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  1. Dopo una prima parte di stagione decisamente da dimenticare (dovuta alla costante assenza dell'allenatore per motivi personali), e trovandosi sempre piu ultimi e con sempre piu punti di distacco dalla salvezza, riusciamo a porre fine a tutte le preoccupazioni con una grandissima striscia di risultati positivi, risultati da primato. Ovviamente nel nostro caso la vittoria del campionato non e mai stata un obiettivo durante la seconda parte della stagione. Ma ora ci troviamo ben sicuri e lontani dalla zona rossa con 4 turni alla fine, e possiamo anche aspirare ad un posto nella top 7, cosa impensabile un mese fa.
  2. He is, but i still dont think they will go so far to give him a +2, Borussia isnt even playing in the CL. Maybe he will get 93 at the end of the season if he keeps scoring and if Borussia end up top 3 and have a really good EL run (they definetly have the potential to win it imo)
  3. Thats not actually a bug. It happens becuse EA and Disney have made a deal where Disney allows EA to implement 'The Force' in their games >.>, and i have based this on absolutely nothing
  4. Di Maria or Matic? Would appreciate an answer before after-tomorrow >.> cheers
  5. Anyways, since today is sunday and it seems nobody is working on the ea contact tool, i will be contacting them tomorrow to get a refund... I've had enough of this joke of a game...
  6. Im absolutely hating fifa 16, its no fun at all, even when you win and are dominating the game... They indeed made it technically better and closer to real life (aside from the shooting, since every footballer on FIFA 16 seems to be a deadly sniper within 30mt of the goal), but at the same time they removed the most fun aspect of the game, which wanst necessarily the speed, but the agility and trickery you could do and the dribblings and long passes and the 1-2s etc. and the overall speed of the game. Now the gameplay is so slow and mechanical, the tricks have been pretty much all nerfed to a point where they are useless in a match, half the passes get taken by the opponent, long passes are useless, crosses are pretty much useless aswell, and so are corners. In FIFA 15, at my peak, i reached 1 point off of div 1, and i actually won all my first games upto div 6. In FIFA 16 i cant even win a single match in Div 8 online and cant win a game against an NPC team with slightly better stats on semi-pro... And i dont even want to try and learn this new FIFA, because its just so bad and not fun, id much rather play other, more fun games. I think i will actually ask EA for a refund and just quit playing this year's version... Thats how bad i think it is...
  7. have not played the demo. But so far i got to say that im not liking the gameplay that much. Its definetly slower (which is understandable) btu it also feels way more mechaninc, especially the players movements and their overall agility. Ill probably get used to it, but my first impression isnt the best. My transition from 14 to 15 was alot smoother than from 15 to 16 as to the likeness of the gameplay.
  8. I am so not looking foward to the Euro 16... Italy is such a poor team, full of dim-witted half players and veterans who obviously dont give a fudge anymore and are there just because they are obliged to be, to preserve their image...
  9. Im surprised United didnt try and go for lacazette, even though he signed a new contract, for 50 mil euros i am pretty sure Lyon would've let him go more than gladly, and at least Lacazette has got more eperience than half a season at a top level, and has proven a good goalscorer
  10. Wichi deal would you take and why: Lacazette, Mkhitaryan, Umtiti and Willems/Jedvaj or Sanchez and Ozil Cheers
  11. I like Perisic since he first played for Borussia, albeit he didnt get much playtime back then, i always thought he made a difference when he came on, then he moved to wolfsburg and showcased there what he could do. He's got this rare ability of being unappreciated by the media and fans, hes never really been the type of player that gets the headlines, even though i thought he always played constantly fine. As a player id say hes a similar type player to Krasic, but with a better technical side and probably a better goalscoring side too. I think he could fit in well at Inter, though the Serie A is a very defensive league, so only the pitch will tell whether his game fits this league or not
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