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  1. Season 4 Is Going o Kick - Off. Only Five Teams Taken. ManUtd,Arsenal,Chelsea,Liverpool And Tottenham. Hope Forumers Will Join It. Rule : Reputation Must Be Over 75
  2. Re: Problem with sm I Think It IS Ok Now
  3. Re: Problem with sm first go to the homepage and Sign in it will say"Error Webside" second,copy this http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php and if you want to get a club, http://www.soccermanager.com/select-gameworld.php NOTE:EC 5511 got all team unmanaged. i Manchester United
  4. Re: Problem with sm :Dbuy me a GM firts;) just joking. go to this link and pick your team: http://www.soccermanager.com/select-gameworld.php?action=setup&setup=38914 let make it forumers setup. im the game hacker
  5. Re: Problem with sm It is Very Easy to get team now because all the manager cant log in. managed to get chelsea in new ec/:eek:
  6. Re: English Championship 105 - Discussion Thread I'm Selling LUIS FERNANDINHO. :D Anyway,I Sign
  7. Re: | Mikey's Bad Lads II | | Activities Thread | New Manager Again? There's a new Manager arrived at Manchester City Today, with Roberto Mancini has been sack and Ex-Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola has been appointed as his replacement. Guardiola's aim is to win the tittle in his first season at Eastlands, as he looks to bring in some new faces which will give a good pressure to the Top 4 teams, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United. Pep Guardiola has been given around 25 Million to spend and likely To bring big names in European Football. “I’m very happy to work with this club and I love English football and It’s has a big different with La Liga.With the money I have, It got no problem to win the tittle.I Hope all fans can Accepted me as new Manchester City Manager.”Pep Guardiola Told the press.
  8. Re: English Championship 105 - Discussion Thread WON 3-1 Against Hull City :D:D
  9. I Decide To Make A New Thread For This Setup Because The Older One Is Not So Nice Or We Can Use That As Discussion Thread. Info For This Setup: 1.It Is EPL Format League 2.Transfer Window Turn 1>Turn 15 And 30>36 P/S :Keep Thread As Match Report,Transfer Report And Activites Report Only. ID:18313
  10. Re: English Championship 105 - Discussion Thread I'm In For The Cup. P/S:To Everyone that Post Non-Match Report In MR Thread,Really Hope You Can Deleted It Because I Want To Make It Nice. Thanks.
  11. Re: English Championship 105 - Discussion Thread :DThanks To All Manager That Join THis Setup. Anyway,Every1 At Southampton is for sale. Bid.
  12. Re: English Championship 105 -- Let's Do This-- Southampton Sign Abate And Song. Ignazio Abate And Alexandre Song has been announced As new Southampton new player that cost the Club 20 Million pound for the transfer. Abate,Former AC Milan’s player has made a statement that His move is because of Pep Guardiola. “Everyone ask me why I choose Southampton,and My answer is because of him(Guardiola). He is such a magician that can get everything he want including winging The tittle and I belived that he will do the same things here.” “I hope many people will join this setup and make it a successful setup. Many Team left and got around 80 Million to spend.”
  13. Re: New custom set-up to be made tonight!!! That's Me.
  14. Re: New custom set-up to be made tonight!!! Can I Took Bourdox (Spelling). But How Can I Get The Team? Anyone?
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