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  1. Re: [ Recreativo Activities ]--Road To Div.1-- Pep Guardiola Looks For New Defender. Recreativo’s manager, Pep Guardiola is now looking To brings some new quality defender into the squad after completed Sign Defoe yesterday. P.Guardiola is tried to catch a world class defender like Carragher,Lucio, Cordoba and Vidic but no one know who he will sign. “We have a good strikers and keeper now,we also has signed a Quality midfielder like Ryan Giggs and Lassana Diarra.And now we Need a good defender and our squad is completed.Maybe I will sign some Youngster for cup game”Pep Guardiola told the press.
  2. Re: [ Recreativo Activities ]--Road To Div.1-- Defoe Joins Recreativo The England's international striker,J.Defoe has leaved Tottenham to join Pep Guardiola's team for 6.5 million plus Arzo. Defoe will be partners with Hulk and will become the new combination for Recreativo. "He came at the right time,I really need him as he has a scoring touch at Tottenham this season and i hope he can do the same things here."Pep Guardiola told the press.
  3. Re: [ Recreativo Activities ]--Road To Div.1-- Recreativo 1 - 0 Tenerife Recreativo won their first match on the seasons after beating Tenerife 1 - 0,goal from Recreativo new signing,Hulk who shot at 30 yard.Recreativo almost got second goal after Diarra header from Giggs's cross is inch wide. "We shows qualitty football today and i think we can scored more goal.I must find a new partner for Hulk." Pep Guardiola is now on talks with England's international, J.Defoe to be Hulk partners
  4. Re: | Official Thread || EC 98 | 19 December 2009 Southampton Hired Aveiro Almeiro Gaothaves. Division 3's club,Southampton has hired Gaothaves as their new manager as the Chairman,Juan Killuop believed that he was a right man for the job. Gaothaves,16 fomerly Everton striker said that he will give all he can to build this team and make it the best team in Div.3 or even in the world
  5. Re: [ Recreativo Activities ]--Road To Div.1-- Giggs And Hulk Arrived At Spain. Ryan Giggs and Hulk has completed his moved to Recreativo for an undisclosed fee That will not be announced but Pep Guardiola said it is less than 15 Million. Ryan Giggs has completed his second move for his life after agreeing to left Manchester City to join Recreativo. “I know that people said that Recreativo is not good enough for me but I’m here to help them to revive this team and fans only expected the best from me. Hulk,the former Porto scoring machine also has join Recreativo For 8 Million.
  6. Re: [ Recreativo Activities ]--Road To Div.1-- Recreativo Buys L.Diarra Lassana Diarra has been announced as the new Recreativo’s player after the transfer bid has been accepted. Diarra has completed his move from Portsmouth for 10.6 Million plus De La Pena. Diarra has been announced as Recreativo most expensive player that ever been bought and all the fans hope that he can be the player that can help to win the division 2 title. Pep Guardiola also is now in talk with Porto’s striker Hulk to bring him at Recreativo.
  7. This Is For Manager In English Championship 98. Division 3 Challange: 1.Southampton--Me <(*_*)> 2.Stoke City--Pepe Guardiola 3.Swansea City--Chewis Make It Nice.
  8. Re: [ Recreativo Activities ]--Road To Div.1-- Recreativo Sign 2 New Keeper Today Pep Guardiola has managed to sign 2 keepers,Igor Akinfeev from CSKA Moskva and Matej Delac. Both signing has shocked the football world after Akinfeev agreed to play with Recreativo other than Manchester United or Arsenal who are interest in him. Akinfeev deal who see Colunga Goes to CSKA plus 9 Million. This signing proved that Recreativo can attract world class player like him. Delac was a good talent that have been scout by Pep Guardiola since he was at Barcelona and now he ( Delac ) has sign 4 years deal with Recreativo.The transfer fee was belived around 100k plus Barbosa.
  9. Re: [ Recreativo Activities ]--Road To Div.1-- Recreativo Hired Pep Guardiola As New Manager Pep Guadiola has been announced as new Recreativo’s new manager after searching for a week ago. Recreativo finally got their new boss after Pep Guardiola accepted the job offer. Barcelona has successful era under his(Pep Guardiola) management and can he do the same things with Recretivo. Pep Guardiola has been given around 80 million to revive Recretivo and brings it into division 1. 'I Am So Very happy To Been Given Such A Great Chance To Managed Recreativo. I Have Been Told By The Board That They Expect Me To Brings Recretivo To The Title. This Wont Be Easy Since The Squad They Are Having But I Think I Can Do It. I Hope To Bring in New Face. Recretivo Current Squad : CRISTIAN ÁLVAREZ, Darío POLI, Fernández BARBOSA, Mariano QUIQUE ALVAREZ, Sanjuán ARZO, César CALVO, José María ZAHINOS, José AITOR, Tornavaca BARBER, Rafael BOUZON, Iago DANI BAUTISTA, Pina LUQUE, José ROSU, Laurentiu CAMUNAS, Javier CONGO, Edwin JAVI GUERRERO, Francisco ERSEN, Martin JAVI FUEGO, Martínez JESÚS VAZQUEZ, Antonio LAMAS, Andrés CASADO, José Manuel ROBERTO, Jiménez COLUNGA, Adrián DE LA PENA, Iván
  10. Just Pick Up This Team And I'm Going To Build This Team And Brings It Into Division 1. P/S: No Posting In This Thread.Only For Me
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