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  1. Yes Fernandes, good value in him now, Surprised some of the UTD young ones didnt get a rise
  2. What do we think to Stones going back up now he is playing regular at City?
  3. Agreed, starting out second bottom in the 5th division is critical to making the team a success
  4. Re: Maximum Club Transfers Ok so perhaps the longer you spend in a game world the more transfers you can make? I am basically stuck for another 6 weeks and i've been in the game world for 5 seasons now, other teams are strengthening while i cant
  5. Re: Maximum Club Transfers No i am not new to the game, but i cant justify the rule,
  6. I'm fed up of having this rule where by you can only have a 3 dealings with a club a season. How is this realistic? I have a team in an English Championship 3234 and i've took a team from Div 4 to Div 1 by wheeling and dealing not going into debt and generally playing the game as it should. However i am currently 2nd in the league but cant strengthen my squad because i have made too many changes with external clubs, so all the good players that other teams change i cant bid for and are going to other teams around me. How is this a fair reflection of football? i can sell to these clubs but n
  7. Re: SMFA cheat the member Glad i looked on here. There is someone in a gameworld that i am in who has not signed in since the 25th of November and they are not a gold member how do i raise a ticket?
  8. Re: Down goes Gerrard & Torres Totally agree with Torres, however Stevie should of stayed 95 seeing as he dropped 2 last time round
  9. Re: The ability to do tactics for upcaoming games despite SMFA fixture At least you dont have any players suffering from playing the day before, all players that play dont have there condition lowered
  10. Ok now i might be being a little thick here but isnt this player missing from the game? I cant find him anywhere!
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