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  1. Re: Neven Subotic Thx both of u!I bought Subotic!
  2. I was searching for young CBs and got my eyes on these two.I wanna know whos better for future? Diego Reyes has just signed for Porto and Jores Okore is linked with big clubs like United. Whos gonna rise first?And how much can they go? Thx!
  3. So Subotic didn't get a rise after the Bundesliga schedule... I dont actually manage to watch the Bundesliga matches and dont have any idea on how good Subotic is.Is he worthy of buying for my ManUtd team?How far can he go?How good is he playing this season? Thx!
  4. I play 4 4 2 diamond formation.Who should i sign for the DM position-Sven Bender or Vidal? Vidal just got a rise and wont get another one till next year.But the Bundesliga rating schedule is upcoming.So will Bender get his rating to 91?He's linked with a summer move to ManUtd.So I am a bit confused... Any more suggestion other than those two who might get a rise? Thx!
  5. Re: Suarez for Pato? RoyLeo,U made me confused,lol! More suggestions needed!
  6. I have Suarez in my Spurs squad.Recently Pato transferred to an unmanaged club.So I was wandering if should use Suarez for a part exchange deal for Pato. Will it be good?Any chance of Suarez's rating change in the coming schedule?Whose got better potential? Pls help me!
  7. Re: Game world getting permanent close?! Alright then...seems the game world really gonna get closed... Thanks to everyone who spent their time to help me out:)
  8. Re: Game world getting permanent close?! ID is: 87588 I also searched with the ID.But the gameworld doesn't appear...
  9. Re: Game world getting permanent close?! So no chance of reviving it??
  10. Today was the start of a new season for German Championship 3213.And i got a msg in my home page that this game world is to be permanently closed after the end of the 2nd season.I almost got a heart attack,coz i worked realy hard to make my team strong. My question is why it is getting parmanantly closed after only 2 seasons??HAs it happened to anyone else??
  11. Re: Who wud be better? thanks everyone!i 've decieded to sign luis suarez.couldnt have done without ur help!
  12. i need a striker for my Spurs team.i have three choices-luis suarez,radamel falcao and theo walcott.i want to know who wud be the better choice considering their future ratings?and who wud rise the quickest?
  13. I've recently taken over a Spurs team and i need to rebuild it.Now I am facing some troubles about some defenders to decide whether i shud keep em or not.the players r Garay,Assou-Ekkoto and Bassong.I dont know if their rating is safe or not.As far as I think,none of em cud be rated 93+ in the future.So I want to sell at least 1 of em.i need fund to bring in better defenders.My other defenders r-Bale,Vidal,Phil Jones,Varane,Corluca.So pls help me decide. And can anyone tell me a young defender worth around 2m and will rise to 85+ rating in the future? Thanks:).
  14. 1.JERSEY NO.: SM is trying their utmost to make this game more and more realistic.But I think one-thing is missing.And that is,the players don't have any specific jersey numbers.I think if jersey numbers are introduced it would be cool to choose jersey no 10 or 7 etc. for ones squad,making the game more realistic. Anyway,this is what I think,many might not like this idea. 2.MANAGER SEARCH: There is no way of searching manager names in this game.If this is introduced,manager would be able to search other managers from their own country,or be able to find their rea
  15. Re: Concerned about 'Concerns'! Thanks #rooneyisyummy#,that was a great help. I already know that AM/WINGs can play in the CM too.But the prob is,I already have Fabregas and Mascherano in the CM,along with youths Ramsey and S.Y.Ki. So,most of the time it doesn't work. Seems I do have 'more than required players' in my squad!
  16. I am pretty much concerned about player concerns.I can't make a single of my plan useful,because of player concerns.For example,I have the following wingers in my Valencia squad- 1.D.Silva ; 2.A.Valencia ; 3.T.Kroos ; 4.J.Mata ;5.M.Marin; 6.S.Nasri ;7.A.Di Maria So,thers more wingers than required.Thats why I sent Marin on loan to other clubs.After some time,I was amazed to find that,Marin got concerns about being loaned out! Even though I need to send Marin on loan,the concerns doesn't let me to do it! On the other hand,if I keep them in my squad,they wud get concerns about lacking of
  17. Re: Domenico Criscito thanks guys for the help!!
  18. another problem 4 my aston villa team.in the game world,the everton manager was desperate to buy stephen warnock.so i sold him to everton for twice as the price of him-15m.now i need a LB to replace him.so i searched and got my eye on genoa's 89 rated 22 aged lb domenico criscito.i donno much about italian football.so i was asking if his rating is safe for the next rating changes schedule.if he is not,pls gimme an alternative for him!
  19. Re: Sung-Yong Ki ok thanks!
  20. Ki is the best young player in asia.as I am a asian,i want to sign him for my Aston Villa team.he's gonna join celtic next season.so i wanted to know if his rating gonna increase next rating changes schedule.if it does,than how much??
  21. Saumik

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread Must be kidding!:eek:He got almost all the best players in the world!!
  22. Re: Who will win the World Cup in 2010? i will go for Argentina.They got the best forwards-Messi,Aguero,Tevez,Higuain! In midfield they got Mascherano,Veron.defence is a problem for them,Zanetti might be their best defender. though a poor performance in the qualifier,i think its only bcoz of poor coaching by Maradona.if he gives some good coaching,arg have a good chance of winning the WC. but i do say,Spain has got the best overall squad.
  23. Re: Krasic or Valencia? ow!!the community of soccer manager is so active!i got so many replies in just 1 day!thanks everyone for ur posts.though it made me more confused!lol:D ok,so what i gonna say is,if i sell krasic and get valencia,i will profit 4m.and the chairman value of krasic is 13'6m.where valencia's chairman value is 14'1m.so wudnt it be better to get valencia?
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