on results over the past 2 seasons, I'm very surprised the Millwall board hasn't given him the sack yet. After being relegated to division 4, Southampton got off to a flying start with a 2-0 away win over Doncaster Rovers on Matchday 1. Since then, Der Kaiser's squad have struggled, managing just 1 point in 2 home fixtures. PREDICTION Both managers have the squads capable of challenging for promotion which is why neither can afford to drop this game. I have this result as a 50/50 but I'm going to back Craig's Millwall here to pick up their first win of the season. Millwall 2 - 1 Southampton
  19. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread New post on the blog. Stockport County - 7 plays in 7 days http://www.ec7046blog.wordpress.com
  20. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread D4: Stockport County 2:2 Hull City I thought I was going to get my first win in this setup but a late equaliser by Abel Hernandez meant that we had to share the points with Hull City. My stats since taking over: Division 4: 4 draws Friendlies: 3 draws, 6 losses Our last win was back on 12th of July. I've blown the budget on some old veterans so the fans are on my back. Up next is fellow strugglers Oldham Athletic so a real good chance to get a win!!
  21. Re: Website Error website error on all of my clubs. Been like this for the entire day for me (9am-5pm in Aus). Won't be able to set my tactics because im going out now. Seriously, if the sites going to be down for over 8 hours you would hope they'd give us some updates!!
  22. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread D4: Stockport County 0-0 Burton Albion Fair result against Burton Albion. Both sides went in with attacking formations but neither team could convert their chances. GK Carrizo 86 was impressive and picks up our first MOTM for Stockport County. Signed 38 year old Garcia Juanfran 87 to replace Alessio Romagnoli 82 in defence. Very pleased with the cleansheet but our lack of quality strikers is a bit of a concern. Also signed 24 year old Nick Blackman 82 for some depth. He should feature regularly once we drop out of contention for promotion (which should be pretty soon ). Up next is another tough match against Hull City. They've been averaging 6 goals a game (including the friendlies) and have the better players but it is a home game for us .. and our last win was back on the 12th July, so we are due. My stats since taking over this team: Overall 5 Draws 6 Losses Division 4: 3 Draws Friendlies: 2 Draws 6 Losses Come on Stockport .. I want a win this weekend!!!
  23. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Stockport County will go on the road and face Craig's Millwall tonight in division 4. We are big underdogs so going in with an experimental formation. A risky move but young guns FREI, ROMAGNOLI and POUNDJE will start for us based on potential instead of a couple of higher rated players. Best of luck everyone in the new season
  24. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Stockport County's woeful pre-season continues with their 4th straight loss. I've added VUKOJEVIC 88, TORRES 87, CARRIZO 86 and JEROME 86 overnight to strengthen the starting XI but still a lot to do. I think Im going to be stuck in division 4 for awhile
  25. Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread STOCKPORT COUNTY MANAGER FORCED TO TAKE FRENCH CLASSES Stockport County News Thursday, August 14th 2014 Stockport manager, WillC has taken his obsession with France to the next level, signing 8 French players in the past few days. The impromptu decision has left Stockport County officials in a difficult position, scrambling for French translators within the community. Stockport County fans have reacted negatively to the deals, claiming that too much cash was spent on long term projects rather than improving the first team squad for the upcoming season. The Hatters forked out $4.6M for M.POUNDJE, $4.1M for L.NANGIS and $3.6M for J.AMAVI to name a few. With a squad consisting entirely of foreigners, WillC has rejected claims that miscommunication will be an issue. It is believed that the Stockport County manager has enrolled in French Studies at the University of Manchester so we can at least confirm that he's passionate about his job. The squad rebuild looks set to continue with another 9 players set to join Stockport in the coming days. This includes Dutch pair, A.TAMATA and S.BERGHUIS who are almost certain to join the Division 4 club pending medical tests. [L-R]82 rated Defender, Abel Tamata and 83 rated Winger, Steven Berghuis will join Stockport on 1 year deals.
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