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  1. Re: Adrian Centurion I hope some people listened and bought him! He rose by 8 today!
  2. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread Say Lyon finish 1st or 2nd... Should we expect Gonalons to reach 90? I don't know too much about him, good player?
  3. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Can Benat reach 89 this time round?... considering making an offer. Also, I have to agree with Isco to 90... Especially now he's European Footballer of the Year.
  4. Re: Riferimento: defenders of 84/85 rated that will rise Add Marquinhos and you've got the only list you should need. Inigo Martinez and Marquinhos for me though.
  5. Re: Alacron Isco (young european player of the year)
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I've had a generous offer of £17 million for Matuidi, he plays in my cup team so he's not a first teamer for me. Is there a good chance he could reach 91 next time round? What could be his highest rating at PSG? Thanks.
  7. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Thats brave, there have been some generous rating changes in Serie A.
  8. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 He's looked tired and ready for break after an impressive start to the season. He'll stay. he may deserve it but if it's going to happen then maybe at the end of the season. With SM though...
  9. Re: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013 Cheers! Glad to help.
  10. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13
  11. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 A lad called Rozzi made his debut in the cup today for Lazio, 18 years old, looks like a decent player. Offered more in his sub spell than most of the others did in the whole game.
  12. Re: Ezequiel Cirigliano What was said?
  13. Re: Respuesta: Re: Arkadiusz Milik
  14. Re: Arkadiusz Milik Really?? Thats good, MAY find it a bit difficult to break into the first team though. Nevertheless, its a good move. Any idea on how much the fee was?
  15. Re: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013 Hello all! Not sure if this thread gets updated that regularly so not sure if these players have been mentioned. Adrian Centurion, Racing Club, 19 y/o, 75 rated Midfielder. Has been called up the Argentina national team, has 1634 minutes this season and 3 goals. Could be looking at a +9 or maybe even a +10 with how slowly SM are reviewing currently. BUY! BUY! BUY! Gaspar Iniguez, Argentinos Juniors, 18 y/o, 80 rated Midfielder. May have been mentioned on here before, has 1037 minutes and a goal to his name. Best of a poor Argentina under 17 World Cup
  16. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 Was thinking about gold membership... Now i'm not. That should take about an hour tops? I was more hoping they were going to release updates for more than one country at a time. SM seriously need to crack on, this is beyond a joke.
  17. Re: Riferimento: Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 Thanks fella! Would advise people to go and buy Comi then, decent rise expected.
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