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  1. Re: ANDRE, Felipe (76) - 8.5C no still cant get him - whats his exact SM name please?
  2. Re: ANDRE, Felipe (76) - 8.5C What should i search for? i cant find him on the DB,
  3. Re: Victor Moses ive put a bid in for him now - how often do the english changes come along?
  4. scored again yesterday and more reports today linking him with a big money move. Surely he should be a riser soon?
  5. ok here is the side i've mainly used for the season. I chopped and changed tactics alot but mainly used 4-4-2 S.FREY Á.ARBELOA V.BEREZUTSKY D.LUGANO O.MELLBERG D.ALBELDA S.CAZORLA C.KLEBE J.ARANGO G.PANDEV M.PETRIC and these are the tactics i've used: Tackling Style HARD Mentality ATTACKING Passing Style MIXED Attacking Style MIXED Tempo NORMAL Pressing ALL OVER I also used a target man and a playmaker Any tips would be appreciated as i finished 11th with the highest team rating (of 91 in) div 4 si im guessing its my tactics
  6. Re: Prize Money when do you receive the chairman bonus please?
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