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  1. I know this is off player ratings topic. How do SM decide to change player positions? Is it done based on the edits done on SoccerWiki? If yes, how effective are these edits? I'm trying to help with that but I need to be level 6 or higher to be able to contribute.
  2. There's always a surprise package in the UCL. Last year was Ajax but this year it's 4 clubs from the French & German leagues in the semis. We give so much praise to the EPL or La Liga when 2/3 of their clubs get to the semis so why not this time? The German league ended a bit before the rest so their players got some extra time to recover, but Bayern Munich have been amazing all season and Barcelona have been their worst in almost 15 years. The French league ended 5 months ago! I don't remember if footballers have ever had that much time off competitive football. You lose your rhythm by not playing football in that long and this showed by how Atalanta almost stunned PSG. Almost everyone even tipped Man City to go past Lyon but this is what makes football sweet sometimes. Many changes brought up due to the COVID-19 circumstances were in favor of some clubs and affected others adversely. Many teams perform better at home due to crowd support and playing without fans surely cost them some points. The 5-sub rule introduced favored richer/smarter clubs which could afford to have a good bench or a bigger squad, giving them a slight edge over other clubs in all competitions when they resumed. Many clubs have been hit financially by this pandemic and have to sell their players or lay off staff to survive. A knockout style UCL is a way to give all clubs an equal chance to compete, just as it's done in the World Cup but it won't favor UEFA because $$$.
  3. Farmers leagues, they said. 😂 Two German clubs & two French clubs in the UCL semifinals!
  4. Kroos deserves to stay. He's been one of Zidane's best players this season & with the club almost winning the league he merits his rating for now. Azpilicueta is safe too. Chelsea has had a good run this season & he is the club's 2nd assist leader with 6 assists after Willian who has 7. Impressive for a RB. Despite Tottenham's performance this season, Lloris deserves to keep his 92 rating in the next changes. He was injured from October-January and missed half of the season's league games. He's still the safe pair of hands since he's returned from injury.
  5. Robert Lewandowski to 97? He is by far the hottest player this season with 52 goals so far - 34 in the league, 11 in the UCL & 7 in the DFB Pokal, and with the UCL next month he's sure to increase his tally vs Chelsea 😆 In terms of goals he is miles ahead of Werner (35 goals), Immobile (32 goals), Messi (31 goals) & CR7 (29 goals) and the rest. In terms of trophies, Bayern have won the German double and are strong contenders for the UCL. My pick for the top 3 players to make the Ballon d'Or list this year are Messi, Lewa & Mane (in no order) Opinions are welcome.
  6. Sports in general has changed as compared to how it was 10-30 years ago due to the advancement of the science of sports. Players are faster, stronger and more athletic now as they put in more individual training efforts to get better and better. Maybe that's why players of today can produce more individual numbers than team numbers. Let's not forget that players then were amazing and ruled the world of football. For example, Maicon in his peak was much better than Trent, Robertson and the rest that the media is crazy about now. Robinho was unplayable at a point winning two consecutive La Liga titles with Real Madrid in 2007 and 2008, the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2005 and 2009 with Brazil and the Copa America with Brazil in 2007 (claiming the tournament's Golden Ball & Golden shoe award). It is unfair to critically compare players of different eras as the game has really changed since then.
  7. This is a very interesting link. Brings back so many good memories!
  8. Bro I've been on this game since 2006. He was 99, Henry was 98 and Nesta was 98 too! Check out this link below from 2006. Ronaldinho rating should go down
  9. Cech (96), Zambrotta (95), Thuram (95), Puyol (98), Terry (97), Makelele (96), Lampard (97), Xavi (97), Essien (94), Ashley Cole (94), Zidane (95) Eto (97), OG Ronaldo (95), Gerrard (97) and Ronaldinho (99). This was between 2006-2009.
  10. That's not true. I bought Ronaldo in 2007 and he was rated 90. A few months later he rose to 92. For Messi, I don't remember exactly but he was about the same rating then.
  11. Not for now. He's barely played for Barcelona this season and his performances have been less than expected. But I have him in almost all my teams so I wouldn't mind him getting a rise
  12. A manager wants to trade Sergej MILINKOVIĆ-SAVIĆ for my Aaron WAN-BISSAKA in a very competitive setup. My defenders are AWB, Pique, Ginter, Elvedi, Firpo, Demiral & Lazio's Felipe. My midfielders are Fernandinho (who's ageing), Arthur, Zubeldia & Dendoncker. Is it a worthy deal for me?
  13. Oblak first for sure because good GKs are rarely traded on this game...Werner/Laporte any goes. But all this depends on which position your team lacks most.
  14. Yup, for now he deserves to stay at 95. He had a very good 2018/2019 season with Chelsea, and his 1st season with Real Madrid wasn’t a good one because of injuries. Dropping him after just 1 off season would be harsh in my opinion.
  15. Any idea why Porto's Diego Leite has started just 1 game this season for Porto. He was tipped to the top last season.
  16. There aren't many 87-89 good GKs in the game who are likely to get to 90 soon. Strakosha is the only one I can think of at the moment. Maybe Lafont, Meret, Gollini, Henderson can make it in the near future.
  17. Famalicao had an amazing run in Portugal this season. Which of Gustavo ASSUNÇÃO and Pedro GONÇALVES do you think has a brighter future or a possible move to one of Portugal's big guns? Maybe @TMCosta can help here?
  18. How long is Ousmane Dembele going to keep his 91 rating?
  19. VVD may get 95 in the future if he keeps up his good performance, a 94 is enough for now. Trent and Robertson can hit 92 but I think 91 each will be fine for now. Alisson to stay at 93. Navas won the UCL 3 times in a row with very solid performances and never hit 93. Sad.
  20. Check out this article by Goal.com "Of course, while Milan have finished fifth, there's no guarantee that they will even be allowed to compete in continental competition next season. With the threat of further sanctions hanging over them for failing to meet Financial Fair Play (FFP) targets, the Rossoneri – who were originally banned from competing in last season's Europa League before launching a successful appeal – are now reportedly willing to cut a deal with UEFA that would see them excluded from this season's competition." AC Milan's never-ending nightmare drags on with Champions League failure
  21. AC Milan need a few good signings to be a better team next season, but don't forget they missed out on the UCL meaning they will miss out on some good cash (UCL participation fee, UCL win/draw bonuses per game, UCL TV rights and more) They will end up breaching the FFP rules if they spend much to improve their squad with some good players. AC Milan will be forced to sell some of their (good) players to balance the books.
  22. I need your opinion in this transfer deal. A manager offered me Douglas Costa + Henderson + 17 million for my Rashford. My other strikers are Dzeko, Benzema, Callejon, Jovic, Cutrone. My CMs are Bruno Fernandes, Fabian Ruiz, Lobotka, Dzagoev. I think it’s a good deal for my team. What do you think?
  23. All the best! Looking forward to more active topics on this forum.
  24. We should give credit where credit's due. I don't think age should be a reason not to increase a rating. Aguero, Fernandinho and Quagliarella all deserve an increase. But I understand what you mean, SM can be unpredictable sometimes. Same for Modric who didn't get a +1 after having an amazing season with Real Madrid and Croatia in the WC.
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