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  1. I logged in this morning and then lunchtime it wouldnt let me in, Im trying at home now and it still wont let me, i have a game tonight
  2. I get the same, i can login but it tells me im being directed by cloudflare. Once it directs me to the website i get asked if i want to install a datapack
  3. How did they not give Toney a +1? its criminal
  4. Finally the championship get rating changes lol When will Brentford get done? at the end?
  5. Thats good to know but did they go 'on holiday' half way through the Portugal updates?
  6. Bit surprised the amount of drops the team that won La Liga got, but it makes my 40m sale for Saul a lot more satisfying now lol
  7. Seeing as it looks likely they will start La Liga, whos a good bet to rise about 8/10 mill midfield?
  8. Surely its easier to just change formation than leave lol
  9. Yeah I was surprised Arolas parent club. Hes a decent keeper so a few prem teams will be keeping there eye on him
  10. But surely his stats will still be good. Yes clean sheets would be down but shot stopping you would expect to remain high. Look at the goalkeepers from WBA and Fulham
  11. Guys I really appreciate this forum and the excellent ratings updates. So this leads me to my current issue. I have a 22m to spend on a forward and CM/AM I dont want someone who is 90 i would like someone who I can pick up now from 88 and either go up 1 or 2 in this current round of ratings updates. Dont want anyone over 30 ideally a younger player. So i have been looking at these players Rebic Leao - Currently leaning to this player Locatelli (CM but read good things on here) Bamford Bowen Guedes So what you thinking of rating changes on these? There would of been others but there already at managed clubs.
  12. Willock surely must be looking at a +1 after his excellent end to the season
  13. Rodrygo or Junior? Both 16m in my gameworld and both the same age but current rating in 88 and 89 respectivley. We likely to see a +1 for both?
  14. So before the Spanish league update, I am in a position to purchase either V Junior or G Rodrygo. Both 16m but obviously Junior is 89 against Rodrygo's 88. Im assuming both will get a +1 but which would be the better choice?
  15. Brill, I have high hopes for a couple of their players lol
  16. Is Arnaud Kalimuendo likely to rise to 85 if his last rise was only March? I dont want to buy him and him not rise 😕
  17. The first player on this list went up 2 in march, is it a typo on the spreadsheet
  18. Cheers, Better check i think im around the 200 mark lol
  19. There is a max squad limit? What is it
  20. Cheers do we know if thats going to include the Championship? Ive got a load of players who should be going up but i need to get some of the players that are available lol
  21. Do we have a rough idea about the top europe leagues, are they likely before the euros?
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