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    The Ashes

    Re: Ashes 2009 wow, Australia were 0-61 when i called it a night Credit goes to Broad who must of bowled out of his skin!. Figures of 5-38 especially the key wickets of Ponting and Clarke. Still 3 days to go, but I can't see us chasing down 400+ btw, Mike Hussey has to go
  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC67 i meant
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC68: Almost Got Rafael from Manchester Utd for Lell and a sum of cash. Got cancelled in the last minute and hes now made a counter offer that includes Lell and Pranjic Bayern in desperate need of a CM. Toni, Klose, Lell, Van buyten all available and more.
  4. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! wow, when I refreshed my page and it finally came up, 250 teams had been taken. Oh well, Morelia it is
  5. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! Going for a Div 2 side which I'm confident of getting. Might aswell join in the Real Madrid lottery if I happen to be on at creation. *Sets alarm to 6am*
  6. Re: Too many GWs SM actually creates the majority of the gameworlds but they're only dedicated to new members. They make around 10 new setups daily (combination of EC, WC and Spanish Championships) iirc which might surprise some. Just looking at the setups created recently: EC 4160: 76/80 (95.00%) [bought] EC 4159: 56/80 (70.00%) [sM Created] EC 4158: 68/80 (85.00%) [bought] EC 4157: 80/80 (100%) [sM Created] EC 4156: 69/80 (86.25%) [bought] EC 4155: 80/80 (100%) [sM Created] EC 4154: 80/80 (100%) [sM Created] EC 4153: 76/80 (95.00%) [bought] ... WC 6650: 80/80 (100.00%) [sM Created] WC 6649: 62/80 (77.50%) [sM Created] WC 6648: 73/80 (91.25%) [sM Created] WC 6647: 75/80 (93.75%) [bought] ... and so on With 70+ teams being taken more often then not, you can tell why SM continually persist with these additional setups as they fill up pretty nicely. SM is a business so they're just making their new members satisfied and happy. Obviously the current numbers are by no means sustainable tho, and in a way SM are probably digging themselves a deeper hole. Theres just so many being created which in turn, reduces the incentive to keep a team when it goes bad. They're not concerned at the amount of GW's being made as they're probably drooling over those figures above. Just the way it is unfortunately
  7. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! No love for the asia/pacific users go ahead and laugh at me, Ive been refreshing at work.
  8. WillC

    Money making

    Re: Money making Theirs no other way to make big money but selling in your situation. You probably have around 11 players rated 95+ which is draining any possible income. Take a look at the table below regarding player wages: You can see that the wages per turn skyrockets every 5 rating points. So if you play it smart, you can get 94's rather than 95's and 89s rather than 90s which will give you a small saving. To maintain a 97 rated team and have a steady income is near impossible i think .
  9. Re: Gold Championship 67 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Match Preview Bundesliga Season Opener Bayern Munich V -1. FC Koln --------- V --------- ________________________________________________ Saturday, May 2 Allianz Arena 8:00 pm (Local Time) Munich Forecast TV (All Live Unless Stated) AUS: Fox Sports 1, Channel 10 (90 Min Delay). UK: Sky Sports. USA: Setanta Sports. GER: Nil. POR: Sport TV. RADIO Vic: MMM, ABC, 3AW. Qld: ABC, DEF, GHI. SA: None. WA: ABC, DEF. NSW: None. ACT: ABC. Tas: ABC. NT: ABC. 09 Bundesliga Ladder: Recent R.L. History: 21st Febuary, 2009 - Bayern Munich def. by 1. FC Koln, 2-1 13th September, 2008 - 1. FC Koln def. by Bayern Munich, 3-0 The Bayern Perspective:
  10. Re: Love Thy Rival! STANDARD SETUP PRIZE I'll join, if there are spots left. Any team will do.
  11. Re: Gold Championship 67 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Mario Gomez to leave Bayern. Bayern Manager, William Chen has confimed media reports that Mario Gomez will sign with EPL giants, Chelsea. The deal, expected to be completed this week will also see Jose Bosingwa and Claudio Pizarro heading to Munich along with a sum of cash. With the departure of high profile players in Ribery, Olic and Gomez, many Bayern fans still remain skeptical about the new manager and the season ahead.
  12. Re: Australia v Ireland That 3rd goal was fabulous! The aussies are trotting along nicely heading into next years world cup. Cahill continues to show why hes the best ever socceroo we've had. Mcdonald still can't kick a goal after ~11 caps .
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... been offered C.Pizarro and J.Bosingwa for M.Gomez about to accept it, any thoughts on this?
  14. Re: Gold Championship 66 Official thread Leverkusen unable to hold on drawing 1-1 with German giants, Bayern. After leading from the first minute thanks to a Gonzalo Castro goal, Leverkusen were just unable to contain Luca Toni who scored the late equalizer. Looking forward to seeing how my 2nd string side go against Hamburger in a couple of days.
  15. WillC

    The Ashes

    Re: Ashes 2009 Stuart Clark, Welcome back!
  16. WillC

    The Ashes

    Re: Ashes 2009 Billy Bowden, you son of a ... EDIT: Strauss GONE. freakish catch by North! 1/11
  17. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! I'll struggle to be awake at 7am If im online, I'll probably go for a team in the premier league. Will be ecstatic if I get my team, Everton.
  18. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! I'm using dial-up and managed to be first in . Pure luck i guess. Got Celtic which was my target, My best ever gc team from scratch so i can't complain.
  19. WillC

    The Ashes

    Re: Ashes 2009 Well, I shouldn't have got my hopes up, but the gutsy effort over the last session yesterday and Johnson's dig had me starting to believe. It was impossible, but I'm very proud of the boys for not giving up. Congrats to England, the better side won. Congrats to Freddie, and well done Ponting for not giving the umpires the slamming they probably deserved. 6 more stages of Le Tour then Roll on Edgbaston. We'll be nice and fired up now!
  20. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread edit: outdated Good Luck to all gold managers, especially to my successor at Arsenal GC17 .
  21. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Been checking for a few hours now and it looks like i'll be giving this one a miss. [ 12.32am local time] gotta love it when they say 'random'
  22. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! Whilst I may not get a team in GC54 (2am-5am), I'd like to thank SM for announcing that GC54 will be made within a 3 hour timeslot. Previously, SM used to create Gold Championships randomly (12.01am-11.59pm) which was a complete joke and all it did was unneccesarily waste time from us Asia/Pacific/American managers by not getting a decent chance to get a team. I would like to wish everyone the best of luck for Gold Championship 54. It has been a long time before drinks so I'm sure it'll be a very good and competitive league.
  23. WillC

    Football Lookalikes !!

    Re: Football Lookalikes !! One month later and this thread needs a bump. Was going through the team lists for the AFL and other miscellaneous stuff and found some decent ones ----- Michael Ballack Jeff Farmer (Fremantle Dockers) ----- Rafa Benitez Kieth from 'the office' ----- Pablo Aimar Andrew Embley (West Coast Eagles) ----- Nabil El Zhar Andrew McLeod (Adelaide Crows) ----- More Later ..
  24. Re: Zampa's Graphics Hideout Wow. the Zenit and Bayern sigs are awesome . Any chance of an Arsenal one for Gold championship 17? no hurry if you are busy Greatly appreciated.
  25. Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread
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