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  1. VVD may get 95 in the future if he keeps up his good performance, a 94 is enough for now. Trent and Robertson can hit 92 but I think 91 each will be fine for now. Alisson to stay at 93. Navas won the UCL 3 times in a row with very solid performances and never hit 93. Sad.
  2. Check out this article by Goal.com "Of course, while Milan have finished fifth, there's no guarantee that they will even be allowed to compete in continental competition next season. With the threat of further sanctions hanging over them for failing to meet Financial Fair Play (FFP) targets, the Rossoneri – who were originally banned from competing in last season's Europa League before launching a successful appeal – are now reportedly willing to cut a deal with UEFA that would see them excluded from this season's competition." AC Milan's never-ending nightmare drags on with Champions League failure
  3. AC Milan need a few good signings to be a better team next season, but don't forget they missed out on the UCL meaning they will miss out on some good cash (UCL participation fee, UCL win/draw bonuses per game, UCL TV rights and more) They will end up breaching the FFP rules if they spend much to improve their squad with some good players. AC Milan will be forced to sell some of their (good) players to balance the books.
  4. I need your opinion in this transfer deal. A manager offered me Douglas Costa + Henderson + 17 million for my Rashford. My other strikers are Dzeko, Benzema, Callejon, Jovic, Cutrone. My CMs are Bruno Fernandes, Fabian Ruiz, Lobotka, Dzagoev. I think it’s a good deal for my team. What do you think?
  5. All the best! Looking forward to more active topics on this forum.
  6. We should give credit where credit's due. I don't think age should be a reason not to increase a rating. Aguero, Fernandinho and Quagliarella all deserve an increase. But I understand what you mean, SM can be unpredictable sometimes. Same for Modric who didn't get a +1 after having an amazing season with Real Madrid and Croatia in the WC.
  7. Anybody thinks Aguero deserves a rise to 96? 30 goals this season in total for Man City with 1 game left before their season ends. Aguero has scored important goals for City, which to me, deserves some credit after winning the league by just 1 point. He scored in the 1-0 wins over West Ham & Burnley - and hatricks vs Arsenal & Chelsea. I feel he is on the same level as Suarez and Lewandowski. He's Man City's 2nd best player after Sterling (Whoscored.com) and was in the EPL team of the season. The same applies for Fernadinho who deserves a rise to 93. He's been instrumental this season - just like the previous one, in the EPL team of the season, Man City's 3rd best player after Aguero (Whoscored.com) and was in the EPL team of the season.
  8. Yes his value will go down as soon as he turns 32.
  9. I don't think Isco deserves a -1 to 92 in the next changes. Yes, Real Madrid had a terrible season but there are few players that can be singled out with having a bad season like Marcelo, Kroos, Modric etc Isco rarely played this season and it was due to coaching decisions from Lopetegui & Solari. Usually players injured for a long time are spared from a decrease in rating, and Isco surely deserves to be spared this time. If his playing time/performance doesn't improve next season, then I will vote for a decrease in rating myself.
  10. Gelin (Rennes) + Pedro (Fluminense) = Bruno Fernandes (Sporting Lisbon) Which side would you go for?
  11. Hi good people. @Sir Rahul and you all are doing a great job to keep us updates with players changes. I would appreciate if you offer us your opinions on the possible improvements SM can make to the game on the thread below to keep the game fair and running well. Your opinions/criticisms are most welcome.
  12. I was just about to create a new thread on possible improvements on SM to make the game better, then I found your post! You're suggestions are on point and SM must make an effort to save the game. There are many setups that are losing managers because of this. Some setups sadly have just 10-12 managers out of a possible 80! 1) As @-JMH- said, players should develop concerns when put on the transfer list for long. How about managers who put players on the transfer list, and NEVER respond to offers? It gets frustrating. SM should allow players to be on the transfer list for just 14 days, after which their transfer status is returned to "available". This was the list is updated periodically making managers interested in checking it out from time to time. 2) Chairman stepping in to sell some players when club's balance goes negative - especially when revenue will never exceed expenses. 3) Goalkeeper's injuries. Why is this not taking place? GKs do get injured in the real game, from collisions with players and SM should incorporate it in the game too to make it more interesting. 4) Player power. a) Players rejecting transfer deals because they're going to be the 7th best CB in the team. b) Or the 5th best CB in the team automatically gets a concern called "player thinks he has no chance in this team". You either play him and bench the 4 ahead of him, or sell him. c) Players scoring most of your goals, or having the best performances ask for a wage increase. 5) Squad caps. The introduction of player concerns prevents clubs from hoarding a lot of 90+ rated players. But what about the 80-88 youth players who are unaffected by concern levels especially when you have a good team of players ahead of them? Same way squads cannot drop below 21 players in a setup, there should be a limit for how high it can go. This is necessary because some clubs in the game get lots of revenue during the game to balance the books and even make more more to add to their balance from attendances. They can afford to hoard 200 + players easily without getting affected. Squad caps will target such clubs and prevent them from signing more players - unless they sell some of their players. There are more and more we can add to improve the game. SM has come a long way to make the game as it is now. The point is to keep improving to attract/maintain a lot of loyal managers to the game.
  13. Kante is a step ahead of Isco & Pogba and should be rated higher. He wins you games, he wins you titles, he even deserves a 95! Vidal and Ozil don't merit the 94 rating anymore. Verratti too...I still don't understand how he got to 94. PSG have only managed to win the French league & cup, and have had no significant success in Europe. He has had an average presence with the Italian national team, if not below average. How is he higher than Isco, Pogba & Kante? If Koke, Ozil, Thiago, Verratti & Vidal are going to remain at 94, then Modric & Kroos should be 96! They certainly are two steps ahead of them all.
  14. I'm going to ask for some transfer advice here, since this is the most active thread. A manager wants to sign my GK (Ederson) and give me either Casemiro or Firmino. I only have Strakosha to replace him, but I can sign Szczesny. This is my team, I play 4-2-3-1 GK: Ederson DF: Florenzi/Koulibaly/Vertonghen/Nacho DM: Fernandino/Isco AM: Hazard/Mertens/David Silva CF: Aguero Bench: Strakosha, Lenglet, Rodri, Aouar, Fekir What do you think is it worth it? Thanks in advance
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