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  1. Re: Short Listing Players Cool thanks a lot could have been years before i found that!
  2. Just wondering if there is an actual list containing the players you have shortlisted?I cant seem to find it if there is appreciate anyone who can help.
  3. Re: Lucas - Liverpool fans opinions I think theres been a clear improvement in him from last year to this year and his form has been pretty solid.He reminds me a bit of darren fletcher at united when a lot of there fans thought he wasnt good enough and never would be but now is a top player for them, I think Lucas can emulate this as I feel he definetly has the attributes.For the moment he is a solid player for us whos doing a good job.That said playing him with masch means we become to defensive id like to see benetiz use aqualani a lot more...
  4. Hi everyone just joined SoccerManager looking forward to getting to know you all:)
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