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  1. Respuesta: Jim Varela His name helps to see a star on him. Here is an article about his name http://www.elobservador.com.uy/noticia/232542/el-jim-morrison-que-no-banca-a-los-doors/ Varela explains that he does not like The Doors, and he listen cumbia. His father made a promise with a friend that the first one who had a child, was going to name him Jim Morrison. The friend of his father died, and Jim Morrison Varela father made his promise. (Sorry for me english )
  2. Respuesta: Jim Varela He is a very good player, and he made good matches in First Division. But he was not compared with Pirlo, and I never heard news about a transfer. On Peñarol are players that are having good performances, as Cristoforo (19 years, rated 75) or Raguso (20 years, rated 75). I also recommend Gonzalo Bueno from Nacional (19 years, rated 75).
  3. Re: Luiz Suarez! He won the Copa America, and was named player of the tournament....
  4. Respuesta: Uruguayan League I think the same, in mi opinion he is on the Top 10 of best defenders of the world. He is the next Nasazzi
  5. There are some predictions of Juanchitoox (http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=87478), here are mines: NACIONAL Leonardo Burian 82 -> 84/83 Rodrigo Muñoz 84 -> 85/84 Carlos Carlao 77 -> 78/79 Chrsitian Nuñez 83 -> 83/84 Julián Perujo 82 -> 81 Alexis Rolín 75 -> 78/77 Gonzalo Godoy 80 -> 82/81 Flavio Cordoba 82 -> 81/80 Alejandro Lembo 84 -> 84/83 Sebastián Coates 85 -> 86 (Mejor promesa del fútbol uruguayo) Jadson Viera 85 -> 83/84 Gabriel Marques 80 -> 83/82 Facundo Piriz 74 -> 83/82 Anderson Silva 82 -> 81 Mauricio Perey
  6. Re: SANTIAGO GARCIA - Nacional I think that Santiago García will move to an european club this year, probably after the final match of the Uruguayan League. About Cristian Palacios, he is a player of Peñarol but he is on loan at Central Español, so he will return there. On the next review he will be 72-> 80/81 And sorry for my bad English
  7. Respuesta: New Galatasary Stadium I sent a ticket, and finally my stadium capacity increased!!! When a new season starts, the change will apear.
  8. Respuesta: SANTIAGO GARCIA - Nacional "El morro" Santiago García is a great player. In my opinion, he will be a future 90, but I don´t think he will be a super star. He recently won the Clausura with Nacional and now they are going to play the finals against Defensor. He is a very strong player, that in the last 2 years, increased his definition. In the next review he will be 86/85. Other great player of Nacional are: Sebastián Coates (in my opinion he is better than Lugano) 85->86 Facundo Piriz 74-> 83/82 Nicolás Lopez Not on DB (17 years, 3 goals in 120 minutes in First Division
  9. Respuesta: Uruguay-primera division riser´s! I agree with Juanchitoox about Santiago Garcia. I think he will rise a point because he was the top scorer of the Liga Uruguaya, but now he is not performing as he did last year. About Mora, his future is a bit uncertain, as now he is not playing because he had some problems with the club
  10. Respuesta: Uruguay-primera division riser´s! It’s incredible the situation of Federico Rodriguez that now signed for Genoa (he signed for Peñarol a month ago). Rodrigo Mora, will play for Godoy Cruz (Argentina), he goes on loan until July. Coates stayed on Nacional, and he will have to work hard to play the Copa America 2011 with La Celeste. Also, he will probably play on the Olympics Games (2012) with Uruguay. I think that Facundo Piriz will be 74 -> 82 , but we have to wait for the Liga Uruguaya changes
  11. Respuesta: Uruguay-primera division riser´s! El Tanque Sisley was the biggest surprise of the Liga Uruguaya. One year ago, was a bad second division team (in Uruguay we only have 2 professional divisions as we are a small country), and this year they finished on the 4th place, two points less than the Champion. I agree with Juanchitoox. But I wish Coates can stay a bit more on Nacional
  12. Respuesta: Uruguay-primera division riser´s! Ramis has not played on the last tournament, so he won´t rise. In Uruguay we also say Merry christmas until the first week of January. In fact, is common to say "Felices Fiestas". I don´t know when the changes will happen, but is good to be informed
  13. Respuesta: Uruguay-primera division riser´s! About Piriz, I think he should be around 80. Since the arrival of the new coach, he played all the matches. Coates has been the best player of the Uruguayan League. The central back, will probably sign with an European team. From my point of view, he is better than Lugano.
  14. Respuesta: Uruguay-primera division riser´s! One of the best risers is Facundo Piriz from Nacional. He is only at 74.
  15. Respuesta: New Galatasary Stadium I have a similar problem with the stadium Parque Central of Nacional (Uruguay). This stadium has increased the capacity, and I will see if that happens in my Game World.
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