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  1. Re: Matej Vydra- Watford/Udinese

    Matej Vydra is 20 years old and is currently playing for Watford' date=' on loan from their parent club Udinese.[/color']


    Since his arrival at Watford, he has become renowned throughout the Championship as one of the hottest properties. He has an impressive 14 goals in 21 appearances and his goal/shot conversion rate on 48% (Opta Stats) is the highest of the 42 players in the top 4 divisions with 10+ goals.

    His blistering pace and composure when in 1 on 1 situations is impeccable and will take him right to the very top. Udinese have a reputation for scouting young players and producing gems, as Handanovic (Inter), Sanchez (Barcelona), Isla & Asamoah (Juventus) are testament to.

    He has been praised constantly by Gianfranco Zola, who firmly believes he has the makings of a top player, who has helped guide Watford to 3 points clear in 6th place, with a game in hand. Watford also have a reputation for producing youngsters such as Ashley Young whilst taking Adam Johnson, Tom Cleverly, Kacaniklic and Ben Foster, to name a few, on year-long loans to help develop them.

    A few highlights:

    First goal & 4:55:

    Should rise in the next EC ratings by 1 or possibly 2 if this continues (which is likely, but definitely one for the future.

    Was going to make a thread on this chap before I saw this.

    This lad Is absolutely tearing the Championship to bits, he will be a regular starter for the Czeck national team soon no doubt. He has an unbelievable 18 goals in the league this season, has scored 10 in 7 and numerous premier league clubs are trying to sign him but it is likely he will stay put at the moment. He has 90+ potential no doubt and sort of reminds me of a young Micheal Owen... He's absolutely lightening quick.

    Should get a +2/3 In the next reviews.

  2. Re: Adrian Centurion

    ;2426260']The young Argentinian midfielder of Racing' date=' Ricardo Centurion was transferred to Anzhi Makhachkala Russian club he will join next season for $ 7.5 million, confirmed Thursday the player who went to Europe to sign his contract.

    " This is the first time I go to Europe. Everything was done very quickly but I agreed to go to Russia because I know that this decision will suit me and my family , "he said before taking his flight to Russia. Centurion, 20, who was playing his first full season with Racing was one of the revelations of the tournament's opening Argentinian and just participate in the Championship of South America under 20 years with Argentina.[/quote']

    I heard rumours of this in the past week but ha no idea it was that advanced. Perhpaps a good move for him financially but as far as SM goes... I'd say its time to sell.

  3. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions

    Last night was the ceremony of the best players in the Carioca 2012. Below the following result:


    1º Diego Cavalieri (Fluminense)

    2º Jefferson (Botafogo)

    3º William Alves (Bangu)


    1º Fagner (Vasco)

    2º Léo Moura (Flamengo)

    3º Wellington (Resende - signed by Flamengo)


    1º Carlinhos (Fluminense)

    2º Thiago Feltri (Vasco)

    3º Márcio Azevedo (Botafogo)


    1º Dedé (Vasco)

    2º Antônio Carlos (Botafogo)

    3º Marcelinho (Resende)

    Centre-Back 2:

    1º Thiago Medeiros (Madureira)

    2º Fábio Ferreira (Botafogo)

    3º Diego Guerra (Friburguense)

    Defensive Midfielder 1:

    1º Romulo (Vasco)

    2º Valencia (Fluminense)

    3º Marcello Mattos (Botafogo)

    Defensive Midfielder 2:

    1º Kleberson (Flamengo)

    2º Renato (Botafogo)

    3º Diguinho (Fluminense)

    Midfielder 1 (CM' date='AM,LM,RM,AM,WING):

    1º Deco (Fluminense)

    2º Juninho (Vasco)

    3º Fellype Gabriel (Botafogo)

    Midfielder 2 (CM,AM,LM,RM,AM,WING):

    1º Felipe (Vasco)

    2º Thiago Neves (Fluminense)

    3º Almir (Bangu)

    Forward 1 (Striker, Winger):

    1º Vagner Love (Flamengo)

    2º Wellington Nem (Fluminense)

    3º Elias (Resende)

    Forward 2 (Centre Forward):

    1º Alecsandro (Vasco)

    2º Loco Abreu (Botafogo)

    3º Somália (Boavista)

    Best player:

    Deco (Fluminense)

    Top Scorers:

    Alecsandro (Vasco) and Somália (Boavista), 12 goals

    Top Scorers:

    Alecsandro (Vasco) and Somália (Boavista), 12 goals

    Best player - voted by the public: Dedé (Vasco)[/quote']

    No Duarte Bernard?????

  4. Re: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013

    Seems like a big league to be missed out on this messageboard. Especially as most of the best players in the world today originate from Argentina!

    There's isn't much coverage in the U.K. Does no-one fancy keeping this thread up to date who has some knowledge of this league?

    I'm sure we would all appreciate it! :)

  5. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013

    I have a feeling that this 'generosity' has come with a now slower ratings procedure. I don't think the ratings are going to be quite as frequent as they once were so players who would well rise again in another rating change, say 3 months time, have been done now... If that makes sense?

    If that's the case, then i can agree with these changes. Perhaps we all need a change of perspective about rating changes now.

  6. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13

    He definitely deserves 90 for being consistently in goal scoring form for Rayo and Swansea' date=' though 89 seems more probable.[/quote']

    As you say 89 is most probable. Maybe 90 at the end of the seaon if he keeps it up. Del Bosque was watching him at Everton yesterday, apparently going to be called up for the national team. He had quality chipped effort turned onto the bar yesterday, good player. Arsenal will be watching him no doubt.

  7. Re: The New Players Thread

    Edgar Ie (Barcelona B)' date=' Luke Giverin (United), Todd Kane (Chelsea) added.

    Any ideas about them?[/quote']

    I can chime in on Todd Kane. He's signed for my team (Blackburn Rovers) on a months loan from Chelsea. He made his bebut on Friday night at RB against Wolves in a 1-1 draw and the lad looked like a class act. He looked athletic and strong and made some very good offensive runs. I'm not sure if he could get into the Chelsea team, certainly looks a good player at this level but It's early days yet.

    One thing that is for sure, he will play a whole months worth of games for Rovers which then may be extended till the end of the season. I'd take a look at signing him and also the boy he's covering for... 18 Y/O Adam Henley who has plenty of mins under his belt. Henley should be in for a +4/5.

  8. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013

    Will Neur rise to 94? I think he deserves it...

    Tough one that' date=' It's certainly not impossible... 50/50 I'd say. If not now, then the end of the season if Bayern win the title.

    So it looks like Gundogan will hit 90 and Kuba will hit 91?

    Kuba has a SMALL chance at 91 but I can't see it.

  9. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013

    No' date=' Reus is better than Gotze, but he will get a plus +1 anyway.[/quote']

    Matter of opinion I suppose but I can't say I entirely agree with that, both great players in their own different ways.

    I consider myself to be a Dortmund fan and I dont think it's fair to compare these 2 at all.

    Just to chime in on the Gotze rise discussion, 92 Is perfect for him right now and thats what we should expect.

  10. Re: Adrian Centurion

    Yip' date=' Vietto and farina as well are very similar potential wise


    Vietto got a +7 a few wweks ago I think. May have to wait a while for him to increase again but a good player nontheless.

    Pretty good rise -and with the South American Under-20 Championships about to start there are a couple that Tim Vickery points out to have an eye and finger on


    That's a really good article. Mentions a few players I already have.

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